Custom Yard and Real Estate Signs in Los Angeles and US Wide

Custom yard signs ensure a high return on investment whether you need to promote your campaign or direct people to your property. They’re made of different materials and come in various styles, shapes and sizes.

Front Signs is a California-based sign company that takes pride in creating bespoke signage for indoor and outdoor use. Among a wide range of business signs, we offer high-quality custom lawn signs.  They’re made of premium materials intended for outdoor use in any location. Get double-sided prints for your custom yard signs and place them in high-traffic areas for maximum exposure.

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Usage for Custom Yard Signs

Lawn signs are placed in front of buildings, homes and properties with high visibility and foot traffic. Also known as custom bandit signs or real estate signs, they’re a common sight throughout America. The signs are often mistakenly referred to as realty signs regardless of their type or usage. Custom yard signs have many other applications for business and personal needs. The most popular uses for front lawn signs are listed below.


Real Estate Signs

Realtor open house signs help to make business and sales operations quick and efficient. They also bring extra exposure to your company and serve as a familiar marketing tool in neighborhoods. Corrugated plastic real estate signs are the most common type but you can go for materials like metal or wooden real estate signs to distinguish your name.


Promotional Yard Signs

Custom lawn signs are an effective advertising tool for the outdoors. They provide two optimal surfaces for important messages and vibrant graphics including logo signs. Promotional yard signs are often used for stadium branding. They allow you to display your message to a local audience in any area. Custom lawn signs have many promotional uses to satisfy your goals.


Political Yard Signs

Front lawn signs are often used to capture the attention of neighbors and passersby during an election season. Campaign yard signs are displayed in large numbers to amplify support for something and make it look popular. These custom signs include ballot measures, candidate names, running positions and a main message that they relay to undecided voters.


Directional Yard Signs

Directional signs like front yard signs can mark different properties, provide information or guide people to your business. You can choose from a variety of styles and sizes that suit your business image, local weather conditions, placement and so on. Along with building signs, wayfinding lawn signs will set a professional tone for guests.


Event Yard Signs

Be it a business event or a wedding celebration, event signs are a must for welcoming, guiding and informing visitors as well as decorating the venue. Custom lawn signs are a perfect solution for temporary displays. They’re affordable with a professional appearance. Custom yard signs can also serve as indoor or outdoor trade show displays.


Informational Yard Signs

Sharing information with customers and guests boosts business. From open house signs to park visitor rules, custom yard signs offer a great surface for any type of message. Yard and realtor signs can have the same or different prints on either side to maximize exposure. Some informational signs are even required by law based on each state.

Types of Custom Yard Signs

Yard and realty signs are available in multiple types based on their installation design. Each can be made of different materials to meet your requirements and local weather conditions. From free standing custom real estate signs to stake mounted custom bandit signs, we’ll find the best solution for you. We can also create special constructions for large real estate signs.


A-Frame Display

A-frame signs are front yard signs you can set up anywhere in seconds. The mounting is made up of two panels that frame the display boards. The panels are attached at the top so you can close them and easily carry them to storage. They’re a common sight on sidewalks and can consist of different materials. Coroplast signs are popular but you can also get styrene, wood, aluminum, dibond and beyond.


Free Standing

Free standing front yard signs are mostly used by hotels, schools, universities and similar establishments. Compared to other types of custom lawn signs, they have a more high-end appearance. They can be made of various materials including stone, wood and metal. Monument signs, free standing letters and dimensional custom yard signs are good examples of this variant. They can also be light up signs.


Hanging Display

Hanging real estate signs are a stylish and effective means of spreading your message. With this option, a signpost is placed in the yard with a display print hanging from it. Methods used for hanging can differ according to the sign’s weight, material thickness, weather conditions and so forth. The post and its hanging display may be made of the same or different materials. The post can be repainted to retain its initial look.


Spider and H-Stake

Spider and H-stakes are the most widely used options for custom lawn signs. They hold up coroplast signs or other light materials and stick easily into the ground. For added durability, we offer another type of H-stake mounting. This mounting construction contains a frame for the printed display material which keeps it sturdy to prevent damage. Both of these designs for lawn and realtor signs are simple, elegant and effective.


Custom Constructions

If you need lawn or real estate signs with custom mounting constructions, contact us to discuss your vision. We take pride in providing customers with custom lawn signs that stand out with their professional and interesting design features. Keep in mind that signage regulations differ from state to state. We’ll double check to see if the sign you have in mind can be installed outdoors. We offer permitting services if necessary.

Popular Materials for Yard Signs

Plastic - Plastic signs are popular when it comes to custom yard signs, especially realtor signs. While coroplast signs are more common, acrylic signs make for an elegant display.

Wood - Wooden signs are a trendy alternative to coroplast signs. They offer a unique and refined appearance for a great price. Plywood is a durable option with a natural look. 

Metal - Metal business signs offer more durability than other types of real estate yard signs. You can choose between aluminum, brushed aluminum and dibond in gold or silver.

Banner - Banners with variations like vinyl, mesh and fabric are a unique choice for custom real estate signs, promotions, political campaigns and event displays.


Benefits of Custom Yard Signs

  • Targeted audience reach
  • Large surface for displays 
  • Double-sided exposure
  • Weather resistance and durability
  • Affordability and material selection
  • Customizable shapes and sizes
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Yard Sign Printing Services

We offer large format printing services for custom yard signs and other signage mediums. Yard sign printing is done using the latest technologies and high-quality inks. The inks are UV-cured during the sign making process to make our custom real estate signs and yard displays sun and fade resistant. We offer double-sided yard sign printing which will double the visibility of your message. This includes prints on the same or two different panels in the case of A-frame front yard signs.

Regardless of your choice, we’ll ensure superior print quality on both rigid and soft materials. Rest assured that we’ll handle the whole yard sign printing and manufacturing processes with utmost professionalism to deliver great results. Contact us to discuss your project.


Other Services We Offer for Custom Yard Signs



We offer signage design and 3D rendering services to make sure the final product meets your expectations. Our talented designers will create stunning and original graphics for custom yard and open house signs. We can also create a digital model of your sign with advanced 3D rendering software to make sure it looks exactly as you’ve envisioned it.



Depending on the state you operate in, you may need to obtain a permit from your city council when it comes to outdoor signage. We offer sign permit services for all the sign categories we offer, including real estate yard signs. We’ll handle all the required paperwork and make sure to create signs that fully comply with local laws and regulations.



Installing custom lawn signs may seem easy but you’ll need help when it comes to large real estate signs. Our professional team will take care of the sign installation of your realtor yard signs regardless of their size and location. Rest assured that your custom real estate signs and yard displays will be installed with precision.



We offer laser cutting services for soft and rigid materials to create custom realtor signs. Our advanced equipment allows us to craft custom yard signs with the shapes and designs you prefer. From engraved wooden real estate signs to open house signs with custom flair, our resources allow us to manufacture unique signs and displays.

Related Products


Restaurant Signs - Brand your establishment, guide customers through the building or display your menu with outdoor and indoor signs for restaurants. Facilitate parking with the help of custom yard signs, display your logo with free standing front yard signs, print vibrant visuals with framed coroplast signs or highlight daily specials with creative A-frames.


Store Signs - Attract new customers and make them come back for your products with outdoor and indoor store displays. Indicate parking spots or inform people about sales with custom yard signs. Get the materials and sign styles that best suit your brand. Go for illuminated or non-illuminated options depending on the goals you want to achieve.


Pylon Signs - Like custom bandit signs, this signage medium is used outdoors to display your message to a wide audience. They’re common in considerably large sizes on high-traffic streets and shopping plazas to capture attention. They offer a large surface on both sides that can display vivid designs. Illuminated options are available for these signs as well.


3D Signs and Letters - Use these signs and letters for events, promotions and branding. Display your logo or brand name indoors and outdoors with free standing and mounted options. Thanks to striking dimensions, they make your message impossible to miss. For nighttime visibility, we recommend using illuminated versions of these signs.

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    Yard & Real Estate Signs FAQs


    What’s the best material for yard and real estate signs?

    Being an outdoor sign, custom bandit signs require relatively durable and weather-resistant materials such as aluminum, PVC or styrene. For temporary use, the lightweight and affordable price of coroplast signs make them a popular choice.

    What are the rules and regulations concerning custom real estate signs?

    The rules for standard real estate and open house signs differ from state to state. Make sure to properly examine the laws and advertising rules for your state and municipality. Our customer support specialists are available to help you with specific questions and permitting needs.

    What type of mounting options do you offer for yard and realtor signs?

    We offer free standing, spider, H-stake and A-frame mounts as well as custom and hanging real estate signs. The choice will depend on the material of your sign, local weather conditions and your specific requirements.

    Do you offer double-sided real estate yard signs?

    Yes, we can print on both sides of wood, metal, banner and coroplast signs. We can also achieve double-sided visibility by displaying two different panels attached to the same mounting construction.