Custom Acrylic Signs in Los Angeles and USA-Wide

Acrylic signs, also known as plexiglass signs, are a popular glass alternative used both indoors and outdoors across all industries. These signs are extremely durable, UV stable and modern in appearance. The material is sought after for its versatility and color fastness. Acrylic has an anti-yellowing feature and clarity that can be restored by polishing. It’s waterproof as well as fade and weather resistant.

The material is widely used in the signage industry to create custom, dimensional, illuminated and printed acrylic signs. Also called plexiglass signage, custom acrylic signs offer a lot of variety in style.

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Types of Acrylic Signs

Custom acrylic signs come with a wide range of design options. Plexiglass and lexan are used for different signage products from large acrylic letters for building signs to small acrylic door signs. Each type has specific features you can benefit from. Regardless of style, acrylic business signs will help create a professional image for your brand.

Hazani Plastic Surgery acrylic business sign displaying the brand name and logo
11 Ravens dimensional acrylic business sign in black displaying the brand name and custom logo

Dimensional Acrylic Signs

Three-dimensional large acrylic signs look captivating both indoors and outdoors. They can be made in various sizes, depths, colors and designs. The mounting options for plexiglass differ to meet your specific needs. From a wall-mounted version to a hanging acrylic sign, your choice will vary depending on size, illumination and other factors to consider.

Psyclarity Health printed acrylic office sign showing the business name and logo for branding

Printed Acrylic Signs & Plaques

Acrylic sign printing is used for branding and decoration. The vivid colors of acrylic prints ensure that your text and graphics are properly showcased. Front Signs offers all types of acrylic sign printing such as logo prints for acrylic door signs or creative graphics for wall art. They’re often installed with standoffs but we offer other mounting options, too.

NYC freestanding custom acrylic sign with large fillable letters for business branding

Freestanding Acrylic Signs

Large acrylic signs can be set up as freestanding posts. This option is widely used for events as it allows great ease and freedom in placement. You can use them for multiple occasions or showcase them inside your venue. Freestanding clear acrylic letters and signs can be made into fillable acrylic letters so you can fill them with decorative objects like balloons.

Orion Optical acrylic sign with illumination displaying the brand name and logo

Acrylic Signs With Illumination

Acrylic is a clear material, making custom acrylic signs with LED illumination a brilliant option for branding and decoration. It’s often used in combination with materials like aluminum or dibond to create interesting visual and lighting effects, especially when making channel letters. A custom acrylic sign with energy-efficient lights will look captivating and attract customers from afar.

Desk acrylic business sign in white with a custom style spelling the word Reception

Reception & Desk Acrylic Signs

Custom acrylic signs for desks can be fitted according to different dimensions, styles and purposes. An engraved acrylic sign can showcase employee names or other info while clear sneeze guards will help maintain a safe environment for your staff and visitors. Personalized prints are yet another option so you may embellish your acrylic signs as you wish.

Ameriabank custom acrylic sign solutions in suitcase shapes for interior design

Custom Acrylic Sign Solutions

We offer custom acrylic sign solutions to meet the specific goals and requirements of your brand. Our facility is equipped with the latest technologies that allow us to achieve top results when creating bespoke solutions such as backlit acrylic signage. As a leading acrylic signage maker, we’ll be sure to meet and exceed your expectations. If you’re not exactly sure where to start, contact us for a free consultation.

Popular Uses for Acrylic Business Signs

Acrylic business signs are used in various industries to serve a wide range of purposes. While applicable in almost any style from trade show displays to office name plates, there are specific business sectors that can especially benefit from utilizing the material. For instance, the acrylic logo sign and acrylic office sign are two of the most popular requests for acrylic and lexan.

Ticketmaster 3d clear acrylic letters in green with a stand for outdoor branding
Beatclub custom acrylic office sign with black 3D letters spelling the business name

Acrylic Office Signs

The acrylic sign board is one of the most frequently used signage types in corporate settings. Others like 3D acrylic letters or logo signs are also very common. When it comes to acrylic door signs, both printed and engraved styles are ideal for showcasing texts and images like your logo or company name. They also make elegant decor elements and informational lobby signs.

Shake Shack restaurant acrylic sign with brand name 3d letters and hamburger shape logo

Restaurant & Hospitality Acrylic Signs

Restaurants, hotels and other businesses operating in the hospitality sector benefit greatly from custom acrylic signs. They can be used for informative desk signs, acrylic menu boards, clear acrylic letters for outdoor signs, custom acrylic signs for interior design and so on. Acrylic offers a lot of creative freedom for branding and decoration alike.

Armani acrylic shop sign solutions in the shape of decorative shelves for branding

Acrylic Shop Signs

Large acrylic signs for business are generously used for storefront branding in the retail industry. Custom acrylic letters for walls can showcase your store’s name and logo both indoors and outdoors. Custom acrylic signs are also used to provide information on desks or to decorate shelves and displays. We offer elegant illuminated and non-illuminated 3D acrylic signs and beyond.

MGM Resorts event custom acrylic sign with big 3d letters filled with various objects

Event Custom Acrylic Signs

Custom acrylic signs are used as corporate event signage to create a professional look for your brand. They can either be accompanied by other signage mediums or used as stand-alone features. Most frequently, large acrylic letters and signs can be used as stadium signs to attract attention in crowded venues. They can be easily placed, relocated and used for multiple occasions.

Acrylic Sign Printing Options

The printing options for custom acrylic signs vary according to the material’s specifications and your requirements. We offer a few options with direct UV printing for acrylic and lexan materials. Different lamination options are also available for opaque and clear acrylic signs.

accent wall printed acrylic sign in a large size displaying a city scene
Skinarzo printed acrylic business sign displaying the brand name and custom logo

Standard Printed Acrylic Signs

With standard printing, the design is printed onto the surface of your sign. You can either choose clear, colored or opaque acrylic for this option. In the case of clear acrylic signs, a white layer in the shape of your design is printed onto the material before the actual image to ensure visibility and color accuracy.

Graphixt reverse printed acrylic sign displaying the brand name and logo

Reverse Printed Acrylic Signs

Reverse printing is a method where the design is printed on the back surface of the sign material. This option provides image depth and prevents scratches to the printed surface. With standard printing, the printed surface becomes matte. With reverse printing, you can get a glossy finish for the surface of your sign.

directional double-side printed acrylic sign in green

Double-Side Printed Acrylic Signs

Double-sided printing is another option that allows you to get even sharper and deeper graphics. You can get the same image mirror printed on the front and back of clear acrylic for a striking look. Different graphics on either side of opaque acrylic will give you twice the reach to optimize your message and visibility. 

Acrylic & Lexan Face Replacement Service

We provide signage repair and sign replacement services for businesses in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. The lexan or acrylic board may need repair or replacement from time to time.

We offer the highest quality of acrylic and lexan faces, painted or printed with the latest technologies.

Our experienced crew will bring back the initial look of your signage, regardless of make or complexity. We’ll help you prolong the lifespan of your dimensional acrylic letters and signs or replace them if needed while you sit back and relax.

Quality Equipment Rentals custom acrylic sign in a pylon style for outdoor business branding

Materials & Finishes of Custom Acrylic Signs

Though the signs are made of lexan or acrylic material, there are specifications of each you should consider when ordering. If you’re still not sure about which one is best for your plaques, menu boards, acrylic office signs and other signage needs, our experts will help you find the perfect solution based on your requirements.

Four acrylic business sign variants displayed in different colors and textures
Kibler Fowler & Cave standard acrylic nameplate sign mounted to the office wall

Standard Acrylic Signs

Standard acrylic is either opaque or clear with a glossy finish. Opaque and translucent sheets are available in a wide range of colors. In addition to the colored acrylic, we offer surface painting to achieve exact shade matching. Adhesive vinyl texts and graphics can also be applied onto the signs, a popular method used especially for illuminated options. 

conference room frosted acrylic sign mounted to the wall with standoffs

Frosted Acrylic Signs

The frosted acrylic sign has a matte finish that obscures sight but is translucent enough to allow light transmission. You can get any design printed with UV inks on frosted acrylic signs. The elegant finish will give it a professional and high-end look. Frosted acrylic is available in a range of colors in addition to custom elements you can print over them.

Annenberg lexan sign in a large size with illumination displaying art graphics

Lexan Signs

Acrylic and lexan are often thought to be interchangeable but they have unique specifications and are used for different purposes. Acrylic is more glossy but it’s easier to crack. Lexan is more durable but it’s easier to scratch. It comes in rolls so it’s not limited in size, making it ideal for larger signs. It’s also easier to bend for full customization. 

Custom Acrylic Sign Specifications

Thickness: The thickness of custom acrylic signs is chosen based on your requirements and the sign’s size. We offer lexan and plexiglass signs with a thickness of ⅛ to 1 inch.

Size/Shape: Acrylic comes in sheets that are 4x8 ft. You can get laser-cut acrylic signs with custom shapes. Lexan typically comes in a roll that’s 4x100 ft but it’s customizable.

Colors: Acrylic sheets can be tinted opaque or translucent whereas lexan is either clear or white. We offer additional painting services to achieve perfect color matching.  

Mounting options: There are multiple mounting options for custom acrylic signs based on depth, size and other specifications. Wall-mounted and free standing sign options are popular for custom acrylic letters. Hanging and standoff mounting are typical for acrylic sign boards.

Cutting options: We offer CNC router as well as laser cutting and engraving options for acrylic business signs and decorations. While both CNC router and laser-cut acrylic signs have smooth edges and a perfect finish, the router option is used for thicker acrylic.

Sherwin Williams custom acrylic sign with brand name 3d letters and logo

Lamination options: Glossy, matte and dry-erase lamination is available for lexan and acrylic. It’s more commonly requested for lexan as it’s easier to scratch than acrylic. Lamination adds an extra layer of protection and offers alternative finishes for the surface. 

Free-standing custom 3D acrylic letters filled with artificial red roses for business branding

Acrylic Sign Advantages


  • A wide selection of styles
  • UV resistance and durability
  • Limitless selection of colors
  • Different mounting options
  • Elegant, glass-like appearance
  • Cutting and engraving options
  • Long indoor and outdoor lifespan
  • Multiple lighting and depth options

Acrylic Business Signs in California and Across the USA

Custom acrylic signs, also referred to as plexiglass signage, are a glass-like medium widely used for custom signs in outdoor and indoor environments alike. Acrylic business signs are known for their versatility, endurance and elegant appearance.

Any combination of texts and graphic designs can be applied to plexiglass signs with direct UV printing, painting and adhesive vinyl. You can also get custom engraved acrylic signs to add a unique touch to your interior and exterior. Glossy, matte and frosted acrylic sign types have specific benefits you can take advantage of. Even lamination is available for lexan or custom plexiglass signs.

You can go with a hanging acrylic sign, acrylic business signs or custom acrylic letters for your wall depending on your needs and preferences. In addition, there are other custom acrylic signs that will add a unique appeal to your brand identity. For instance, fill-in clear acrylic signs and letters are a cool option when it comes to creative customization.

Various signage types can be personalized using acrylic boards. Dimensional clear acrylic signs and acrylic signs are frequently illuminated, light box signs for example, to give your message extra visibility.

Southern California Center for Surgical Arts acrylic business sign for interior branding

Lexan, also known as polycarb, can be used instead of acrylic. It’s ideal for larger projects or ones that require curves as it’s more bendy and comes in long rolls.

Get your own acrylic business signs to enhance brand recognition and increase customer flow. Create a professional appearance with acrylic office signs indoors or use them to brand the facade of your building - the possibilities are limitless!

Other Services We Offer for Custom Acrylic Signs


Design & 3D Rendering 

To help you visualize your future signage, we offer signage design and 3D rendering services for custom acrylic signs. The digital model will replicate the final product, be it a simple acrylic sign board or a complex custom design. We’ll make sure you’re fully satisfied with your acrylic business signs before moving on to the fabrication phase.


Cutting and Engraving

We offer quality cutting and engraving features for custom acrylic signs. We use laser cutting and other methods for our lexan or plexiglass signage. Laser cut acrylic signs have smooth edges. We also use CNC engraving and laser engraving. Our cutting-edge equipment and expert crew allow us to bring projects of any complexity to life.


Sign Painting

Sign painting is an inseparable part of crafting custom acrylic signs. We offer more than 80,000+ color shades using the Matthews Paint System to make your plexiglass sign match your brand colors perfectly. The paints we use are UV cured and weather resistant so you can place your painted plexiglass sign indoors or outdoors as you please.


Large Format Printing

We offer large format printing services for the text and graphics on acrylic office signs and beyond. Frosted, opaque and clear acrylic signs printed with UV cured inks have a long lifespan, retaining the colors of your product for years to come. We’re able to achieve high-end acrylic prints to brand your office or even decorate your gallery walls.

Latest Acrylic Signs Projects

CFT Capital Partners acrylic business signs displaying the brand name and logo

CFT Capital Partners Branded Acrylic Displays

Unique acrylic displays featuring the brand name and logo mounted on the office wall made for our clients at CFT Capital Partners. The custom displays are made of top-quality acrylic.

The Village Family Services acrylic sign displaying the company name and logo for branding

The Village Family Services Acrylic Display

A dimensional non-illuminated wall display featuring the company logo alongside its name made for our clients at The Village Family Services. This creative display is made of top-quality acrylic material.

LA Carniceria Interior Branding Attractive acrylic display mounted on the wall for branding made for our clients at LA Carniceria Meat Market. The custom product is made of high-quality acrylic material.

LA Carniceria Interior Branding

Attractive acrylic display mounted on the wall for branding made for our clients at LA Carniceria Meat Market. The custom product is made of high-quality acrylic material.

Sunmight USA Corporation acrylic signs displaying promotional brand imagery and texts

Sunmight USA Corporation Branding 

Appealing acrylic displays crafted for our clients at Sunmight USA Corporation and mounted on the interior walls for office branding. The personalized products are made of premium-quality acrylic.

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    Acrylic Signs FAQs


    Which type of acrylic office signs should I choose for my workplace?

    The type of acrylic office signs you choose will depend on your taste and the purpose of the signage. Some frequently used acrylic signs for offices are nameplates or plaques. Clear acrylic letters can be used to display your brand name or serve decorative purposes. There is a wide selection of acrylic office signs and beyond available depending on your goals.

    What is the difference between acrylic, glass and lexan?

    Acrylic and lexan are clear, durable plastics that have a very similar appearance to glass. Glass is more likely to shatter whereas acrylic and lexan will only crack under extremely heavy pressure. Lexan is the toughest of the three though it’s more prone to scratches. Lexan is lighter than the other two with glass being the heaviest. Acrylic comes in sheets and is more glossy than lexan but lexan is more flexible and comes in longer rolls.

    What can be printed on plexiglass signage?

    You can print all kinds of custom text and graphics based on your needs and preferences. It can be your business hours, the name and logo of the brand, decorative graphics or any other information.

    Where can I use a plexiglass sign?

    You can use custom signs made of acrylic board or sheet both indoors and outdoors and in virtually any setting. The material is extremely versatile, durable and weather-resistant. We use high-quality UV cured inks, paints and adhesives for text and graphics in order to ensure their longevity.

    What colors of acrylic are available?

    Acrylic comes in a variety of colors. We also offer painting services with over 80,000 shades to make sure your sign matches your vision and brand colors perfectly. This is especially important for custom solutions and brand name displays, which we’re happy to customize according to your specifications.