Laser Cutting Services in Los Angeles & US Wide

As a full-service sign making company, we provide custom laser cutting services across Los Angeles and the US. Equipped with the latest technologies, we’re ready to turn your most sophisticated ideas into bespoke designs. We offer a premium stock of materials such as acrylic, aluminum, wood and beyond to create stunning business signs.

Front Signs offers superlative sign services with laser cutters to produce all types of shapes, from simple circle sheets to complex contours and intricate labeling. We also offer cutting and engraving with CNC cutting machines.

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Specifications of Custom Laser Cutting  

Laser cutting uses a focused beam of light to cut materials like metal, plastic and wood. These materials are melted or vaporized by the extreme heat of an industrial laser cutting beam, which makes it possible to cut them into any desired shape. The method of laser cutting is extremely accurate and may produce intricate shapes with little material loss. It frequently appears in industrial, creative and prototyping applications like laser engraving.

Technical Specifications

  • Model - JQ1325
  • Voltage - 220v 3ph 60hz 
  • Laser Power - 180w 
  • Laser Type - CO2 sealed lasertube, 10.6um 
  • Working Area - 51x98 inches
  • Cooling Type - water cooling
Custom laser cutting process on acrylic material for a unique design

Laser Cutting Services Based on Material

Industrial laser cutting is popular due to its versatility and high precision cutting ability. The material being cut and the desired cutting results will determine the type of laser and cutting parameters used. The thickness of the material also plays a role in determining the type of laser and cutting parameters. Let’s explore the possibilities of industrial laser cutting based on material.

Acrylic laser cutting process for precise cut-outs while providing clear and clean-cut edges
Laser cutting process for creating cut-outs on a sheet of aluminum

Aluminum Laser Cutting

The light weight and malleability of this material make aluminum laser cutting a simple process. We have the experience that makes it possible to do aluminum laser cutting safely and with outstanding results. We rely on cutting-edge equipment and a knowledgeable technical team to provide refined aluminum laser cutting projects.We consult with our clients about the specifics of their vision in order to get the desired result for aluminum signs.

Finland laser cutting process making cut-outs of the word on a plexiglass surface

Acrylic & Plastic Laser Cutting

Plastic laser cutting can be completed with outstanding results. Whether you need a single faceplate or multiple ones for plastic laser cutting, we can get you an instant quote when you fill out the project form. Plastic laser cutting is a smooth process as most plastics vaporize quickly with minimal heat. Our acrylic laser cutting service and digital cutting machines combined will perfect any project from acrylic signs to 3D signs and letters. Take advantage of our acrylic laser cutting service to achieve grand designs for your business.

wood and mdf laser cutting

Wood & MDF Laser Cutting 

We can produce beautiful designs for wooden signs and medium-density fiberboard custom signage with wood and MDF laser cutting. Consistent density and heat tolerance makes these materials a great choice for custom wood laser cutting and MDF laser cutting projects. They allow us to achieve intricate shapes and highly accurate designs to rival plotter cutting and CNC engraving. If you’re searching for MDF or custom wood laser cutting near you, contact us today.

Precision Laser Cutting Services

We provide precision laser cutting services for all types of displays including PVC signs and custom light up signs. Our high-accuracy machines can yield equally meticulous results on both large and small scale displays. Bring any design to life. With laser cutting, elaborate shapes and perfectly cut edges take only minutes to achieve.

precision laser cutting services
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    Laser Cutting FAQs


    What is laser cutting?

    It's a manufacturing method where a highly concentrated laser beam is used to cut various materials such as metal and wood with extreme precision. This method is frequently employed in the creation of industrial parts, consumer items and works of art.

    How does laser cutting work?

    It operates by directing a strong laser beam at a substance and causing it to melt, burn or vaporize. The laser beam is focused onto the substance after passing via a number of mirrors and lenses. To ensure exact cuts, the material is often laid out on a bed and moved with the aid of a computer-controlled system. Depending on the material quality and thickness, the laser beam's cutting power can be altered.

    What materials can be laser cut?

    Laser cutting can perform on a variety of materials, including aluminum, wood, acrylic and plastic.