Custom Wood Signs And Wooden Logo Signs In Los Angeles And USA-Wide

At Front Signs, we create supreme quality custom wood signs that adorn establishments all around the USA. Located in Burbank, CA, we make it our mission to represent your brand’s vision with sophisticated designs. Our custom wood signs enable us to fulfill versatile projects that highlight your personality. With all the creative design features we offer, you can rest assured that you’ll get exactly what you’ve envisioned. 

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Common Applications of Wooden Signs

By choosing our custom wood signs, you’ll automatically invest in a more eco-friendly future. We have the tools and expertise to create contemporary wooden business signs for offices, events, restaurants, homes, vineyards and beyond.

Imperial custom wood sign displaying the company's engraved name for store branding
Ameriabank office wooden business signs with wall-mounted cut-out letters for reception design

Office and Corporate Wooden Business Signs

Business signs are a must for any corporation. 3D wooden signs can establish professionalism and bolster your authority. Wooden business signs will add an element of stability, refinement and a more relaxed tone for your enterprise. 

Do you need wood decor signs to advertise your brand with a classic appeal? Or do you want wooden business signs to decorative office lobby signs? We stand ready to give your establishment the natural touch it needs.

Davidoff trade show wooden sign showcasing the company name on a custom display

Trade Show and Event Wooden Signs

Preparing for a trade show or special event? Elegant wooden signs are an effective tool for increasing your brand visibility, beautifying your venue and getting you noticed in good standing. 

Our rich array of wooden signs will take all the hassle out of your design planning for corporate event signage and let you make a powerful statement with ease. Custom wood signs will grant that special appeal to your company’s booth or event space and impress everyone in sight.

Faith Coffee restaurant custom wood sign with the company logo for rustic outdoor branding

Restaurant Wooden Signs

Before they enjoy your services or food, patrons get a taste of your organization based on your signage. It’s imperative to have the right visuals to entice them to your establishment. 

At Front Signs, we offer a collection of custom wood signs that eateries and hotels can use to bring people to their doorstep. Even if you’ve got a property off the main road, custom outdoor wood signs will create a state-of-the-art image that will entice clients from far and wide.

wedding wooden sign displaying the words Mr & Mrs on a custom-made board with flowers

Wedding and Birthday Wooden Signs

We provide distinctive wooden signs for wedding and birthday parties that truly make your decorations pop. Inexpensive but enchanting, custom wood signs will make the most of your special day. 

Welcome your guests with rustic wooden signs or elegantly display your dessert options on the menu bar. Highlight memorable quotes with custom-made wood signs or display the events schedule for the ceremony.

Lake View Townhomes front porch wooden sign in a monumental free-standing style

Home and Front Porch Wooden Signs

Versatile custom wood signs for homes, backyards and front porches are extremely popular. They brighten the neighborhood and uplift everyone’s spirit with delightful designs. 

You’re free to choose from a variety of wood decor signs with personalized prints and messages to put anywhere around your house. Our sign manufacturing process for custom outdoor wood signs involve highly durable, one-of-a-kind plywood or natural wood.

Types of Wooden Signs

Wooden signs can serve versatile purposes ranging from trade show displays to full branding solutions. With a vast range of possibilities, they create earthy tones for their surroundings. You can find all types of outstanding wooden signs in our portfolio. 

Surfboard-shaped custom wood sign spelling the word Support for rustic office decorating
Gatsoft wooden logo sign painted in blue and white colors for office interior branding

Wooden Logo Signs

No one gets a second chance to make a first impression. Your logo is often the first exposure people get to make an association with your brand. It’s critical to go with logo concepts that reflect the quality and style of your brand.

Transform your venue with our custom wooden logo signs and amplify your brand awareness. Select from a wide range of wooden signs to create your logo and convey a message that shows your customers that you care about them.

Imperial custom wood plaque with the company's engraved name for interior rustic branding

Wooden Nameplates and Plaques

Widely used in all corporate spheres, nameplates and plaques are an essential component of branding for any company. Wooden name plaques are an indication of distinction and high esteem. 

Look no further than our custom wood plaques to identify people and places within your premises. An assortment of custom wood name signs will give you a cultured look whether it’s for permanent use or special gatherings.

Yell Cut brand 3D custom wooden logo sign and letters for outdoor placement

3D Wooden Signs and Letters

Available in a range of styles, dimensional wood carved signs add a richness and depth to your space design. Fabricated from high-quality materials like plywood, personalized wood signs can be made to suit any interior or exterior environment. 

Get your personalized wooden name signs and letters to enhance visual appeal and create a prominent identity. Our experts can design, craft and install wooden business signs in a way that will magnify your authority. 

custom engraved wood sign for rustic style interior design

Engraved Wood Signs

Brighten up your negative spaces with intricately engraved wood signs. Whether you want to welcome guests or display interesting quotes, take a look at our collection of engraved wood signs for inspiration. 

We offer engraved wood signs specifically made to suit the time and place of your choice. You are free to customize engraved wood signs with fonts, shapes and sizes that will match your needs. Our experts craft engraved wood signs using digital and plotter cutters as well as CNC machines and laser millers to achieve extreme precision.

Dalma Garden Mall wood decor sign custom-made with cut out layers for interior design

Wood Decor Signs

Wood decor signs are especially beneficial in urban settings. They help to soothe the weight of concrete infrastructure and the general overwhelm of city life. Wood decor signs enhance the quality of any building with their sophisticated appearance and organic vibe. 

Wood decor signs are one of the best branding ideas if you’re looking to set a homey atmosphere. Natural elements are known to reduce stress and create a sense of balance on top of enhancing visual appeal. 

Whether you need wood decor signs for outdoor or indoor usage, we’ll guide you through the design process and do the installation on your behalf.

Ameriabank illuminated custom wood sign for eco-friendly interior design

Custom Wood Signs

Regardless of the purpose of your custom wood signs, we’re ready to create a dreamy project based on your specifications. The custom wood signs can be adjusted for indoor and outdoor use and will match your taste to perfection. 

Our craftsmen will help you achieve your goals for all occasions. Usually made with more durable plywood, custom outdoor wood signs come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. 

Once you list your requirements, our team of experts will handle the project regardless of its complexity. Our custom wood signs also include masterful combinations such as wood and acrylic or metal to create light up signs for a more artful look.

directional wooden sign displaying the phrase All Gender Restroom made of plywood

Informative and Directional Wooden Signs

We can produce custom wood signs to help people get around large establishments with ease. Directive wooden signs will guide them to areas they’re not familiar with.

These wooden signs are made simple to streamline navigation. These wayfinding signs are used in a range of projects, from bank signs to stadium signage.

Directional wood carved signs identify specific rooms and locations whereas informational wooden signs give general knowledge about a place.

Installed in areas with high visibility, these engraved wood signs are easy to understand at first glance. They often include universally recognized signs and symbols.

Zacha Homes printed wooden sign in blue color made of plywood

Printed Wooden Signs

Applying large format printing to wooden signs has become a trending practice for the signage industry. There are many uses for printed wooden signs. Wall art, office prints, custom decor, branding displays and many more can be the target of your custom-made wood signs. Feel free to define any feature, text or graphic and we’ll print highly personalized wood signs just for you. 

We stand by the quality of our custom wood signs to make sure they’ll promote your agency with style. Clarity and vibrancy of colors will guarantee exceptional wooden signs, ensuring people notice your attention to detail.

Printed wooden signs can be put to use both indoors and outdoors. Custom outdoor wood signs will grant a retro touch to any space while indoor custom wood signs are great for interior design and branding.

Wooden Signs Based on Placement

There is a world of wooden sign options at your disposal. We categorize custom wood signs for either indoor or outdoor use. 

Nautilus wooden sign displaying the company name on a board with a custom decorative element
Ameriabank indoor wooden sign with cut out decorative elements for accent wall rustic design

Indoor Wooden Signs

There are unlimited ways of designing indoor wooden signs. We provide a range of custom wood signs according to your desired specifications. Printed and custom carved wood signs can serve many different goals.

To decide the right option for your company, first define the objective of your sign. Do you want interior wooden signs as sales-boosting store signs or decorative displays? Are they to enhance brand recognition or send a strong visual message? Our craftsmen can make custom wood plaques of all styles, shapes and sizes to convey your desired message.

Mark Taper Intergenerational Center outdoor wooden sign with a monumental board

Outdoor Wooden Signs

Outdoor wooden signs are an enchanting way to raise interest towards your enterprise. With charming wood business signs, customers will be assured a pleasant experience with your brand. Outdoor wooden signs will become a part of your brand identity and expose your location to the public, regardless if you choose hanging, free standing or building signs.

All our custom outdoor wood signs are specifically designed to suit certain goals. Creative custom outdoor wood signs are an effective way to make a lasting impression for companies and individuals alike. 

Wooden Signs Based on Installation

With careful planning, custom wood signs can be a powerful tool for boosting recognition. Proper sign positioning is important for capturing interest and getting noticed. According to their placement, there are different types of wooden signs. 

Ameriabank wood decor signs with custom-shape elements for green-themed interior design
AY Flowers hanging wooden sign displaying the company name and logo for outdoor branding

Hanging Wooden Signs

These types of wooden signs are meant to spruce up your space with their rustic charm. They transform aesthetics towards a more natural look and are effective in communicating your values. 

These custom wood signs are important for advertising your brand and increasing its authority. Engraved wood signs add a personal touch to your brand and reflect your company’s taste. 

They’re available in a variety of forms, styles and sizes. Single-sided signs portray your brand in a clear direction. Double-sided signs are great for showcasing your company from two angles, increasing visibility. 

wall-mounted wooden signs in a surfboard shape for rustic style decorating

Wall Mounted Wooden Signs 

Wall mounted wooden signs can be used to provide information, simplify navigation or advertise your brand. Having a solid visual representation in public places is a must for visibility and elegance.

These wooden signs help your brand pop among a sea of plastic displays. Our wooden sign makers give them a polished look to shape a successful image for your organization. 

Wooden signs mounted on the wall play a functional as well as aesthetic role to compliment architectural design. Our specialists are at your full disposal to guide you towards the final look fit for your professional requirements. 

Amanu freestanding wooden sign displaying promotional information for sustainable advertising

Freestanding Wooden Signs

Freestanding wood carved signs are a perfect tool for increasing visibility. They establish your presence and create a focal point for visitors to identify your agency with. These custom wood signs bolster your brand and bring great exposure. 

Freestanding wooden signs can be installed anywhere. Custom outdoor wood signs are perfect to voice your brand values, mission and other attributes. You can also depict your brand’s name and services to familiarize people with your company.  

Indoor signs enhance your unique style and distinguish your name among competitors. These wooden business signs will advertise your brand in an influential fashion.

Schweppes wooden tabletop sign with illumination displaying the brand's bottle for advertising

Wooden Tabletop Signs

Choose wooden tabletop displays to convey a clear message to your customers. Due to their freestanding form, these custom wood signs are impossible to miss. They ensure people will read your message. 

Wooden tabletop signs are for indoor use only but applications for these wood decor signs vary. They can be used for decorative or informational purposes. For instance, they can designate spaces, advertise newly-launched products or display daily specials. 

Wooden tabletop signs can be fully customised according to your needs. These custom wood signs can be printed single or double-sided. Our experts will consider your requirements and deliver a handcrafted product just for you.


Rustic Look: Wooden signs add a rustic feel and a sense of comfort anywhere they’re placed. No matter where they’re installed, custom wood signs provide natural beauty and an appealing ambiance. Wooden signs are also a trending decor element that integrate classic and contemporary sensibilities.

Versatile: Wooden signs are versatile, offering tons of possibilities for custom signage projects. Wooden plaques can be cut, printed, painted and engraved with any design for use both outdoors and indoors. You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for with this material, whether it’s for corporate or personal use. 

Sustainable: Custom wood signs are made of organic wood that requires minimal use of energy from harvest to production. They don’t need to undergo heavy processing and can be easily reused, repurposed or recycled when needed. The natural composition of custom wood signs makes them desirable for business owners who want to contribute to sustainability. 

Timeless: This material promises to serve its purpose for a long time without losing its appeal. Custom wood signs add life to any space and blend in with natural surroundings. This makes them fit for various settings such as zoos, parks, camps and anywhere outdoors. Wooden signs are also perfect for pubs, stores and restaurants that value a quaint vibe. 

Ameriabank custom wood sign with the word Security engraved on the wall for green theme design

Durable: Wooden signs are sturdy and long-lasting. They have a lifespan of decades when used indoors. Plywood signs are also able to withstand most weather conditions, keeping their freshness even outdoors for many years when treated properly. With the regular care of its protective outer layer, expect your wooden sign to last for years to come.

Services We Provide for Wooden Signs



Cutting and Engraving

This service is an indispensable part of our wooden sign making process. With our bleeding-edge equipment and skilled technicians, we’re able to create bespoke designs for engraved wood signs. We’ll use laser cutting, CNC engraving and other methods to realize even the most intricate designs and ensure your business is represented with fine taste.


Sign Installation

We offer high-end manufacturing and sign installation services for custom wood signs in Los Angeles and USA-wide. Turn to us if you need excellent custom wooden signs that will give you an edge over your competition. Our team is ready to install them anywhere you desire with speed, class and precision while making sure that you get the best visibility.



We provide unparalleled sign painting services to make your wooden signs vibrant and artistic. We use the Matthews Painting System to give our custom wood signs a range of over 80,000 different color shades to match your vision. Our wooden signs are painted with premium quality paints, ensuring they’ll retain their bright quality for years to come.


Repair and Replacement

We deliver comprehensive maintenance services for wooden signs. If your signs are looking dull, we're ready to provide you with signage repair. Even if they're damaged or need an update, our specialists can go as far as to provide you with sign replacement services. They’ll bring your custom wood signs to a high-quality appearance in no time.


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Wooden Letters 3D Engraving with CNC miller
The production process of wooden bench with creative design
Wooden Sandwich Sign Rendering & Printing Process for Club Tree

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    Wooden Signs FAQs


    Are wooden signs right for my business?

    Wooden signs add a timeless charm to any business. Custom wood signs will establish a cultured identity and prominence to your enterprise. They make a great impact by creating a sense of permanence and relatability.  

    Are wooden signs meant for outdoor usage?

    Yes, with proper care, they can be used outdoors. Custom outdoor wood signs are very popular when installed in front of a business property. Their pleasing nature will increase customer flow and familiarity. They will enhance your brand recognition and enforce a positive reputation. 

    Are there ways to decorate my home with wooden signs?

    Wooden signs are a perfect choice for upgrading interior design. They add a natural touch to your home and present your distinctive personality. Custom wooden plaques, letters and signs will liven things up. Go ahead and add distinguished designs throughout your house with artful wood carved signs.

    Can I have double-sided wooden signs?

    We provide custom wood signs with both single and double-sided prints. Hanging wood signs with graphics on both sides will optimize your exposure. We also offer double-sided engravings, paintings and other creative designs to make your sign look enchanting and memorable. 

    Can I have a print on my wooden sign?

    We can print anything you wish on custom wood signs. Be it a photo or other item you need to showcase on the wooden signs, we’ve got you covered with UV cured inks, cutting edge machines, talented designers and skilled technicians. 

    What shapes and sizes can I get for my wooden signs?

    There is an endless assortment of shapes and sizes of printed and wood carved signs available in our stock. The specific design depends on your needs and requirements. We provide everything from standard to intricate designs and outlines to satisfy your taste.