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Here, at Front Signs, you can get signs in any color, as we provide painting services as well. We offer painting for almost every materials, it can be an aluminum, PVC, wood, gatorboard or anything else. Our professional craftsmen will cover your signs with a thick coat of paint to make it durable for every location. Recently we got a hold of Matthews Paint Intermix System and now we offer painting in numerous colors. This painter provides many base colors, which can be turned into 80.000 custom color formulas. It also offers transparent toners and toners for metallic colors. These low VOC or ultra-low VOC paintings can have a satin or gloss finishes. These premium-quality paints are resistant to sun and humidity, thus will keep their bright color for a long period.

Painted signs can be used outdoors as well as indoors. For example, you can get colorful letters to depict the name of your brand in your office or to add some decoration in it. To learn what color combinations you can use for your office you can read our blog “Best Color combinations for office decoration”. Order a sign and get it painted in any color of the spectrum.

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Painting FAQs

What colors of Acrylic are available?

One of the types of Acrylic is colored Acrylic and we offer the following colors: blue, green, yellow, red, black and white. But in case if you need a custom color, we offer painting services as well. You can get Acrylic painted in 80.000 various color shades.