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Our sign painting services are experiencing a renaissance as many business owners take a renewed interest in custom painted signs

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Front Signs is a full service sign company - a one-stop shop and the best choice for those who value craftsmanship. If your goal is to extend the value of your original investment and make it count for the future, this is your sign.

We specialize in exterior and interior sign painting services offered throughout CA and the US. We use premiere quality products and equipment in combination with our expert commercial sign painters to provide long-lasting custom painted signage

Our sign painters have taken on the commitment and passion for crafting quality painted signs for a number of leading businesses around Los Angeles - including museums, restaurants, law firms and beyond.

We predominantly specialize in painting and repainting services using Matthews paint formulas. Painted business logo signs and storefront glass sign painting are also among the most popular options for our customers. They familiarize passersby with the name of your business while expressing unique brand identity.

Painted signs are designed to empower and inspire boldness through an appreciation of older and more hands-on traditions. This modern rendition of the classic style combines craft, creativity and sophistication with an unparalleled aesthetic.


Here at Front Signs, our main goal as sign painters is to craft high quality and visually magnificent signs while keeping alive the old traditions and artisanship of sign painting

Our vast variety of sign painting specialties include: 

  • Commercial signage painting
  • Painted logos and signs
  • Vintage sign painting
  • Hand painted signage
  • Repainting of old signs

Painted Business Logo

Painted business logo signs serve as a visual salesperson for your business.

We take the ability to craft painted business logos on your walls or trade show displays one step further. We use our expertise to display your company’s name and logo and turn the painted signage into the beacon of your corporate or small business. 

These custom, one-of-a-kind 3D signs for business are the most popular signage solution for promoting your store or office. Hand-crafted business logos are highly regarded and desirable for their distinguished quality. 

Painting business logos is a tasteful approach to achieving an affordable yet unique way for your business to stand out.


Custom Sign Writing

Commercial painting in Los Angeles is successfully utilized by retail and service companies as well as for art studio, shop or stadium branding projects.

It’s the ideal tool for those who want to take on the old school approach and incentivize customers to stick with their brand.

Hand-written signs might seem like a blast from the past but they’re actually a refreshing, simple and trending advertising medium.

Our hand painting service is a great alternative to consider in an overly digitized world. It’s a superb way to provoke passersby and get abundant rewards like loyal customers.



Time and weather are the exterior sign’s worst enemies. The only way to keep your business’ appearance neat and professional is to ensure that you have inviting appeal for your old and new customers alike.

Repainting is a lucrative method for giving your outdated sign a makeover. Be it a tall pylon sign or a small logo, we do it all. Get a fresh coat of paint and your brand will once again taste the success of its past glory.

Our expert sign painters understand that your sign is the hallmark of your business. We focus on full service, expertise and the dedication required for your sign to communicate with passersby with bravado.




We offer commercial painting in Los Angeles for almost every material - it can be aluminum, PVC, wood, gator board or anything else. Our professional craftsmen will cover your non-illuminated and light up signs with a thick coat of quality paint to make it withstand any condition.

We switched to using the Matthews Paint Intermix System and now offer painting with uncanny color matching capabilities. Matthews paint provides many base colors which can be turned into 80,000+ custom color formulas. It also offers transparent toners and toners for metallic colors. These low VOC or ultra-low VOC paints can have a satin or glossy finish. The premium-quality paints are resistant to sun and humidity and will thus keep their bright color for an extended period. It's the best paint for painting glass, metal, plastic, etc.

Painted signs can be used outdoors as well as indoors. For example, you can get colorful office lobby signs to depict the name of your brand in your office or to add some decoration to it. To learn what color combinations you can use for your office, you can read our blog, Best Color Combinations for Office Decoration. Order a sign and get it painted in any color of the spectrum.

Materials for Sign Painting


With the broad range of materials and painting techniques in our repertoire, we are able to paint on a variety of mediums like aluminum, acrylic, etc and depict purposeful emotions through rich color schemes.

These painted custom signs are the perfect addition to any office decor, gallery wall or just as business building signs event signs or free standing light box sign pieces of artwork displayed anywhere. The hand-painted signs will add a warm sentiment and nicely suit any type of interior styling.

There’s no substitute for painted wood and plywood signs when you want to achieve a classic and natural look. Each of the painted signs is individually hand-painted so no two signs are exactly alike. 

Vintage sign painting certainly has an enduring power and ability to communicate the essence of your brand. The nostalgia factor, beauty and personality of hand-painted antique signs are hard to duplicate and impossible to ignore.

Don’t settle for anything less than excellence! 

Glass sign painting is an outdoor advertising powerhouse!
For windows, storefronts, mirrors and glass sign painting, we use a reverse painting technique to boost storefront presence. Storefront glass painting is one of the final tools in a business owners’ belt that can transform a brick-and-mortar shop and give your clients the final nudge to come in.

To capture the attention of prospective customers and make a relevant connection with them, your message should be evocative while highlighting your brand values.

With so much to say and so much to depict, these timeless commercial signs convey the right visual message. They make every inch of your logo and brand identity count.

With the time-honored sign painting traditions carefully emulated by our sign painters, your painted sign will trigger curiosity and make sure your brand takes up a dependable slot in your customers’ life.


  • Large format printing on a vast variety of materials in 80,000+ custom color formulas
  • Paint is water and sun resistant and has an estimated 2-3 years of peek vibrance under average weather conditions  
  • Hand painted signs have unbeatable character and appeal
  • For textured surfaces, custom painted signs and graphics are highly durable
  • Artisan, vintage and retro aesthetics are trending 
  • Painted signs boost sales, brand recognition and word-of-mouth advertising 
Roof Access Signs Painting and Printing
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    Sign Painting FAQs


    What is sign painting?

    Sign painting is a time-honored craft with a rich history behind it. Before the 1980’s, exterior advertisement of products or services, concerts and events including street signs, storefronts, banners and billboards were hand painted all over the US. With the shift towards a more industrial, technological and digital era, painted signs were replaced by machine-printed vinyl and other such materials. In recent years, the tradition of painted signage is making a comeback.

    What type of paints do you use for painting?

    We use the high-quality Matthews Paint Intermix System which provides 16 base colors with 80,000+ customized color shades, including pantone. These paints are available in either a satin or glossy finish. Custom signs and signage materials painted with these paints are sun and water-resistant.

    Can you paint Pantone (PMS) colors?

    Yes, absolutely! We can duplicate the Pantone Matching System (PMS) with its over one thousand standardized ink colors. As we match the sign paint to the ink, we will get the closest result possible. Good news is that Pantone decks advance every year, helping us to replicate your selected colors in a progressively more refined manner.

    What are the benefits of using Matthews Paint?

    The paint has excellent resistance to chemical and overall corrosion and is extremely high quality - lasts outdoors like none other! The paint can stand the test of time as well as harsh commercial application, dirt and abrasions. The paint is also non-toxic and eco-friendly. Due to the lack of VOCs, lead and other heavy metals and chemicals, it's the leading choice for hospitals, schools and other public facilities.

    When should I repaint a sign?

    After inspecting the condition your interior or exterior sign is in, we will determine whether it’s time to repaint it or replace it with a new one. We’re equipped with the skills and resources to address any issue. Compared to other sign projects, sign repainting is more affordable and offers a priceless glow. In spite of the reasons mentioned below, a fresh coat of paint will revitalize your interior and exterior signs. Peeling - when you notice peeling paint, you must immediately act to prevent mould growth or even more costly damage. Quality paints are not supposed to peel but moisture can seep through the outer layer in humid environments.  Fading - long exposure under the sun can cause the painted sign to fade. To avoid ruining the appearance of your sign, be sure to schedule an appointment to repaint your outdoor and indoor signs alike. Scuffing - depending on the location of installation, your sign might be vulnerable to scuffing or blistering. The signs that experience high humidity will begin to flake more quickly. Boring - Well, you might have a change of heart and don’t like the original color of your signage any longer. If this is the case, our designers will collaborate with you to find the most striking color combination for your commercial or home sign.  The sooner you recognize and decide to deal with a problem, the easier it will be for us to repaint your sign, making it more cost-effective for you in return.