CNC Engraving Services in Los Angeles and US-Wide

Take your business to the next level by embellishing it with detailed engravings on sophisticated displays. Our CNC engraving machines provide exquisite surface designs for soft and rigid materials.

We’re an experienced sign making company based in Burbank, CA, offering professional CNC engraving services in Los Angeles and across the US. Our state-of-the-art engraving technology enables intricate work on a wide range of materials. Our team will create original business signs to add style to your brand.

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Specifications of CNC Router Engraving

CNC router engraving is an advanced aspect of our sign services. This manufacturing process employs high-precision machines that use 21 different router bits to engrave simple to complex designs on a material’s surface. Before starting a CNC engraving process, we place a material on the machine’s table and attach one of the router bits to a rotating spindle.

Similar to CNC cutting, CNC router engraving is also a computer-controlled manufacturing technology that yields custom signage with perfect marks. Our CNC mill engraving machines employ small carving tools with higher speeds to engrave softer materials.

Accurate CNC engraving on a wooden display for decoration

CNC Engraving Based on Material

We utilize CNC engraving technology to engrave on materials with various rigidity, thickness and size. Our CNC mill engraving machines use a wide selection of router bits (such as V bits and ball end mills) at different rotation speed rates to carve on hard and soft materials with extreme precision.

With Front Signs, you can achieve professional CNC engraving services and get expertly designed business displays using any of the materials listed below.

Sophisticated CNC engraving process on wood with text and an elephant silhouette
High-speed CNC engraving process on a sheet of aluminum with letter carving

CNC Metal Engraving

CNC metal engraving is a unique manufacturing process that provides precisely engraved metal plaques and displays for elevated visual appeal. Unlike our digital cutting and plotter cutting technologies, CNC metal engraving machines can trim and carve hard products such as aluminum signs.

CNC metal engraving technology allows us to achieve exquisite building signs and beyond with engraved texts or symbols. These products can withstand changing weather conditions because the material is non-corrosive.

cnc acrylic engraving

CNC Acrylic Engraving

We offer CNC acrylic engraving to create avant-garde displays for business branding and decor. Thanks to CNC engraving procedures, plexiglass and acrylic signs don’t melt or get damaged at the points of contact. They’re lasting and affordable solutions that work well for creating key branding displays like lobby signs.

Fill out our project form if you have a concept for CNC engraving on acrylic. We’ll contact you for a free consultation and provide exceptional business logo displays to suit your goals.

3D CNC engraving procedure done on a wooden display for advertising

CNC Wood Engraving

We use CNC wood engraving to design spectacular wooden signs with letter or picture designs. CNC wood engraving provides a clean finish to the material as opposed to laser engraving and laser cutting which give the medium a burnt effect on the edges.

CNC engraving on wood is a timeless and elaborate craft for creating natural-looking yet highly-refined logo signs. Turn to our professional team to turn your project into artwork.

cnc engraving on plastic

CNC Plastic Engraving

CNC router engraving on plastic is another popular design solution for interior and exterior embellishments. Thanks to this procedure, we get masterful PVC signs with all sorts of surface carvings without damaging or melting the material.

CNC engraving on plastic is an affordable option for temporary and ornate solutions such as custom event signs. Fill out this project form if you want to bring your ideas to life with us.

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    CNC Engraving FAQs


    What is CNC engraving?

    CNC router engraving is a computer-controlled manufacturing process that provides extremely precise surface-level carvings on a range of materials. These machines use 21 various engraving attachments to achieve designs at any level of complexity.

    How do CNC router engraving machines work?

    CNC engraving machines have a working table onto which we place the material. Then we fasten a router bit to a rotating spindle that spins around the material and engraves it. The whole process is programmed by the CNC operating system.

    What materials do you carve with CNC engraving technology?

    Our CNC engraving machines carve onto materials with different rigidity and thickness. We mostly offer CNC engraving on metal, wood, acrylic and plastic mediums.

    Does CNC router engraving damage wood?

    CNC wood engraving doesn’t damage the material or leave burn marks on the carved parts. It engraves the surface with special router bits which are programmed and controlled by a CNC digital system. As a result, the procedure gives wood a clean and refined finish.