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Spread your message across or decorate your event with impossible-to-walk-by vinyl banners. We offer following banner types: mesh, fabric or vinyl for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Spread your message across or decorate your event with impossible-to-walk-by vinyl banners. We offer following banner types: mesh, fabric or vinyl for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Good advertising is vital for business success. Every company needs an effective advertisement to spread awareness and create a brand presence. Outdoor advertising is perfect for that. Business banners are among the most common types of advertisements. Used both indoors and outdoors, these  business signs can easily spread your message across.

Front Signs - is an LA-based signage company - offering the following types of signs: vinyl, mesh and fabric banners.  Whether you are a business person seeking a good advertising tool or someone who wants to decorate his/her event - custom banners will work great for all occasions. Such advertisements displayed in any location will immediately attract everyone’s attention. You can get party themed decorations as well: birthdays, weddings, you name it.

With the help of street banners, you can promote your business strengths and what makes it unique.

Widely used and available in different sizes and designs, these three signs can boost your brand awareness everywhere.

If you want your company to be taken seriously, you need to get a professional visual identity for your brand. All three materials are highly durable yet they have their specifications and special designs for certain settings.

In areas with problematic weather conditions - mesh billboards will work perfectly.

Vinyl is great for outdoor and indoor applications while the fabric is mainly recommended for interior use. Research conducted by Microsoft proves that people have short attention spans, so you have only 8 seconds to engage your prospects. Thus, get an eye-grabbing sign with vibrant graphics through our sign manufacturing process and seize the opportunity to attract your clients.

Hang your custom signs anywhere with the help of various hanging accessories. Printed with bright UV inks, promotion banners catch everyone’s attention, even from afar.

Our state-of-the-art large format printing technology allows us to meet almost any project requirements - window promotions, event signs, lobby signs to name a few. The full-color, shade matching system ensures that your graphics are consistent, impressive and rich in color.

Tailor-made banners can take your business advertisement to a new level. Promote your brand, advertise a sale, and decorate your space with these sophisticated & chic graphics.

Being one of the top custom banner makers in LA - we ensure only excellent-quality printing on highly durable materials.

Vinyl Banner


Vinyl banner printings are one of the most widely used types of signs that can be a good asset to your business goals.

The material of these large banners is durable vinyl which can last up to 3 years with proper care. It is perfect both for interior and exterior applications.

Vinyl printings are the only types of signs that can come double-sided providing more visibility. So, for instance, the two-sided billboard is hanging above the road, people in the cars driving from both sides of the road can see it.

Custom vinyl banners in Los Angeles come with hemmed edges which reinforces the material and gives it more strength.

Often these can be used as sports stadium signage with the logo or the motto of the team. These are widely used in shopping malls on the back wall of display windows, to inform about sales or the new seasonal collection.


  • Highly durable, perfect for indoor and outdoor applications due to the water resistance
  • Printed with UV inks to prevent the vivid colors of the printing while displayed under the sun
  • Graphics can be printed on both sides to provide more visibility


Thickness: 0.02"

Color: White

Printing: Full-color digital printing

Printing Sides: One or double-sided

Lifespan: 3+ years outdoors, if kept properly

Mesh Banner


Mesh banners are a common choice for outdoor applications. The main distinguishing feature of these signs are the small holes in the material. The mesh weave lets air and sound pass through - thus making the banner wind resistant without blocking any sounds.

Often you can find mesh used for rooftop advertisements, in construction areas and building walls. These are perfect for attracting attention from afar, as you can get huge graphics without worrying that the wind will blow them away.

Mesh signs are less vibrant than vinyl ones - yet these are perfectly visible from across the street and serve as a powerful ad.

Due to the wind resistance mesh billboards are often used at sports fields, festivals, concerts, fairs and open-air stadiums.

Mesh Banners help attract attention at various outdoor presentations and exhibitions as well.


  • Ideal for outdoor use due to the material specification
  • Good for open venues and concerts to resist wind, due to the woven material
  • The mesh material provides 70% of light transmission, hence does not block the light
  • Perfect for large font design printing to be visible from afar


Thickness: 0.016"

Color: White

Printing: Full-color printing with UV inks

Print sides: One-sided printing

Lifespan: 3+ years, if kept properly

Fabric Banner


Fabric banners are the most lightweight ones among all three types. These are mainly used indoors but can have short-term outdoor use as well. You can order fabric signs for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions and events.

Fabric graphics have a soft and glare-free appearance, which makes it perfect for a picture background as it does not reflect the camera light.

Whether you are preparing for seasonal campaigns or need to decorate an event venue, cloth banners will work great for all occasions.

Canvas banners are often used during presentations to provide information about the company.

You can often see podium banners in schools, colleges and churches as well. Libraries use these signs to let visitors know about the arrival of new books and to make announcements.

You can get any graphics printed on custom cloth banners with sun-resistant inks, which will retain vivid colors for a long time.


  • Easy to store by folding, does not require much space
  • Printed with UV inks to resist the sun and retain the vivid colors of the printing
  • Elegant design to fit in every environment
  • Lightweight compared to other types of banners, makes it easier to transfer


Thickness: 0.03"

Size: Customized

Color: White

Printing color: Color match printing with UV inks

Print sides: One-sided printing

Lifespan: 3+ years, if kept properly


Vinyl and fabric banners are perfect for bold and colorful images - so these will work great for both promotional and decorative purposes.

As for mesh signs, these are mainly designed for outdoor applications with larger graphics. Thus these billboards are not normally used for indoor or decorative applications.


Promotions and Announcements

Identify your business name with your logo printed on an attractive company banner. Spread your brand voice across with attractive printings whether displayed indoors or outdoors.

Use these signs to display seasonal sales on storefront, across the shopping mall or elsewhere to draw in foot traffic.

When it’s time to make announcements personalized banners are what you need. Whether you announce discounts or grand opening of a new branch - do it with the help of outdoor banners to increase the chances of your advertisement being noticed.

Fence banners work perfectly for announcements and promotions. If you are having a garage sale such fence scrims will inform all your neighbors and passersby about the sales.

One of the most effective ways of business advertising is having a marketing banner fixed on a bridge. These billboards will immediately attract drivers’ attention and spread your message across.


Party and Event Decorative Banners

These signs can serve as an ideal thematic decoration for parties and various events. Whether it’s a birthday party, product launch party, wedding, anniversary or any other event you can decorate the venue with beautiful banners displaying your desired graphics.

People often order decorative signs with, for example, the picture of the person who is celebrating his or her birthday. For weddings, they order posters with the names of the bride and the groom, etc.


Welcoming Banners

Another popular use of fabric and vinyl signs are welcoming posters. When a soldier arrives home after a long service you can welcome them with a festive banner. Or when a co-worker arrives back after being sick for too long you can do a nice gesture and welcome them with a banner displaying warm wishes and how much you missed him. These welcoming signs can be used for various occasions. Make the return of your loved ones memorable and festive with our attractive graphics.


Festivals and Concerts

Festivals and open-air concerts are one of those occasions where banners play a huge role as promotional tools. All these events have their sponsors - thus banners help to promote them and give the venue a more festive look with vivid graphics. For open-air events, mesh is most recommended - as the material is perfect for windy locations. Also, mesh graphics do not block the sound so these are perfect as stage backgrounds. Whether you want to showcase logo signs for the festival itself or for its sponsors, these products will serve their purpose perfectly.


Expositions and Fairs

You have probably noticed that no presentation or fair takes place without banners.

Each booth has its signage promoting the products or services the company offers. These signs are an affordable and lightweight medium for displaying your products. The bright-colored graphics will immediately attract the attention of potential prospects leading them to your booth. No matter where you need to present your products at an exhibition in Los Angeles, fair or anywhere else - banners will make a huge impact on your targeted audience.


Sports Banners

And last but not least, sports signs. At various sports courts (football, basketball, rugby, tennis, etc.) you can see sponsor or soccer banners with the logo of the team. So, both sponsors and supporters can get use from these signs.


The installation process of these signs is pretty simple and it does not necessarily require a professional hand. You can install the small or medium size banners yourself. However, in the case of larger graphics and for 100% safe and secure installation, we offer professional sign installation services all across the LA.

We provide signs with pole pockets or grommets with hemmed edges, to ease the installation process.

For hanging banners, we offer nylon ropes, hanging clips, suction cup & hooks, and bungee cords.

You simply pass them through the grommets and fix them wherever you want. You can choose the one that fits best for you.

These accessories can hold signs of any size and are durable enough to withstand winds.

In case of pole pockets, just slide the graphics through the pole and install the pole wherever you desire.

Custom banners do not require any specific care. When it gets dirty just wash the material with a wet cloth to take the dust off. For storage - just take off the banner, roll it and store it in a dry location.


For custom banners, we offer three types of top-quality materials: vinyl, fabric, and mesh.

Naturally, all three types of materials come in white color and in rolls, which gives us the ability to make signs in custom sizes.

The main difference between all these materials is the weight, thickness, and finishes. Vinyl is the only material among the three that can come with a glossy finish, the other two have only a matte finish.

Vinyl is a long-lasting material perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. The fabric is a more lightweight option mainly used indoors. While the mesh is perfect for outdoor use in windy locations as it is covered with small holes to minimize the wind effect.

Printing on Custom Banners

Originally, all three materials come in white color but you can get graphics in any color printed on them. For custom banner printing, we use cutting-edge technologies with a UV curing system. The printers dry the inks with ultraviolet rays - making the graphics sun resistant. For vinyl signs we provide two-sided printing, to increase the exposure of your advertisement.

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Front Signs Retractable Banner Stand Sign
Vinyl Banner printing process With Mimaki inkjet Printer

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Fabric Banner

Fabric Banner

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    Banners FAQs


    Who uses a fabric banner?

    These signs can be used for various settings, be it business or decorative. Institutions like schools churches and alike, use fabric banner over the vinyl as its more eco-friendly and has more traditional and vintage feel. Custom fabric signs have a beautiful matte finish, which is perfect to prevent lights from reflecting. Fabric billboard is widely used for holiday and event celebrations to highlight the festive vibes and what not!

    Can I include logo or custom message on my banner?

    Absolutely! You can add your logos or custom graphics and messaging. In case you need help, our designers are ready to consult and offer only the best design to fit your needs.

    How do I hang my cloth banner?

    These signs come with grommets or pole pockets, which allow to hang your banner with a variety of accessories. You can use zip ties, or bungee cords to fix the graphics. Moreover, to fasten the graphics you can use nylon ropes or hanging clips.

    Is fabric thicker than vinyl?

    There is a difference between the thickness and also weight. The fabric banner is 0.03” while vinyl is 0.02” thick, and the weight of the fabric sign is 0.9oz while vinyl is 12oz.

    Will the fabric banner wrinkle resistant?

    You don’t need to worry about the wrinkling if used and stored according to our guidelines. Not to lose the initial look and quality of the graphics, you can fold it lightly and keep in a dry place.

    Do you make double-sided mesh banners?

    No, we do not make double-sided mesh signs. For both-sided printing we offer vinyl billboards, to double the exposure of your message.

    How long will the banners last?

    All our banners - vinyl, mesh or fabric - can last from 2-5 years without fading. The good conditions and the proper care, of course prolong the lifespan of the printing.

    How should I store my banner so it lasts longer?

    To prolong the longevity of the banners, we suggest you to roll them with the back side of the printed graphics. Dry and cool location can be the best place to store the banner. Folding is not recommended as the inks can stick to each other if located under the heat for too long.

    Is vinyl banner an efficient means of advertising?

    The ideal banner will effectively showcase your message across your target audience. The graphics are digitally printed in full-color with the highest resolution possible. As statistics show, the cost per view - with its minimum investment and the impact it leaves on people -  of custom vinyl graphics is much lower than other means of OOH (Out of Home) Advertising. The perfect visibility and bright graphics are two important factors which make outdoor vinyl signs a fantastic solution to draw more foot traffic.

    Can vinyl banners be used to decorate my venue?

    With Front Signs, Los Angeles banner printing company, you can create your custom design in the highest quality possible. Apart from its advertising feature, vinyl signage comes as a great finding to decorate the interior and exterior of their business venue.

    Is vinyl banner used to celebrate a party or any other event?

    With your personalized graphics, pictures and decorative ornaments vinyl banner will be the decorative topping of any party. Moreover, it draws the attention of all the selfie lovers and camera-addicts to serve as a background image.

    Is the vinyl banner fade-resistant?

    Front Signs uses UV inks for digital printing which are simultaneously dried with the help of ultraviolet rays. The drying process makes the inks sun resistant, and the exposure under direct sunlight does not discolor the printing.

    Will my banner come with hems and grommets?

    Hems and grommets come with banners and signs as a standard finish. Grommets are placed at the corners of the posters - directly on the hems to provide you the best hanging convenience. In case you don’t want grommets, we also offer pole pockets. As for the grommets, we provide all the necessary accessories for installation, such as - hanging kits, bungee cords, zip ties, etc.