Custom Wall Decals And Graphics In Los Angeles And Across The USA

Vinyl wall decals are versatile in design and can be easily applied, removed and replaced as needed. Front Signs is an eminent signage company based in Los Angeles, operating nationwide. Our custom wall decals display vibrant designs with long lasting UV inks. The wall decals are perfect for branding, decoration and promotions. 

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Common Types of Wall Decals 

Wall decals accentuate a company’s style, promote services and highlight important information. Modern wall decals can be updated to match your business marketing strategy and fill negative spaces with creative decorations. The wall graphics resulting from our sign manufacturing process are ideal for displaying custom designs to suit your brand image. Let’s look into vinyl wall decals for common purposes.

retro style office wall decals made of opaque vinyl for interior decorating
Ecco Studios custom wall decals displaying Spider Man made of opaque vinyl for branding

Branding Wall Decals

Branding is vital for any business venue’s success. It’s made simple and beautiful with office wall decals from Front Signs. Personalized wall decals for office settings include logo signs, mottos, your mission and more. This will strengthen relations with your guests. Our business wall decals are simple to stick and remove without leaving a mark. They can be combined with 3D signs for business to boost your brand exposure.

Qatar Airways promotional wall wraps displaying the brand name and logo made of opaque vinyl

Promotional Wall Wraps

One of the most important applications for business wall decals is advertising seasonal and special offers. Ideal for extended or temporary use, wall decals can be used without fear of damaging surfaces. Custom wall decals are a fresh method to fully personalize your advertising. You'll make a strong impact with our professional wall graphics, turning heads across California and throughout the USA.

Erewhon informational wall decal displaying parking directional arrow made of opaque vinyl

Informational Wall Decals

Everyone needs to find their way in unfamiliar places. Regardless of the size of your premise, informative wall wraps are great for guiding your guests. Plaster large wall decals in your entry to provide directions or paste small stickers to identify meeting rooms, elevators and restrooms. With directional wall graphics, you’ll enable people to find what they’re looking for without wasting time.

dinosaurs decorative wall graphics made of opaque vinyl for interior design

Decorative Wall Graphics

Modern wall decals are the most efficient way to transform any boring space in minutes. Vinyl wall decals add visual appeal regardless of what kind of setting you apply them in. When decorating, use decorative wall decals to build a focal point or to enhance existing decor. Our office wall decals can be customized to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in your venue.

Airplane Hangar custom wall decal in red displaying the number 6 made of opaque vinyl

Custom Wall Decals

Custom wall decals offer flexibility with tailor-made cuts and designs. You can level up your space with custom vinyl wall decals without design restrictions. From large wall decals to small wall art stickers, we’re here to create artworks that satisfy your visions and goals. Personalized wall decals are the easiest way to freshen up your visuals as often as you wish.

Areas of Application for Vinyl Wall Decals

Wall decals can be applied in any setting. From striking office wall decals and creative home decors to branded trade show displays, they add a special vibe wherever you decide to place them. We’ve covered the most popular areas of use for custom vinyl wall decals below.

Colorful custom vinyl wall decals displaying positive words made of opaque vinyl

Indoor Wall Decals

Great for conveying visual messages, modern wall decals will spruce up any interior with innovative designs. With our striking wall graphics, you can  grant a seamless look to your walls and hallways to create spotlights for your visitors. You can order magnificent wall wraps and transform your space into a dream place. Let’s have a look at the most common types of interior vinyl wall decals.

Retro style custom indoor wall decals made of opaque vinyl for office decoration
Delray Streamliner office wall decals with brand name lettering made of opaque vinyl

Office Wall Decals

Most offices want to freshen up outdated interiors with contemporary designs. Office signs create a lively environment branded with full wall graphics to custom wall decal lettering. Office wall decals offer inspiring solutions within your budget. From full wall decals to artful wall wraps, they’ll exceed your wildest expectations.

Ecco Studios lobby wall graphics displaying a video game character made of opaque vinyl

Lobby Wall Decals

Business lobbies make the first impression on your guests and clients. They can be your chance to start off strong and create lasting relations with the help of modern wall decals. Office wall decals will adorn your company’s entrance with your business message just like other lobby signs. These vinyl wall decals easily embellish any wall and stand the test of time.

Halo Restaurant's shop wall decals with food graphics made of opaque vinyl for indoor branding

Store Wall Decals

Take a look at the vast, empty wall spaces in shopping centers and you’ll understand the value of advertising with store signs in the form of large wall decals. Invite attention using custom wall decals with clever designs that match your aesthetic. These removable wall decals will become your silent salespeople and enhance customer experience both indoors and out.

Evan Spencer salon wall decal with the company logo made of opaque vinyl for office branding

Salon Wall Decals

Add glamour to your beauty salons with our charming wall art decals. There is a gorgeous collection of wall decals for such establishments including hair style stickers, nail designs, decorative graphics and intriguing quotes. Get custom vinyl wall decals that match your services and brand.

Danny Boy's Pizza restaurant wall decals displaying Coming Soon graphics made of opaque vinyl

Restaurant Wall Decals

Concoct tasteful vibes for your restaurant’s walls with perfect restaurant wall decals. Every popular eatery needs large wall decals with vibrant imagery to entice crowds and set the tone. Utilize custom wall decals showcasing the most appetizing dishes and allure a large flow of customers.

school wall decal displaying the world map made of vinyl

School Wall Decals

Inspire your student body with creative vinyl wall decals for schools. Educational wall decor stickers include multiplication tables, rulers, world maps, calendars and more. With these solutions, you’ll attract the attention of students and encourage them to learn the most important things.

Outdoor Wall Decals

Our custom wall decals are specially manufactured to withstand outdoor use. They’re applicable in places with heavy snowfall, rain and other harsh weather conditions. Vinyl wall decals make your property more appealing from first sight and create an inviting atmosphere for visitors.

Snaggle Tooth outdoor wall decal displaying the company name and logo made of opaque vinyl

Common Styles for Vinyl Wall Decals

Every business has different objectives. Custom signage solutions will provide you with the chance to achieve various goals more quickly. We can create custom vinyl wall decals in any shape and style to establish a unique atmosphere. Rest assured, you’ll find the exact wall decor stickers to match your needs.

red and white vinyl wall decal with the number 6 made of opaque vinyl for interior design
Custom wall decals displaying My Neighbor Totoro characters made of opaque vinyl

Wall Art Graphics

Our wall art decals can be designed with all types of accents. Made of durable material, wall art stickers speak volumes by creating exciting art pieces where there would otherwise only be empty space. Our top-of-the-line printing equipment will yield stunning decorative wall decals to last for years to come. These outstanding wall art decals won’t go unnoticed anywhere, bringing more popularity to your brand.

itty's cheese vinyl wall lettering in black displaying the brand name made of opaque vinyl

Vinyl Wall Lettering

Just like wall art decals, vinyl lettering is a popular solution that adds intrigue to space and conveys a custom message to your audience. With our custom vinyl wall decals, it’s possible to showcase your company's name and working hours or inform about temporary sales and display cool quotes. These wall decals for business are printed with attractive fonts and UV colors to enhance the beauty of your premise.

Abstract full wall graphics made of opaque vinyl for custom interior decor

Full Wall Graphics

With custom wall wraps, you’ll modify your drab spaces and create vibrant walls that set a pleasant tone. Wow your visitors with our full wall decals. They’ll cover all the unsightly cracks and crevices with gorgeous designs that will leave people in awe. Advantages include easy application and residue-free removal as well as stain protection for the wall surface underneath.

cut-out wall decals displaying cartoon characters made of opaque vinyl for interior decorating

Cut-Out Wall Decals

This is one of the most appealing types of wall graphics. Cut into any shape and design, businesses commonly use these wall decals to add a fun and interesting touch to the common sticker look. They can portray simple silhouettes of products or elaborate decorations that add a playful vibe. Contact our specialists to get a quote on styles that will suit your vision and goals.

Custom Wall Decal Printing Service

One of the great things about our wall decals is their high-end print quality with UV cured inks. We offer large format printing services for custom wall decals using cutting-edge technology.

Wide format prints for wall decals create striking designs for all occasions and events. They have a range of applications from stadium branding to interior signs. Contact our professionals for a free consultation about small to large printing for your custom wall decals.

Six Flags custom wall decal printing process on vinyl banner material

Benefits of Wall Decals

Successful businesses use every strong tool available to make a positive impact on their growth. Mindfully selected wall decals will play a great role in enhancing staff productivity, creating strong branding and making a good impression on clients. Let’s see the most common benefits of office wall decals.

Brand your space - Wall decals are used to enhance customer and employee experience. They’re effective tools that serve their purpose for a long time. The colors and images of appealing wall graphics become an inseparable part of your brand.  

Convey core values - Custom wall decals are commercial tools that communicate your company’s values to your audience. These removable wall decals voice your company’s ethics so that customers can become familiar with your brand’s philosophy.

Promote products - Pique the curiosity of your customers by incorporating wall graphics for the promotion of new products and services. Regardless of the type of wall decals you choose, they’ll inspire purchases with engaging texts and imagery.

Showcase direction - Vinyl wall decals offer  both functional and decorative advantages. By providing directions with removable wall decals, you’ll not only help people reach their destinations but also enhance their experience with your brand.  

This Valley is Vital custom wall decals made of opaque vinyl for store interior branding

Motivate employees - It goes without saying that effective decoration will boost employee productivity. You can establish an uplifting workspace with engaging office wall decals that enhance visual appeal and keep staff in an energetic mood.

Other Services We Offer for Wall Decals


Application and Removal

We provide sign installation and removal services to provide professional and striking placement for your large wall decals and wall art stickers. Large removable wall decals applied to tall surfaces can be a hassle to take off. Our experts will remove and replace your decals without damage or residue.


Custom Signage Design

Would you like to see what your large wall decals will look like before manufacturing starts? We offer signage design and 3D rendering services to achieve striking wall decal placement. Our design team will create renderings for your approval and ensure that you get exactly what you’ve envisioned.


Digital and Plotter Cutting

We offer digital cutting as well as plotter cutting services for small to large wall decals. Regardless of the shape and design needed for your wall graphics, we can make it happen. We use advanced cutting technologies to achieve letters, outlines and even the most sophisticated designs based on your specifications.


Professional Permitting

We offer wall decal sign permitting services in Los Angeles and US wide so you don’t have to waste any time and effort on tedious paperwork. You can rest assured that we’ll complete the process in compliance with municipal codes and property regulations to apply exterior wall graphics of any size.

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Window Decals are perfect for making important announcements, promoting sales and decorating storefronts. Our stunning decals will adorn glass with vibrant, UV-protected images. Made of high-quality materials, they’ll bring value to your business with a stylish appearance.


Custom decals are fabricated with a range of colors and styles to decorate any smooth surface from walls to vehicles. Ideal for both exterior and interior applications, these signs offer versatility of design and placement for unique projects that combine texts and graphics. 


Floor decals are great for promotional, wayfinding, decorative and informative purposes. They come in handy where traditional marketing methods fall short. Attention-grabbing and unique designs can be applied without taking up any room on a surface that often goes unused. 


Office signs establish a modern and personalized identity around your premise and communicate your brand voice. They also motivate staff, increase productivity and create a pleasant atmosphere for clients. Contact us to get a free consultation and get your stellar designs.

Creating and Printing of Vinyl Wall Decal
Horse Wall Art: Photo Mounting - UV Printing Process on Foam board
Six Flags advertising boards printing and installation

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    Wall Decals FAQs


    What is a ”removable adhesive”?

    It means that custom wall decals adhere well but may be removed without causing any damage or leaving residue on surfaces. Removable wall decals are a welcome addition to any exterior or interior surface as they can be easily replaced to showcase new products, services and designs.

    Where are wall decals used?

    Custom wall decals are used in various settings and on all types of smooth surfaces. They’re perfect additions for entryways, accent walls, corridors and beyond. The decals can be used to brand, advertise, decorate and guide the way. Wall decals can be successfully applied both indoors and outdoors.

    Can I get tailor-made wall decals?

    Yes, you can! We’re here to bring your visions to life regarding small to large wall decals. We’ll satisfy your decorative, informative or promotional needs with unique and custom wall decals that stand apart from the competition.

    Why use removable wall decals?

    Wall graphics are an excellent way for your business to brand, decorate, inform and advertise. Wall art decals will enhance the visual appeal of your space and improve customer experience. Large wall decals will put your message in front of your audience and remind them about your services. Removable wall decals are an excellent solution both for temporary and permanent use. They’re versatile, cost-efficient and easy to apply, remove and replace.   

    Can wall graphics be applied in a bathroom?

    Our removable wall decals can be applied to smooth surfaces anywhere you can think of. Although moisture may shorten the lifespan of wall wraps in bathrooms, they’ll still serve their purpose for a considerable amount of time with proper maintenance.

    Is it easy to apply wall graphics?

    Our removable wall decals are simple to apply with the help of a squeegee tool. If you need professional assistance for larger projects, our experts are at your disposal. They’ll handle the quick and accurate application of modern wall decals so you can assure perfect results.