Floor Decals and Highly Adhesive Floor Stickers for LA

Guide potential clients to your establishment with custom floor decals. Print vivid graphics on floor stickers to attract everyone’s attention to your business venue.

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Social Distancing Floor Stickers

In light of Covid-19, we are offering floor decals in accordance with social distancing safety protocols. Such decals are vital in order to urge people to keep the required 6 feet of distance to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. You are free to customize the decals by adding your company logo, contact details or any other message.  

These social distancing decals are made of highly adhesive opaque vinyl. The decals require simple peel-and-stick installation. They can provide important information to your customers and enforce social distancing measures.

Such floor decals are most often displayed in checkout lines, in front of entrances, grocery store aisles, banks, reception areas, and elsewhere to remind people to keep the required distance.


Custom floor graphics cannot be overlooked. They can be purposed for anything from practical lines that section off supermarket aisles to playful footprints that lead to trade show displays.

Floor decals or stickers have five primary application purposes: advertising, promoting, wayfinding, warning and decorating. Front Signs - LA-based sign making company - provides top-quality floor decals in the design and shape custom-tailored to your exact needs and goals.

Strategically placed floor decals - with appealing and impossible to ignore graphics - are an effective type of advertisement which cannot slip out of anyone’s sight. With the help of these removable decals, you can communicate your brand mission and convey the personality behind your company.

Businesses use removable floor stickers to notify their clients about seasonal discounts and promotions. This consumer-friendly strategy helps to reach out and connect with potential clients. Custom floor decals are the critical point in buying process. It catches the attention of the prospect before the shopping decision is made and reels in the traffic towards your venue.

Another way to use floor decals is to direct visitors. Hospitals, big corporations with various departments use arrow stickers or color-coded lines to show the needed branch. It is highly important to provide accessibility and ease-of-navigation with readable graphics or directional arrows. This seamless tactic helps and guides your customers throughout your venue and makes it a welcoming place.

Signage has a major role in warning the employees and visitors and ensuring a safe environment for them. Floor graphics are right up there in the form of warning & regulatory, safety, exit or hazardous signs.

For decorative purposes, floor decal stickers can be used at wedding ceremonies or special occasions and anniversaries. Mark “selfie spots” to draw in and at the same time entertain your target audience - guests, attendees, tourists, etc.

Use custom floor stickers for general branding of your merchandise. Display the logo or the name of your brand on the floor with highly durable and anti-slip floor stickers - and let everyone know your business means business.

In short, these floor clings are the marketing tools that you just can’t miss - and - for reasons you wouldn’t ever expect! You see, a study by Cision revealed that 60% of the adult population in America, use their smartphones while walking. Which, of course, means they spend a lot of time looking down (4.7 hours a day on average to be exact.) Thus, the likelihood of catching your prospect’s attention with a floor decal is just massive - as compared to other means of outdoor advertising!

Decals stick to the surface and stay for up to 2 years, so you can rest assured that the material won’t start peeling off in a few months or so. The material itself is affordable and versatile. It's perfect for logo signs which serve branding purposes while also being suitable for advertising and promotional campaigns.


This highly adhesive floor signage - impactful in high foot traffic areas - turn any surface into a useful advertising space. Floor graphics can help direct passersby in a busy office or during events, help organize a warehouse, etc.

Moreover, college and professional sports facilities use these big and bold decals during a tournament as stadium signage. Airports and other transportation stations, hospitals and healthcare facilities are just a few among the many big or small centers and organizations, which use floor decals to their advantage.

Custom floor decals for home decoration go like hot cakes! Floor and staircase stickers transform home interior with their unique yet versatile design. Add beautiful graphics, custom ornamented decals to decorate each riser of your stairs!  

Indoors or outdoors - custom floor stickers can serve as a great promotional tool as well as help create beautiful decorations. Below find some examples of floor decal usage in various settings.


Promotional floor decals

Announce sales and attract customers with eye-grabbing floor stickers. These can be perfect for Black Fridays to lead customers straight to your store. Inform them about the offers with bright graphics. Personalized floor graphics with your brand name used as office lobby signs will help you reinforce your brand by leaving a professional impression on everyone who enters the venue.


Wayfinding decals

Lead potential clients to your place of business with directional floor decals in Los Angeles and nearby areas. These can often be seen at shopping malls, business centers and large supermarkets. With arrow decals showing the sections and aisles - businesses create a better shopping experience for their customers. Most common shapes for directional vinyl floor decal stickers are arrows, footsteps or paw footprints.


Selfie spot decals

Nowadays, social media is one of the most effective promotional tools giving the ability to reach millions of users with just one post. Decals allow business owners get brand in the spotlight in a seamless and relevant way.

These picturesque graphics will stop people in their tracks and encourage to take a selfie with the background. This way they will post selfies with your logo on the background on social platforms and advertise your company on your behalf not only in LA but worldwide.


Stair decals

These personalized stair riser stickers reflect your individuality and emphasize your taste.   

Customize the staircase in your house or office in your own unique design with these stair decals. Add quotes, song lyrics or just beautiful images displayed on the risers or different ornamented graphics on each one of them.


Special & promotional occasions

Having an attractive booth during trade shows is very important, as your brand must be appealing for customers to approach you. You can direct your target audience towards your booth with arrow or footstep floor clings. Whilst, displaying the logo of your brand or contact details on the floor will help to stay in the minds of customers for a long period.


Sports complex floor stickers

Such stickers are used in sports complexes of schools and universities to display their logo. Often you can see the logos of the sports clubs depicted on the floor of the stadium. The most common use is for basketball courts, where the logo of the home team is in the middle of the arena. These stickers are a perfect solution for personalizing the place and creating a motivational atmosphere for both the team and supporters. Or - it’s another marketing tool for placing sponsor ads in complexes, stadiums and elsewhere.


Decorative stair riser and tile decals

Oftentimes floor graphics are used for decorative purposes. Change the overall appearance of the place with colorful floor clings by printing your desired graphics on them. You can get removable floor decals in the design of wooden flooring to give the empty floor a more appealing look. You can choose any pattern you like. For children’s room, you can get decals with cartoon characters or for the bathroom floor - floor tile decals. These decals will completely change the look of the interior without taking any space.


Event venue decorations

Custom floor decals can be a nice addition to the decorative event signs. Initials of the bride and groom’s names can be beautifully displayed on the floor of the dance hall to add a touch of individuality. Same can be done at birthday parties, anniversaries or other events, you can order personalized floor decals to make your day special with custom floor stickers.


Warning signs

Ensure a safe working environment for your employees with warning floor decals. Such stickers are highly used in manufacturing warehouses to avoid accidents. Show direction, use stop signs to prohibit the entrance to dangerous areas, remind workers to wear special equipment, or warn about possible hazards with eye-catching floor stickers.


  • Highly-adhesive material: serves more than 2 years without peeling
  • UV coated, which makes the inks fade and sun-resistant and keeps the primary color vibrancy
  • Easy to install and remove without staining the surface
  • Serves as an effective advertising medium without taking any space
  • Highlights the products and creates optimum routes through the supermarket or other selling areas
  • Optimizes the directional sense of the customer: catches the attention no matter the age and gender
  • Gives non-promotional and promotional directions: along with corporate branding, decals show, for example, the way to the bathroom
  • Scratch and scuff resistant: stays unaltered by pedestrians


We offer large format printing services for floor decals. For printing on floor decals, we use state-of-the-art printers with a UV curing system. The printer dries the inks with ultraviolet rays right after the printing process - making the graphics sun resistant.

The wide spectrum of colors we provide allows printing any graphics on your floor decal stickers in the exact colors you desire.


Floor decals can be applied to all types of smooth-surfaced floors. There are two types of decal installations - dry and wet. Before the installation, make sure the surface is clean, otherwise, the dust particles will form bubbles under the decal. Position the decal and take the back paper off. Apply it to the floor by flattening the decal with a squeegee or a plastic card. After, pass your hand over the decal to ensure everything is clean and smooth.

In case of wet installation, spray the surface and the sticky side of the decal with soapy water, which allows the decal to be repositioned, if needed. Follow the same steps as in the case of dry installation and you are done.

Front Signs offers installation services all across LA. If you find it difficult to install the decals all by yourself, our expert crew will install the decals for you in a time-saving manner and proven professionalism.  


Thickness: 4.25mil

Sizes: Customized

Shapes: Customized

Printing: Full-color printing with UV inks

Lifespan: 2+ years, if kept properly

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    Floor Decals FAQs


    What is a floor decal?

    Custom floor decals are highly adhesive stickers made of special kind of vinyl.  Most common usages of floor clings are to show direction, promote campaigns or serve as a decoration. You can get vinyl floor decals in custom shapes, sizes & design. Contact us now to get a quote.

    In what shapes can I have my floor decals?

    Floor decals are means of custom advertising or decorating that can come in any shape you want. Give us the design you have in mind and we will bring your image to life. We would like to mention that the most common shape of floor graphics is footsteps. As floor stickers are mainly meant for showing directions, this is the very shape that can clearly deliver your message.

    Are floor decals durable?

    Yes, they are. Floor graphics are made of a special kind of vinyl that is durable and can withstand foot traffic up to one year. They are perfect for short-term promotions and can be easily removed once the promotion is over.

    Are floor decals easily removable?

    Yes. Floor graphics are made of a special kind of vinyl that is durable and can withstand high footfall up to two years. They are perfect for short-term promotions and can be easily removed once the promotion is over.

    Where can I use floor decals?

    Custom floor decals are very versatile. You can use them both for decorations and advertising. If you need to raise some interest in your venue, 3D floor graphics are an amazing tool of it. You can also decorate the floors of your wedding hall, celebration area or the entrance of any building with a welcoming message. For promotions, you can have “sale” messages printed on floor stickers. Better install it in front of your store or in the street - for directing more footfall to your establishment. This will work fine also for serving as an informational message.