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Floor Decals: Floor Stickers, Floor Graphics, 3D Floor Stickers, Floor Murals

Help your customers easily find the way to your establishment with eye-catching custom Floor Decals.

Floor Decals or floor graphics are used for product and brand promotion. Floor Decals can be used both outdoors and indoors – on any smooth, dust free locations.

You can use these Decals on any smooth surfaces․

Decals, stick on the surface and stay for up to 2 years. These are quite affordable means of advertising that are perfect both for seasonal and permanent promotions.

In short, these Decals are the advertising tool that you just can’t miss – and – for reasons you wouldn’t ever expect! You see, a study by Cision revealed that 60% of adult population in America, use their smartphones during walking. Which, of course means they spend a lot of time looking down (4.7 hours a day on average to be exact.) In terms, of getting more business this means the likelihood of catching your prospect’s attention with a floor decal is just massive – as compared to other means of outdoor advertising!


The most common usages are sale announcements in malls, directional signs in big areas, wedding hall decorations, exit signs etc. Store owners use floor decals to announce their promotions or special offers even very far from their stores leading people there with attractive visuals and offers. For businesses located far from busy roads floor decals are a must. They will inform potential customers about your existence and lead them to your business.

Besides the promotional role, Floor Decals can very well be used for decorative purposes as well. Weddings, birthdays and other celebrations are great for decorating the venue floors with Decals.

You can use Floor Decals for any purpose, the only limit is your imagination.


  • Highly-adhesive
  • Fade resistant
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Does not stain the surface
  • Durable
  • Customized


For printing on our VInyl Floor Decals, we use premium UV inks. The printer dries the inks with ultraviolet rays right after the printing process. This makes the inks sun resistant and guarantees a long lifespan. Another thing, that ensures long-term use of your decal is the lamination finish. This extra layer of protection makes the decal fade, tear and abrasion-resistant.

The wide spectrum of colors we provide allows to print any graphics on your floor decals in the exact colors you desire (no matter how uncommon those colors may be.) You can use your own design or use Our Design Service.


Thickness: 4.25mil

Sizes: Customized

Shapes: Customized

Printing: Full-color printing with UV inks

Lifespan: 2+ years, if kept properly, comes laminated


Floor Decals can be applied to all types of smooth-surfaced floors. There are two types of Decal installations, dry and wet. Before the installation make sure the surface is clean, otherwise the dust particles will form bubbles under the Decal. Position the Decal and take the back paper off. Apply the Decal by smoothening it with a squeegee. After the installation flatten it with your hand to ensure everything is attached.

In case of wet installation, spray the surface and the sticky side of the Decal with a soapy water, which allows the Decal to be repositioned if needed. Follow the same steps as in case of dry installation and you are done. You can also  use our installation service, in case of which our professional craftsmen will install the Decals for you.

If needed, we offer specialist team to install or replace the large graphics in a time-saving manner and with proved professionalism. Our craftsman have huge experience behind their back to handle any large-scale projects for you.

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Floor Decals FAQs

Where can I use floor decals?

Floor decals are very versatile. You can use them both for decorations and advertising. If you need to raise some interest in your building 3D floor graphics are an amazing tool of it. You can also decorate the floors of your wedding hall, celebration area or the entrance of any building with a welcoming message.   For promotions, you can have “sale” messages printed on floor decals and install it in front of your store or in the street - for directing people to you. This will work fine also with some informational message telling people that you are in the place where the floor decal shows to them.

Are floor decals easily removable?

Floor decals are strong enough to stick to the floor and not to peel off until you do it yourself. Yet they are easy to remove. Just peel a little part of it off with a sharp object and peel the rest with hand. The vinyl will be removed easily. In case of some residues that may be caused because of long term application, just use some soapy water with a cloth and you are done.

Are floor decals durable?

Yes, they are. Floor graphics are made of a special kind of vinyl that is durable and can withstand foot traffic up to one year. They are perfect for short-term promotions and can be easily removed once the promotion is over.

In what shapes can I have my floor decals?

Floor decals are custom advertising or decorative means that can take any shape you want. Give us the design you have in mind and we will bring your image to life. We would like to mention that the most common shape of floor graphics is footsteps. As floor stickers are mainly meant for showing directions, this is the very shape that can clearly deliver your message.

What is a floor decal?

Floor Decals are of special kind of Vinyl.  More durable and lasting. Can serve up to 1 year with constant foot traffic. Floor decals are made in any size you will need. They are very convenient for your store, especially if it is hiding somewhere to bring people to you.