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Front Signs is an end-to-end sign making company in Burbank, CA. We offer complete service packages for high rise signs – from design and permitting to installation and beyond. Let us take care of your high rise signage project from start to finish. We’ll help you distinguish your building and deliver your message to a wide audience with alluring high rise signs.

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Types of High Rise Signs

High rise signage refers to a variety of signs that are installed at high elevation. To simplify the term, we differentiate between certain types of high rise signs based on their distinguishing features. Below, we’ve selected some of the most popular categories of these custom signs.

Lashify building top signage in white made of acrylic and aluminum
Elevate building top sign in electric green displaying the brand and logo

Building Top Signs

Highlight your building with these phenomenal rooftop signs. Display your company name and logo with building signs and express your prominence. High rise signs include channel displays, light box cabinets and 3D signs for business that create dazzling views from afar. This is the perfect solution for showcasing your corporate identity and marking your business location.

Illuminated high rise sign with a directional arrow displaying the words Parking Entrance

Tall Tower Signs

Reach your audience from any distance with free standing tower signs. Installed near the highway, an industrial area or anywhere else, tower signage will immediately grab the attention of your prospects. With tower signs, you can promote your company by showcasing your logo signs, special campaigns and any other message targeted at a large audience.

double-sided tower sign in a billboard style

Double-Sided Tower Signs

Increase the visibility of your brand by advertising your logo on double-sided tower signs. By covering double the distance, your message will receive twice the exposure, ensuring wide coverage. You can get double-sided tower signs in custom shapes, designs and heights to satisfy your goals and requirements.

MD tall tower sign in white displaying the brand logo

Illuminated High Rise Signs

Reel in customers day and night with illuminated high rise signs. Our skyscraper signage is typically lit with energy-efficient LED lights to provide a stunning glow to your message. If you’re looking to provide a constant form of promotion for your business, then light up signs are the way to go.

light blue custom high rise sign displaying the brand logo

Custom High Rise Signs

As a comprehensive signage company, we offer fully custom solutions for high rise signs. No matter what type of sign you want, we’ll make it as long as it complies with city regulations. Our extensive expertise in the industry enables us to manufacture and install building top signage at any level of complexity.

High Rise Signs Based on Application

High rise displays are a versatile business tool with various applications. Whether you’re looking to promote a campaign or mark your business location, rooftop signs can be designed with your specific vision in mind.

LG rooftop sign in a big size displaying the brand name and logo made of aluminum
Ameriabank business building sign in a high-rise style made of aluminum and acrylic

Financial Institution Rooftop Signs

Stay ahead of the competition - get a distinguished rooftop sign that exudes the authority of your bank or other financial institution. Our high rise signs are made by experts to be a guaranteed solution for amplifying your business placement. They’re bound to make a mark around the area, reeling in customers that can trust your service and professionalism.

iKrusher corporate building high rise sign in green made of aluminum

Corporate Building High Rise Signs

Stand out among competitors with a stunning sign displayed on your corporate building. We have the expertise, resources and team of professionals to create breathtaking sign structures that will heighten your brand’s reach. Rooftop advertising signs help to deliver excellent readability for passersby, serving as an illustrious addition to your business image.

hotel building top signage with illumination

Hotel Building Top Signage

Gain a competitive edge and make your hotel shine. Use stunning building top signage to highlight the property. High rise signs will deliver your message to a wide audience. Display the name of your hotel with light up letters to enhance visual appeal and help visitors and passersby easily identify it.

stadium tower sign with brand name letters and sport graphics

Stadium and Sports Complex Tower Signs

We offer iconic branding opportunities with bespoke tower and rooftop signs for sport complex and stadium branding. Building signs on top of the stadium serve as a landmark, making it recognizable for audiences at home and across the nation. Mark your venue with outstanding building top signs made of premium materials.

highway advertising sign in a billboard style

Highway Advertising Signs

Cut through the clutter with eye-catching signs on the side of the highway. Standing tall, these dazzling displays will make a highly visible statement in high traffic areas. They’ll draw attention and reach your target audience while they’re stuck in traffic. Your message will serve a welcome reprieve.

One-Stop High Rise Sign Making Shop

Front Signs offers full-cycle service packages from sign manufacturing and design to permitting, installation and maintenance. We have the skills and experience to build custom rooftop signs that are sure to elevate your business. We’re ready to tackle any challenges regarding the production of high rise signs to meet and exceed your goals.

High Rise Sign Design

We offer professional design services for custom business signs. No matter what type of rooftop advertising sign you need, our team will turn your ideas into reality. With state-of-the-art technologies, our talented designers will create a 3D signage rendering of your project, allowing you to view the final product before production begins.

high rise sign design process

Skyscraper Sign Installation

We provide professional sign installation services for building top signs regardless of height. We employ crane lifts to minimize any risks involved with high rise sign installation. For large-scale projects, we utilize helicopters to lift the sign up to the top of the building, where our craftsmen can securely put it into place.

skyscraper sign installation process

High Rise Sign Permitting

To get a rooftop sign installed, you’ll need to obtain special sign permits from your local municipality. This is a tedious process that entails boring paperwork. We’re here to take care of it to make your experience as smooth as possible. Thus, we’ll make sure to install your signs in compliance with all city codes and regulations.

high rise sign permitting

Tower Sign Maintenance

Apart from crafting and installing new rooftop signs, we also offer signage repair services for already existing signage. Whether your building sign requires lighting maintenance, the repair of a certain part, or total sign replacement - our craftsmen will handle the situation with expert workmanship.

Southern California Medical Center tower sign maintenance process

High Rise Sign Benefits

  • Set your building apart
  • Reach a large audience
  • Highlight your prominence
  • Elevate brand recognition
  • Create permanent advertisement
  • Capture the attention of prospects
  • Maximize exposure and visibility
El Clasificado high rise signs in different colors made of PVC

High Rise Sign Materials

Custom high rise signs are made of sturdy materials that provide longevity. The specifications for high rise signs depend on the sign type and customer needs. The most common materials used for making tower signage are aluminum, dibond, acrylic and lexan. These are some of the most durable materials in the signage industry. Upon request, we can manufacture high rise signs made of all kinds of materials. Rooftop advertising signs are manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions and display your message for years to come. We offer large format printing, sign painting, and other services for all the materials.

Reverse channel letters material options presented with 3 overlaid sheets

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Illuminated Channel Letter Sign installation
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The Installation Process of a Light Box for “Light the Barricades” Interactive Art Exhibition
Metal Welding Process for Large Light Box Signs

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    High Rise Signs FAQs


    What are high rise signs?

    High rise signs are business signs installed on the roof or facade of tall buildings like skyscrapers. The most common types of signage for high buildings are channel letters and light box signs. For shorter buildings, 3D letters and push through signs are more typical.

    What materials are high rise signs made of?

    We make tower signage using exceptional materials such as aluminum, dibond, acrylic and lexan. Made with some of the most durable materials in the signage industry, high rise signage is built to serve your business for years to come.

    How do I order a high rise sign?

    To order a high rise sign, you can get a free quote by filling out this project submission form or you can get in touch with us directly to get started with your project right away.

    Do I need permission to get a high rise sign?

    Usually, you’ll need to get permission from your local municipality to install tower signs. Luckily, we provide permitting services. We take care of the entire process and obtain the sign permit on your behalf so we can install your rooftop signs in full compliance with city codes.