Canvases : Canvas Collages, Landscape Canvas, Portrait Canvas, Split Panel Canvas

Time to emphasize your individuality and give freedom to your imagination with the help of canvas prints.

Perfect for decorating your house, office, salons or a corporate establishment you name. For pubs or cafes, we can offer Canvas Signs with their logos for interior branding, decorative thematic graphics and many more. Elementary schools and kindergartens can use Canvas Prints to decorate the area with the printings of kids’ favorite cartoon characters. You can also create photography canvas art with the photos that you take with your camera. If you’re a professional photographer you can even sell your canvas photo prints or open your own gallery.

The canvas print is a perfect way to keep your memories for many years to come, as when used indoors, Canvas can keep its primary look for decades. Aside from being a great option for interior decoration, Canvas Signs can serve as a gift to someone special. Printed with premium UV inks, Canvas Prints will maintain their vivid colors and decorate the walls for a long period.


Choose out of three main types of Canvas Signs: Landscape Canvas, Portrait Canvas and Canvas Collage. You can get a beautiful sunset or a breathtaking scenery printed on landscape canvas.

Choose Portrait canvases to picture your family members or a portrait of a famous person on it.

The most common Canvas collage prints, also known as Split panel canvas and Canvas wall cluster, are one piece or three-piece canvas displays when the picture is split into three parts and displayed side by side with a little gap between them.


Decorate the walls in your house or office with beautiful decorative canvases.

Hotels, hospitals, and industrial building choose canvas prints to spice up the interior, add touch of comfort and luxury - or more - get rid of the dull and monotonous looking walls and set a mood.

Canvas photo print is an affordable way to get the painting of a famous artist, as buying an original painting can be extremely expensive.

You can also create photography canvas art with the photos that you take with your camera. Your Artworks can be later exhibited and sold.


  • Long-lasting durability
  • Professional look
  • Availability of a range of sizes
  • Eye-catching
  • Perfect gift option
  • Good substitute for painting
  • Virtually no reflection
  • Has the look and feel of original art on canvas


You are open to order customized canvas signs with any picture you want. The printing on canvas is done with UV curing printers that use premium quality UV inks. This means that the printer dries the ink with ultraviolet rays during the process of printing. This makes the ink sun resistant, so the picture will not lose its color over time. You can choose out of the different types of canvas printings.


Shapes: Square and rectangular

Sizes: Customized

Thickness: Standard

Finish: Matte

Lifespan: 6+ years, if kept properly


These are ready-to-hang canvases which come with hanging brackets on the wooden frame. You just need to drill one or two holes on the wall to hang the picture from the bolts. Or you can hang it from simple nails. The installation takes only a few minutes.

Also, canvases can be attached to the wall with hook and loops, also known as velcro. This will securely keep the picture on the wall.

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PVC signs - A rigid material, again ideal for full-color printing. PVC prints are used during exhibitions and art shows. So, if you have an upcoming exposition but Do not want to use Canvas, PVC is the ideal substitute for this purpose.

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