Canvas Prints: Decorative Canvas Art Prints

Decorate any interior with beautiful landscapes on custom canvas prints. You can choose canvas prints with mirrored or plain black & white edges to suit the overall design of the interior

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It’s time to emphasize your individuality and give freedom to your imagination with the help of canvas prints. Front Signs provides attractive, long-lasting and versatile canvases - boasting over 400 repeat customers all across LA as confirmation of excellent quality.

Whether you want to immortalize your memories with personal photos snapped with your camera or elevate office and house interior design with famous art pieces, canvas pictures are exactly what you are looking for.

Stretched canvas prints will also come in handy for those who are looking for a medium to promote their brand and corporate culture or get gallery-quality photo prints for exhibitions.

A custom canvas print with pictures of your family and friends is a perfect way to keep your memories for many years to come. When used indoors, the canvas can keep its prime look for decades. This is made possible thanks to a combination of high-grade UV printing and a durable canvas stretched over a hand-crafted wooden frame.

Aside from being a great option for home interior decoration and lobby signs canvas art prints can serve as a pleasant gift for someone special.

Whether you choose the black, white or gallery wrapped edge option, each type will give depth and dimension to the canvas in its own way.

With tons of layout and size options, everyone can find a canvas print custom designed to fit  their needs.


Here - at our LA-based sign company - we offer long-lasting photo canvases with exceptional quality to serve you for many years to come. These are a sound investment whether you want to decorate your interior space or use them for business purposes.

Choose out of three main types of canvas signs: landscape canvas, portrait canvas, and canvas collage.

Portrait Canvas


Portrait Canvas

Even though you can print any kind of picture you desire on this type of canvas, it is most suited and most often used for portrait images. As a matter of fact, professional portrait photographers whose works are most often seen in galleries and exhibitions usually print their most notable works on canvas. Portraits of family members or famous faces from history with their quotes are a great option for decorating any interior space as well.

Landscape Canvas

Beautiful canvas prints

Landscape Canvas

Often these large canvas prints are used for decorative purposes. You can get a beautiful sunset or other breathtaking scene printed on landscape canvas to provide a soothing atmosphere for the living room or office space. These panoramic canvas prints with attractive and vivid graphics will add an elegant and classy touch to walls. Our large format printing machinery allows you to get canvas prints of massive dimensions.


Collage Canvas Prints

Cluster canvas prints - also known as multi-panel canvas prints - are one of the most popular and sought after types of custom signs. Collages are a combination of multiple images of various sizes or one image split into multiple pieces. Three-panel custom canvas art is the most common choice among customers but the number of pieces is up to you so choose as many as you desire.

You can hang the pieces with or without spacing between them to create a separation effect. The distance between the gaps may vary depending on the size of the canvas and can be easily adjusted to your liking. We are ready to tailor-make collage canvases with any custom requirements our clients might have. Choose the number of pieces and send us the picture you want to print - that’s it. Our craftsmen will print it in accordance with all your needs to make sure you receive a flawless product.


Edge Options for Framed Canvas Prints

Black or white edges


Black or white edges

When you order a wall canvas print with a frame you can choose the appearance of the edges. Black and white edges don’t interfere with the overall composition printed on the canvas and are an ideal solution if you’re after an immersive effect. With this option, the edges will not distract the viewers - leaving the main image as the center of attention. You can choose the color of the edges in accordance to the color of the wall where it is going to be installed to ensure a perfectly balanced composition.

Mirror-wrapped edges


Mirror-wrapped edges

The second but no less popular option is a canvas print with mirrored edges. With this option, a few inches from the outside of the image are mirrored and added to the picture. After wrapping those extra inches over the wooden frame, the overall composition not only maintains its integrity but also attains an air of sophistication.



Elevate your office space with elegant and classy canvas prints or promote brand culture both for customers and employees. Same goes for home offices as well.

You spend most of your time during the week in your office so it should be a cozy place for you. For this, we can offer canvas prints with motivational quotes printed on beautiful background imagery. It will serve as interior design while simultaneously being a source of inspiration.

Logo signs in corporate offices reflect brand culture. Reinforce this notion by decorating the space with personalized canvas prints showcasing the name and logo of the company in different areas of the office.

Spread a positive mood across the office, by getting canvas photo prints with uplifting graphics to bring a smile to the faces of your staff.

People spend most of their time indoors, far from nature - sitting in front of their desks - so it’s time to bring nature indoors. Get canvas prints with images of flowers or trees to have something to rest your eyes on while taking a break.

For artistic people who want to open their own gallery or turn a part of their house into a studio, canvas is the perfect material for printing images in any custom size.

For pubs, cafes, and other establishments, we offer interior branding with custom canvas signs displaying their logos and thematic decorative graphics. Elementary schools and kindergartens can use canvas pictures to decorate the indoor area with prints of famous and beloved cartoon characters, for example.

Lastly, framed photo canvases are a great option for gifts. Print your friend's favorite art piece on canvas which will decorate the walls in his/her room to serve as a reminder of your friendship. Whether it is a wedding, anniversary, family reunion or other important events, wrapped canvas prints with personal images are always a welcome gift.

Home Decoration Ideas with Canvas Prints

If you want to add color to the empty walls of your house, our canvas picture prints will be perfect to create a modern interior design for your home without having to spend an arm and a leg for it. Create a wall of recollections by immortalizing collage prints of your family photos that will bring back warm emotions every time you look at them.

Another great use for canvas is with a famous piece of painting you’d like to have hanging on your wall. You can get it printed on canvas and have a masterpiece within eye’s reach at an affordable price!

You can even  print your favorite song lyrics, a quote from a movie or just a favorite saying accompanied by a beautiful background image on canvas that naturally fits the overall interior decor and display it on your wall. The creative possibilities are endless.



  • High durability due to the UV protected surface that makes the print sun and fade resistant
  • Availability of a range of sizes to create your personalized wall-cluster
  • Full-color printing, providing completely color matched canvas prints with your desired images
  • Good substitute for real paintings with affordable prices and quality that will make it difficult to set them apart from actual paintings



You are free to order custom canvas prints in an extensive range of sizes and layouts. Send us your personal images and get them printed on premium-quality canvas to decorate your interior space for a long period of time. If the picture you sent has a low resolution, our highly-experienced designers will fix that for you by color correcting it and recommending you correct sizes for it to end up with the best quality image. For printing canvas pictures, we use outstanding printers with a UV curing system. During the printing process, the inks are dried with UV jets. This makes the printed image sun resistant so the colors on it will not fade over time.


Shapes: Square and rectangular

Sizes: Customized

Thickness: 0.75”, 1.5”

Finish: Matte

Lifespan: 6+ years with proper care 


Our custom canvas prints can be installed in multiple ways, depending on whether you order them with or without a frame.

For framed canvas wall art, we offer two installation options: hanging kit or command strips.

  • Hanging kit comes with a pack of two brackets, nails, screws and hooks. The bracket is attached to the center of the frame which is later hung from the wall with nails.
  • Command strips are compact installation tools consisting of a set of two interlocking strips. Peel off one of the strips and fix it to the frame, then stick the other one to the wall. After making sure the strips on the frame and wall are affixed, connect them to one another on both ends. It is recommended to use 4 strips for each corner of the canvas (not heavier than 12lbs). Compared to other installation options, command strips do not damage the wall with drilled holes (like hanging kit, for example) and do not leave a sticky residue after removal.

For canvas pictures without a frame, we offer installation using pole pockets or grommets. We can add pockets on the big canvas prints to later install via poles. For the grommets, you can install the printed artwork with the following hanging accessories.

  • Zip ties are a compact way to install a canvas print through grommets. The left-over tip of the zip tie can be cut after the installation to give a cleaner look to the canvas.
  • Hanging clips – also known as carabineers - are highly durable steel clips which are mainly used to hang large-scale personalized canvas photo prints via grommets.

Also, we offer installation services in case you find it difficult to hang the canvas print yourself.

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I had my personal photo printed on Canvas as my home decor. The colors are really fine, can't help looking at it. Thanks Front signs.

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For a long time I wanted to get a collage with the pictures of my family. One of my friends recommended this company. As a result I got a canvas collage and it looks even better than I th...

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I ordered split panel canvas from Front Signs. The canvas arrived quickly and looked perfect. It's hanging in my home, thanks for your work, I would never think that it was just a print.

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My custom canvas wrapped print turned out beautiful! Very reasonably priced, quick turn around, and friendly service. When I was ordering, I had a lot of questions, and the woman I emaile...

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    Canvas Print FAQs


    Why should I use canvas prints?

    Canvas prints are an ideal way to display the finest images with the best quality possible. The prints highlight artistic creativity as they are incredibly rich in color and depth. Canvas artwork is the eco-friendly and affordable means to fine art - whether for photography exhibitions or interior decorations, they consistently prove to be each and every one of our customers’ prime choices.    

    Can you remove blemishes from pictures?

    Yes, minor blemishes can be removed by our designers. Get in contact with our professionals and discuss your custom requirements.

    Which type of frame will my canvas be stretched around?

    We use sturdy wooden bars, which are made to suit your custom frame size.

    What if I want my canvas framed?

    Our support team will discuss the frame edge options, of which you are free to choose the one your heart is content with. After that, the graphics printed on canvas will be hand-stretched over the frame.

    Can I spread my image across multiple canvases of different sizes?

    Definitely! We have a plethora of layouts and canvas configurations. Get a quote now and enjoy the canvas wall clusters!

    How long will the canvas last?

    The canvas prints have a lifetime guarantee since the material can last decades indoors without losing the vividness of the initial colors.

    How do I clean the canvas?

    If the canvas gets dusty, just clean it with a soft and dry piece of cloth. We do not recommend deeper cleaning. All in all, canvas prints are generally very durable, smudge & fingerprint resistant and require low maintenance.

    What is the best way to install the canvas?

    Firstly, it depends on the finish – the canvas prints either come with pole pockets, frames or without frames. Accordingly, canvases can be hung from a pole, zip ties or other accessories. For framed artworks, we provide hanging kits or command strips to direct mount them to the wall.