Foam Core Signs: Foam Board Printing in Los Angeles and USA-Wide

Foam core signs are composed of 3 layers. The foam core is a sturdy polystyrene that’s sandwiched between different materials depending on the sign. The core material is composed of ninety-five to ninety-eight percent air. This makes foam core signs super lightweight and easy to transport.

Foam board signs are functional, elegant and simple to set up. The smooth surface on foam board signs is ideal for depicting vibrant graphics. Foam board printing is achieved with a digital printer and long lasting UV-cured inks. Foam board signs are best suited for indoor use but under favorable conditions, can be placed outdoors for shorter periods of time.

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Types of Foam Poster Boards

Foam core signs are available in an assortment of styles used for multiple purposes. Brand logo signs, graphic ads and product photography can all be displayed on custom foam board signs. From foam board printings to custom foam board cut-outs, these signs will help businesses create a delightful image. Benefit from our sign manufacturing services to rise above the competition.

Ab & J Jewelry foam board sign with brand name 3d letters for storefront branding
Extra Butter New York foam core logo sign made of ultra board for interior branding

Foam Core Logo Signs

Common applications for foam logo cut-outs include event signs, business presentations and product promotions. Foam logo cut-outs are customizable and engaging. They can be precision-cut into your desired shapes and printed with vibrant graphics.

Available in matte or brushed aluminum finishes, foam logo cut-outs can be personalized to meet your individual needs. Businesses can use foam logo cut-outs to present their brand and products or to elevate space design with decorative prints. Contact our experts for your unique die cut foam core signs.

Coco foam board printing sign in a large size made of gator board as an event display

Foam Board Printing Signs

We offer full-color foam board printing for your foam board signs. Premium foam core printing is achieved with UV-cured inks in order to retain vivid colors for a prolonged period of time. These beautiful foam board printing displays will look stunning whether used as menu boards, gallery prints or anything in between.

Companies often use foam core printing with vivid images to fill up empty spaces with promotions or decor. Foam poster boards are an ideal medium for high-res prints, drawing the attention of your buyers with striking images.

cartoon custom foam board cut-outs displaying Hello Kitty characters made of gator board

Custom Foam Board Cut-Outs

Custom foam board cut-outs are used to create free standing signs in the shape of products or promotional designs. Custom foam board cut-outs serve as stadium signage or stage embellishments during forums, exhibitions, celebrations and other events. Thanks to unique forms and vivid graphics, they become like landmarks in crowded environments.

Custom foam board cut-outs are a perfect choice for long-term use indoors. Weather permitting, they are applicable for temporary use outdoors. Whether you run an eatery, a beauty salon or a retail store, foam board cut-outs will promote your goals with outstanding designs.

FKN Bread large 3d foam letters sign displaying the company name made of foam board

Large Foam Letter Signs

Large foam letters look striking for both short and long-term applications. These custom signs can have different styles, sizes and depths. Large foam letters bring more recognition to your brand with striking three-dimensional designs. 

Versatile foam core signs have a lasting influence when used for any marketing purpose. Vivid color schemes with a matte or brushed aluminum finish allow these large foam letters to showcase your brand in high-definition. Large foam letters can be easily customized to correspond to your overall space design. 

Types of Foam Core Materials

There are 3 types of foam cores signs: foam board signs, gator board signs and ultra board signs. Different outer layers that sandwich the foam core signs are what distinguish each product. The signs can be customized with vivid foam core printing and cutting. Let’s dive into more detailed specifications.

Different foam board cutout sheets in multiple colors and varying thicknesses
White foam board cutout sheet

Foam Board Signs

Coated paper is used to make the cover sheets that go over the stiff foam center of foam board signs.

This makes them more affordable and suitable for interior purposes.

Foam board signs retain a level of flexibility, are lightweight and ideal for vibrant graphic displays.

Gator board variant of foam board cutout material in a black color

Gator Board Signs

Resin wood fiber coats a rigid foam core of our gator board signs, making them stronger than foam board signs.

The sign's smooth but stiff surface veneer makes it resistant to dents, tears and abrasions.

Gator board signs can be applied outdoors though should be kept away from moisture.

Five foam board cutout sheets in different colors and thicknesses as an ultra board variant

Ultra Board Signs

Plastic or aluminum sheets sandwich a rigid polystyrene core in the case of ultra board signs. They have the strongest material composition among the foam core signs. They’re applicable for both indoor and outdoor use under fair weather conditions.

Ultra board signs come in either standard matte or brushed aluminum finishes. In the latter case, the foam core is sandwiched between two sheets of either metallic or gold aluminum with a brushed finish.

Foam Core Sign Specifications

Thickness: Foam core signs are available in thicknesses ranging from 1/8, 3/16, 3/4, 1/4, 1/2, 1 and 2 inches.  Contact us for details about your custom foam signs

Color: Foam board signs come in fully white or black options. Gator board signs come in white/black/black, fully white or fully black. Ultra board signs come in white/black/black, fully white or fully black.The ultra board signs with aluminum as an outer layer have a metallic or gold brush finish with a black core.

Size/Shapes: Our foam core signs typically come in sheets that are 4x8 feet with a capacity to be modified according to your needs. Customizable foam poster boards come in various styles, shapes and sizes. Foam core signs are versatile so contact us if you have a specific request and we’ll discuss the options with you.

Finish Looks: Our foam core signs have a standard matte finish or in the case of the aluminum cased ultra board, you may opt for a metallic or gold brush finish. You can have your desired graphics displayed on them in full-color. The matte coating repels stains and creates a rich color contrast for your prints. It also diffracts glare from unwanted light sources and makes your sign readable from a distance. 

different foam core sign specification icons

Printing Options: We offer foam poster board printing with single or double-sided options. This method of foam core poster board printing doubles the impression of your prints for maximum visibility. Foam board printing on both sides saves money by eliminating the need for a second sign and reduces the amount of material used. Double-sided prints can be displayed optimally using freestanding or hanging mounting methods.

General Applications for Foam Core Signs 

Foam board signs are in high demand in the business world due to their rigidity, cost-effectiveness and light weight. High-end foam core signs are ideal for delivering brand messages in high-resolution digital prints. They’re easy to transport from venue to venue, making them ideal for use as presentation items. Foam board signs are used for different purposes including the common ones listed below.

Elta Holdings LLC foam core sign with brushed brand name 3d letters made of ultra board
Kostiv & Associates office backlit foam core sign made of ultra board for reception branding

Office Foam Core Signs

Office signs made of foam board are frequently used in corporate venues. Custom foam board cut-outs can be used for special promotions, product advertising or even decoration. Other signage types like foam logo cut-outs play an important role for amplifying brand presence. When it comes to embellishing negative spaces, business signs with creative designs work wonders. A foam poster board with artistic prints can spruce up interior design on the spot.

Extra Butter New York golden retail foam board sign made of ultra board for interior branding

Retail Foam Board Signs

We provide versatile foam core signs for the retail industry. Use custom foam board cut-outs in shops and malls to advertise new products and sales. Foam board printing signs are used inside or in front of retail stores to add bright colors and attract customers. Large foam letters will make your brand stand out with a sharp and impressive look. Custom foam signs make an attractive addition to your store signs and overall decor. 3D foam signs are frequently used for boutiques, beauty salons, spas, gyms, grocery stores and more.

Flower-filled foam logo cutout in a free-standing style made of gator board

Trade Show & Event Foam Boards

Foam core signs are an ideal medium for branded imagery during trade shows and events. Stand-alone foam board cut-outs or creative foam poster boards are vital for any business booth. They grant a classy touch while offering optimal functionality. With foam logo cut-outs and images, you'll attract attention in crowded venues. Don’t forget about large foam letters to remind people about your brand. All of these lively trade show displays and stands made of foam core are easy to transport and will give your brand a strong voice at any event.

institutional foam core sign with a stand displaying a motivational phrase for presentation

Institutional Foam Core Signs

Are you getting ready to make a presentation? Foam core signs will convey your message to any audience and establish a strong connection with them. Pick from a number of foam board poster printing options including large format printing. Make your message visible to a large crowd no matter how crowded the space may be. Functional foam poster boards will assist you in presenting your lecture, service, product and beyond. They offer clarity and visual appeal, ensuring that it’s remembered.

Custom Foam Core Mounting Methods

Foam core mounting methods differ depending on the style of foam core signs as well as their location and positioning. We have a few foam board mounting options available for all types of commercial properties.

samples of 3d foam core signs made of ultra board
Californian Estates wall mounted foam core sign made of ultra board for office branding

Wall Mounted Foam Core Signs

If you want your foam core signs to be attached to a building’s wall or be used as lobby signs, select the wall mounting option. Custom-built and wall mounted foam core signs are applicable for both temporary and permanent installations. Mounting is the best method for large foam letters to give a professional feel to your venue. A wall mounting looks classy with foam logo cut-outs, prints and designs that spell your company name or convey messages to your customers.

Toy Story foam board cutout characters in a free-standing style for promotion

Free Standing Foam Board Signs

Free standing foam core signs are best used with custom foam board cut-outs. They’re popular during promotional events and trade shows. Stand-alone foam logo cut-outs and foam core printing will level up your corporate game with versatile shapes and beautiful graphics. Foam poster boards on stands will highlight your products and advertise your brand in style. Self-supporting foam board printing solutions are handy for promoting corporate culture during exhibitions and may be used elsewhere as needed.

hanging foam core sign in golden color displaying the words Self Service

Hanging Foam Core Signs

Hanging foam core signs serve as perfect area markers or directive signs to streamline navigation. Hanging foam logo cut-outs maximize brand exposure and draw attention to your business. They’re utilized in large arenas and convention halls. This method can also be applied for custom foam board cut-outs to make them visible from afar, especially during crowded celebrations. Hanging foam core signs are less likely to be damaged and will last a long time.

easel back foam core sign with travel theme graphics displayed on the table

Easel Back Foam Core Signs

Wooden or cardboard easels are used for displaying foam board signs on desks and other flat surfaces. Set your foam core signs up anywhere you like to showcase your message and be certain that it will get the most exposure. Foam signs on easels can be placed inside and outside of venues and trade show exhibits. Foam poster boards make an excellent medium for presentations and foam board printing can be used to improve your company’s profile with vibrant graphics.

Large Format Printing for Foam Core Signs

We offer high-quality large format printing on foam core signs and other materials. Digital UV-cured inks are used to print the foam poster boards in wide format, enabling the signs to maintain their initial colors for years to come.

We provide foam board printing services to help you advertise your company with beautiful imagery that can be seen from afar. Ask our experts for a free consultation about your foam core printing options.

large format foam board printing with a woman photograph

Foam Core Signs Benefits

  • Custom shapes and designs
  • Super lightweight and rigid
  • Cost-effective and long lasting
  • Multiple coat and finish options
Fenix People foam core logo sign and letters made of ultra board for interior branding

Other Services We Offer for Foam Core Signs


Foam Core Signs Installation

For all types of foam core signs, we offer manufacturing and sign installation services in Los Angeles and across the US. Regardless of the project's complexity, our professionals are ready to install your foam board signs in a professional manner anywhere you'd like.


3D Design and Rendering for Foam Board Signs

To achieve unparalleled results, we offer you the opportunity to see what your foam board signs will look like before they’re fabricated. We provide professional signage design and 3D rendering services to ensure that you get exactly what you envisioned.


Permitting Service for Foam Board Signs

We offer permitting services for foam board signs in compliance with municipal codes in Los Angeles and across the US. If you’re planning to install a new foam board sign, we’ll handle all the work required to obtain your sign permit.


Cutting and Engraving for Foam Core Signs

We use techniques such as CNC cutting and laser engraving as well as others to achieve sophisticated designs and precision-cut shapes for our foam board signs. Intricately engraved details for the aluminum ultra board option are also available.

Latest Foam Core Signs Projects

UIMG foam logo cutout displaying the brand name and hands holding a heart for interior design

UIMG Community Health Clinic Logo Cutout

Business foam core display attached to the wall for interior design made for our clients at UIMG Community Health Clinic. The custom display is made of premium-quality foam board material.

Westlake Pro foam board sign displaying the company name and logo for building facade branding

Westlake Pro Foam Core Display

Prominent foam core sign installed on top of the building for exterior branding made for our clients at Westlake Pro. The bespoke display is made of premium-quality HDU foam material.

HD Dental Studios foam core sign displaying the brand name for interior design

HD Dental Studios Interior Branding

Eye-catching interior logo display installed on the wall made for our clients at HD Dental Studios. The personalized display is made of premium-quality HDU Foam material.

LA Golf foam board sign with dibond stand displaying golf balls and the brand message

LA Golf Event Display

Secure installation of custom display on the wall for our clients at LA Golf. The stand of the bespoke sign is crafted of high-quality dibond material and the letters are made of HDU foam material.

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Gator Board Direct Printing
Horse Wall Art: Photo Mounting - UV Printing Process on Foam board

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    Foam Core Signs FAQs


    What are the distinctions between foam board signs and gator board signs?

    Foam board signs are coated with paper while the more rigid core of gator boards is bonded between wood fiber veneers. Gator boards are stronger but weigh about the same as foam boards. Foam board is more easily punctured but more cost effective for a large volume of prints. Gator board is more durable and can be more safely transported for multiple presentations.

    Is it okay to use foam board signs outside?

    Foam board signs can only be used outside under ideal weather conditions for a short period of time. Gator board and ultra board are more durable but not recommended for use when moisture is present. They’re mainly intended for the indoors, where they will last much longer.

    Is it possible to order custom foam board cut-outs from you?

    Yes, you can surely do that! We can make beautiful projects with foam board signs thanks to our automated cutting machine. Custom foam core cut-outs look awesome for events and product promotions. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a free consultation on your foam core signs.

    Is the sign printed on both sides of the foam poster board?

    We offer single and double-sided custom foam board printing. The double-sided printing method is ideal with easel back, freestanding and hanging signs. It’s used to maximize the visibility of your message, increasing customer flow and sales.

    Is it possible to drill holes in my foam board signs?

    Yes, it’s possible to make holes in foam core signs using a plotter tool. You can get them reinforced with grommets depending on the sign’s thickness. This will help avoid any tears and distortions when you hang the sign.