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Reverse Channel Letters: Backlit Letters, Reverse Lit Logo Sign, Halo Lit Signs

Reverse Channel Letters are a great option if you need an elegant and eye-catchy sign. Make your establishment easily noticeable with attractive Backlit Channel Letters.

Back lit Letters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

These Signs are illuminated with energy efficient and durable LED lights. The lights are fixed on the back of the letters, thus the light is facing the wall. Often, the body of the letters is made of high-quality Aluminum.

With reverse illumination, your sign will have a floating effect in the dark and will immediately attract attention from afar.


Create corporate presence both indoors and outdoors with the help of striking Reverse Channel Letters.

Use Back-lit Channel Letters to depict the name of your brand on the storefront and attract customers to your company. Whether you own a restaurant, bank, shop or any other establishment, Reverse lit Channel Letters will provide an effective advertisement 24/7.

Halo lit Channel Letters can be used indoor in offices, hotels lobbies, you name it. Use backlit letters indoors for both decorative and business purposes to display your desired message.


  • Have an elegant look
  • Easily attract attention
  • Energy efficient due to LED illumination
  • Provide 24/7 visibility
  • Durability
  • Custom letter styles and sizes


Common size: 12” to 24”

Common Thickness: 3” to 5”

Material thickness: 1/4” to 1”

Letter height: Customized

Letter depth: Depends on the letter sizes

Font and color: Customized

Lifespan: 5+ years, if kept properly


There are several installation options for Reverse Channel Letters. Front Signs offers installation services as well. Our professional craftsmen can come and accurately install your signs.

Reverse Channel Letters can be wall mounted indoors or outdoors with screws and spacers. The latter one creates space between the wall and letters, to let the light fall on the wall. These letters can also be installed on a raceway. The installation options for Reverse Channel Letters depend on the size of the sign and on the location where they need to be installed.

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Halo Channel Letters - These Channel Letters are different from others by their illumination option. With Halo Channel Letters the sides are the only part of the letters that are illuminated. The front and the back parts of the letters are Aluminum, while the sides are Acrylic to transfer the light.

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Backlit Channel Letters FAQs

What are the typical uses of Backlit Signs?

Many businesses use Backlit signs as a promotional tool. Backlit letters have appealing look day and night. For this reason, Backlit signs are used as exterior signage to boost hotels, shopping malls, movie theaters, retail and business establishments and alike.

What are Back-lit Letter Signs?

Back-Lit Letters or Reverse light up letters have face and sides, and a translucent clear back. The back has individually cut letters which emit light from the back side of the sign. Unlike the Front-lit channel letter signs, Back-lit dimensional signage only glows on the reverse side. For illumination, we use LED bulbs, which are are very popular with bars, clubs and other professional services.

Should I get backlighting for my lobby sign?

If you want an illuminated sign – there are lots of styles and installation finishes to choose from. Each one of the illuminated signs – Halo-lit and Reverse-lit, or Dual and push thru letter signs have a unique light effect and stunning glow to create a bold and adequate look.

What are the manufacturing specs of Halo Lit Letters?

Letter size and depth: customized Style: Individually – internally lit letters and logo Font: plethora of styles available Mounting: Directly onto the wall Usage: outdoor and indoor Materials: Aluminum base, Acrylic face

What types of Letter signs are there for Interior design?

We offer non-illuminated and lit letter signage. You can create create dimensions and brand style with 3D office signs and exterior building logo signs. Furthermore, push thru letters create mind-blowing dimensions whilst used indoors and outdoors. Letter signs can be backlit, front-lit or both. All the types of illuminated letters welcome and create an exceptional impact on the visitors: guests, workers and clients. Reverse lit letters create special glow which is so appealing. Whereas, front lit build up letters perfectly merge with surroundings and stress the logo and create a warm feel.

What types of Letter Signs are available?

Generally, Front Signs offers front-lit channel letters, backlit or reverse letter signs, Halo lit letters, push thru letters, other types of illuminated signs like Front/backlit or Dual letters, whole lit, side lit and etc. For impactful design and branding, we also offer non-illuminated signs.