Reverse Channel Letters in Los Angeles and US Wide

Reverse channel letters, also known as backlit letters, bring extra exposure to your branding efforts. Backlit channel letters showcase your brand name, motto and other short messages with elegance. Reverse lit channel letters are effective for reaching your audience 24/7. These backlit channel letter business signs are common for all types of establishments.

We have an in-depth understanding of industry trends which allows us to manufacture reverse channel letters of exquisite taste. Here at Front Signs, we have all the resources to deliver reverse channel letter sign projects of any scope for businesses in California and around the USA.

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Backlit Channel Letters by Type

The reverse channel letter model falls under the category of light up signs and letters and includes a few stylistic variations. With extensive experience in backlit channel letter fabrication, we’ll capture the perfect design and lighting effects fit for your brand. The style, dimensions and design elements of our reverse channel letters are fully customizable.

Acra Lending backlit channel letters made of aluminum for office branding
CCE standard backlit letters in dark blue made of aluminum and acrylic for office branding

Standard Backlit Letters

Standard backlit channel letters have a metallic front and translucent plastic back. A light source is placed inside each reverse channel letter box to transmit illumination from the back of the display. Backlit letter signs use LEDs to create an even glow. This outlines the model with brilliant lighting and makes the reverse channel letters visible from afar.

Dandy dual lit letters in different colors made of aluminum and acrylic

Dual Lit Letters

As the name implies, dual or front and backlit channel letters are illuminated from both the front and back. Face illumination adds more visibility to reverse channel letters and enhances the brightness of your message at night. Front and backlit channel letters are usually used as storefront signs because they’re highly noticeable and help drive foot traffic.

Terrabite custom backlit letters displaying the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic

Custom Backlit Letters

We offer custom backlit letter sign solutions to meet even your most extraordinary visions and requirements. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to tailor one-of-a-kind reverse channel letters to add a personal touch to your business venue. Custom backlit LED letters are often combined with light box signs to showcase your logo and brand name side by side.

Reverse Channel Letters by Mounting

Backlit channel letters come with different mounting techniques. The installation method is based on city and property requirements, as well as the style and location of your reverse channel signs. We double-check to make sure your backlit LED letters are in full compliance with all relevant building codes. 

Klooma reverse channel letters made of aluminum and acrylic for office branding
LA Times backer panel-mounted backlit letters made of aluminum and acrylic

Backer Panel Mounting

A backer panel or wireway mount is an enclosed board onto which individual backlit letters get pinned. Spacers are used to create room between the backing and the reverse channel letters to allow for light to get through. These “deck cabinets” are usually a part of the backlit letter sign design. They house electronic components for each reverse channel letter.

Lagree 213 wall mounted backlit letter sign made of aluminum and acrylic

Wall Mounting

The wall mounting method calls for each backlit channel letter piece to be affixed onto the wall individually. In this case, too, spacers and pins are used to create space between the wall and the reverse channel letters. The junction box is placed in or behind the wall. This backlit channel letter mounting option requires additional drilled holes on the wall.

Specifications & Materials

We follow industry best practice and aren’t afraid to innovate at the same time when crafting reverse lit channel letters. The font, color, size and style of backlit letters can be fully customized to meet your needs. LED bulbs are most frequently used for illumination, which makes your backlit letter signs energy efficient and easier to maintain.

The material we use to create the metallic box of the backlit letters is highly durable and fire safe aluminum. Reverse channel letter boxes are later painted with an exact color match to represent your brand image with accuracy. The translucent material on the back of each reverse channel letter is typically acrylic which allows for an even light display. Lexan may be used for large backlit letters as it comes in rolls and can accomodate bigger sizes.


Benefits of Reverse Channel Letters

  • Aesthetically appealing design
  • Better visibility for your message
  • Enhanced brand recognition
  • Energy efficiency and easy maintenance
  • Subtle lighting with a bold overall look
  • Outdoor and indoor application
The Suites Spot backlit letter sign in a custom style made of aluminum and acrylic

Halo and Reverse Channel Letter Differences

Halo-lit channel letters have illuminated returns/sides which is their main distinguishing feature from reverse channel letter signage. This illumination option creates a visual halo effect. That’s where the name of these signs comes from. Unlike reverse channel letters, they are installed directly onto the wall or backer panel without any extra space. Backlit channel letters require spaced mounting to allow for the light to shine out.

yellow reverse channel letters made of acrylic and aluminum versus a halo-lit sign

Halo and Reverse Channel Letter Similarities

Despite all the differences, halo and backlit letter signs are both channel letters and have similar applications. Halo and reverse channel letters are both used for indoor and outdoor branding and often showcase brand names. The face of both side and backlit channel letter signs isn’t lit and the same materials are used to create them. These similarities are why reverse channel letters are often mistaken for the halo model.

Permitting Services for Reverse Channel Letters

Backlit channel letters require permitting from the city, especially if they’re placed on the exterior of the building. This means an additional investment of time and effort to get your reverse channel letter sign design and installation approved.

We offer professional sign permit services for reverse lit channel letters and other signs to speed up and ease the process. In obtaining and submitting the necessary documentation, we’ll make sure your sign complies with all local codes and ordinances to guarantee approval. Our reverse channel letters are UL certified and crafted in accordance with all relevant regulations.


Other Services We Provide for Backlit Channel Letters


Manufacturing and Installation

We offer professional sign making and installation services to provide you with state-of-the-art reverse channel letters in accordance with state and local regulations. Our professional team will make sure that your backlit letter signs are installed optimally regardless of location and complexity.


Design and 3D Rendering

Are you unsure of what your backlit letter signs will look like? Our signage design and 3D rendering service allows you to see a lifelike representation of your backlit channel letters before it’s approved for manufacturing. This ensures you get a final result that fully lives up to your expectations.


Sign Painting

The metallic enclosure of reverse channel letters is painted to match your brand colors. We offer sign painting services using the Matthews Intermix Paint System. We also repaint old signs for a brand new look. Apart from painting, we even offer sign writing where we do hand lettering.


Repair and Replacement

We offer sign repair and replacement services for signage of all types. Maintenance is vital when it comes to backlit LED letters to ensure a longer lifespan and professional appearance for your sign. In case you need old signage to be replaced, our team has you covered.

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    Reverse Channel Letters FAQs


    What are reverse channel letters?

    Reverse channel letters or backlit letters are advertising mediums that emit light from the back and house electrical components into cabinets that are out of sight. They grant a stunning sense of identity to even the most uninspired locations. Each reverse channel letter is outlined by light to create a glow around your sign. For illumination, we use energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly LED bulbs.

    What materials are used for making reverse channel letters?

    The choice of materials used for backlit channel letters is limited due to fire safety standards. The box for reverse channel letters is commonly made of aluminum or another metal to ensure safety and block out light from the front. The rear of the backlit channel letter is often made of translucent acrylic or lexan to provide durability and light transmission.

    What installation methods are available for reverse channel letters?

    Each reverse channel letter is pin mounted on a wall surface or backing panel. Additional space is left between the backlit letters and the surface behind to let the light shine through. The wider this space is, the brighter the light that’s allowed to emit.

    Where are reverse channel letters used?

    Reverse lit channel letters can be used both indoors and outdoors to increase brand recognition. Backlit channel letter signage is widely used on the facade of a business property to create a refined brand image. This type of sign is applicable across all industries.