Reverse or Backlit Channel Letters in Los Angeles and Across the US

Create a stellar presentation for your corporate exterior and interior with luminous reverse channel letters. They’re the go-to medium to represent your business with esteem.

With a broad understanding of signage industry trends and market needs, we manufacture an exclusive range of reverse channel letters. Here at Front Signs, we have all the resources to execute reverse channel letter projects of any scope for businesses in Los Angeles and US-wide. We provide various reverse channel letters that are ideal for corporate branding based on your location and unique taste.

These backlit metal letters provide excellent visibility at night. Your brand will have a non-stop promotion, attracting passersby in LA and across the US.

Use custom backlit channel letters to showcase your business name and logo on your storefront to attract customers. Reverse lit channel letters will provide an effective advertisement 24/7 for restaurants, banks, shops or any other corporate and private establishment.

Backlit channel letters offer extraordinary results while staying within your budget!

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Types of Backlit Channel Letters


Standard Reverse Channel Letters

Custom backlit channel letters are adjusted onto the wall with the help of pins, spacers or studs.

With our vast experience in reverse channel letter fabrication, we properly capture the design and provide striking lighting effects.

The longer the pins or gap between the letters and the wall, the wider the shadow and more diffused the lighting.

Pin mounted reverse channel letters are created using individual letters, symbols, logos and/or numbers. Each and every one of these signs are individually secured on the building face and powered with LED lights.

The style, dimensions and design elements like font and color are fully customizable. Front Signs has all the necessary equipment to fabricate your reverse channel letters in-house to meet and exceed your business requirements.

Reverse channel letters provide the perfect touch for businesses of all sizes, from health clinics and cosmetology salons to movie theaters and concert venues.

Dining service providers like restaurants, coffee shops and bars use these backlit LED signs for dazzling exterior sign appeal.

dual-lit reverse channel letters

Double Reverse Channel Letter Signs

These custom backlit LED channel letters effectively double the impact of your message by lighting it from both the back and front.

This technique effectively outlines both your text and display all day and night. 

Dual-lit or double backlit channel letter signs are ideal for any business looking for ways to increase storefront exposure.

With a distinct back-lit appearance, they’re a popular choice for retail, mall or workspace branding.

Due to their depth and clarity, double reverse channel letters are the optimum choice for night visibility.

Using the right visuals, this type of sign will not only help identify your business but also make a big difference in attracting new customers.

We offer one-of-a-kind signs not found elsewhere to best depict your sophisticated corporate look.


The list of benefits that companies receive by using reverse channel letters is noteworthy.

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Branding and credibility: reverse channel letters help to form a strong association between the business and customers.
  • Building name recognition: backlit metal letters amplify brand awareness and provide a wayfinding beacon to your establishment.
  • Easy customization: our reverse channel letters are made to match the specifications of your corporate brand with utmost precision. 
  • An energy-efficient solution: we use LED illumination to produce cost-effective and long lasting backlit channel letters.

Specifications for Reverse Channel Letters

Face material: Aluminum, dibond

Back & return material: Acrylic, lexan

Letter depth, size, style: Custom

Font and color: Custom

Usage: Indoor and outdoor

Lifespan: 5+ years with proper care

Other: Energy-efficient, lightweight, weather-resistant

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    Reverse Channel Letters FAQs


    What are backlit letters?

    Reverse channel letters or backlit letters are large advertising mediums that grant even the most drab locations a strong sense of brand identity and panache. Each individually cut and fabricated reverse channel letter emits light from the back to create a brilliant outline of the sign. For illumination, we use LED bulbs which are very popular with bars, clubs and professional establishments.

    What is the process for creating reverse channel letters?

    There are several types of backlit channel letters. Each kind has its own special manufacturing and fabricating techniques. First off, reverse channel letters are three-dimensional illuminated signs capable of creating messages on materials such as aluminum and acrylic. The body of the structure is mostly aluminum to prevent light from passing through. The reel is made of acrylic or lexan to create a light effect that surrounds the sign like a luminous outline.

    How much electricity do reverse channel letters use?

    On average, low voltage LED bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs.

    What’s the difference between halo and reverse channel letters?

    There are several distinguishing elements to consider. The back of each sign is where the main differences come into play. Apart from manufacturing techniques, the major variable is the light effect displayed on the sign. Both incorporate LED lights of different color and intensity. In the case of reverse channel letters, there is a silhouetted backing that centers the viewer’s attention onto the letters surrounded by light. In contrast to reverse channel letters, halo signs provide more of a dispersed lighting effect that envelopes the display to create dramatic illumination.