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Promote your business indoors and outdoors with custom halo-lit signs and letters. Front Signs offers top-quality halo-lit signs all in Los Angeles and USA-wide.

Halo-lit signs, often referred to as side lit signs, are commonly used for corporate branding. If you are looking for an effective branding tool then attractive halo-lit signs are the best choice to elevate your business promotion. Made of top-quality materials and illuminated with LED lights, halo-lit signs are sure to attract customers’ attention day and night.

Working directly from your custom concepts and design, we manufacture visually appealing and effective halo-lit channel letters. Our team of professionals understands that quality comes first. Thus, all our halo-lit signs are made of the best quality materials, such as aluminum, dibond, acrylic and lexan. Illuminated with LED bulbs, halo-lit signs provide energy-efficient illumination 24/7.

Combined with state-of-the-art sign manufacturing techniques we create industry’s finest custom halo-lit channel letters. Our talented designers are ready to create unique designs for your halo-lit signs and our craftsmen are ready to manufacture and install them in a quick and professional manner.

With proper attention to the design and fabrication, we do our best to project your message with class. Side lit signs have an aluminum or dibond face and back with acrylic or lexan sides. The side illumination creates a reserved but very elegant glow for exterior and interior branding.

Halo-lit channel letters just grab attention with their dark letter silhouettes dynamically outlined with light. Letters just “pop” out from the background, becoming impossible not to be noticed by passersby.

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  • Energy-efficient LED illumination
  • Clear visibility at night
  • Used indoors and outdoors
  • Unique design
Drury University halo-lit signs in a free-standing style made of brushed aluminum and acrylic

Features of Halo-Lit Signs’ Design and Illumination

What sets halo-lit letters apart from other types of illuminated letters? At first glance, it may be confusing for many of you but a halo-lit sign has a unique design compared to other types of letter signs.

The distinguishing feature of halo-lit signs is its illumination. Halo-lit signs, unlike other types of custom signs, are illuminated only from the sides.

This is the reason why it is also referred to as a side lit sign. The front and the back of the letters are made of durable aluminum or dibond, while the sides are made of translucent acrylic or lexan through which the LED light is transmitted. 

custom halo-lit letter


We distinguish between two types of halo-lit signs: side lit halo letters and half side lit halo letters. Below you can find a more detailed description of each type of halo-lit sign.

Allure halo-lit signs displaying the brand name and logo made of aluminum and acrylic
side-lit halo letter

Side Lit Halo Letters

This is the standard type of halo-lit signs. The sides of the led channel letters are completely illuminated. With this option, the back and front of the halo signage is made of aluminum or dibond and the sides are made of acrylic or lexan which transmits the light through it.

With this type of halo-lit channel letters, you can display the name of your company at night with an attractive LED silhouette.

half side-lit halo letters

Half Side Lit Halo Letters

With this option, only half of the sides are illuminated, as displayed in the image. The back, front and half part of the sides of the halo-lit channel letters are made of aluminum or dibond and the second half is made of acrylic or lexan and that is the only part that’s illuminated.

With this type of halo-lit channel letters, your business name will be visible 24/7 attracting potential clients both indoors and outdoors.


Halo-lit signs can complement anything from trade show displays to building facades for highlighting your brand name and logo. Whether you need lobby signs or building branding or unique event signage or stadium branding this type is the right choice for you.

Dukes Saloon halo-lit signs in a retro style made of aluminum and acrylic for branding


Halo-lit signs are great for interior branding. Logo signs incorporating this unique design and bright illumination create a professional appearance in offices, business centers, stores and other establishments.

Our LED halo-lit channel letters are ULC certified, thus this type of light box signs can be used indoors while maintaining all safety measures. Contact us to discuss your future interior halo-lit channel letters to create corporate branding.

storefront halo-lit sign


Halo-lit channel letters are commonly used outdoors by companies that want to provide a non-stop promotion for their brand. Being made of highly durable materials, halo-lit channel letters can withstand all types of weather conditions.

So, if you are looking for reliable, long-lasting and most importantly effective building signs and solutions to boost your business, outdoor halo-lit channel letters are a perfect choice.

Services We Offer For Halo-Lit Signs


3D Design and Rendering

We offer 3D rendering services, which allows our customers to see their future halo-lit channel letters in their desired location before the production begins. This helps our clients to choose the best design for their sign according to the location of installation.



Apart from manufacturing halo-lit signs we also offer sign installation services. No matter how complicated the location of installation may be, our professionals are ready to install your halo-lit channel letters in a neat and quick manner.



For the installation of halo-lit signs, you may need to get a permit from the municipality. We are here to help you by offering permitting services. You can leave the burden of getting a permit on us and we will take care of the entire process.


Repair and Maintenance

Our services don’t end with the installation of the sign, we also provide signage repair and maintenance services. Whether you have old halo-lit channel letters that need to be repaired or you require sign replacement services, we can handle all that.

Latest Halo Lit Signs Projects

Nobby halo-lit sign spelling the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic for exterior branding

Nobby Halo-Lit Display

Business halo-lit sign with the name of the brand. This elegant display is LED illuminated from the sides to grab the attention of passersby at night.

Boss Studios halo-lit sign in a custom style made of aluminum and acrylic for interior branding

Boss Studios Halo-Lit Sign

Classy indoor display with illumination showcasing the company name made for our clients at Boss Studios. The bespoke product is made of premium-quality aluminum and acrylic materials.

Agave Azul halo-lit sign made of aluminum and acrylic for restaurant front desk branding

Agave Azul Cantina Halo-Lit Display 

Custom front desk halo-lit sign with push-through brand name letters for our customers at Agave Azul Cantina. The LED illuminated restaurant display is made of premium aluminum and acrylic.

Bondi Sands halo lit sign in a custom style made of Lexan and aluminum for interior branding

Bondi Sands Halo-Lit Interior Display

Striking halo-illuminated display depicting the company name on the interior wall made for our customers at Bondi Sands. The personalized product is made of top-grade lexan and aluminum materials.

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9 Round fitness brand 3D logo sign with channel letters

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Push Through Signs & Letters

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3D Signs for Business

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Annenberg Space for Photography custom 3D sign in the form of a lightbox

Light Up Signs

These custom illuminated signs are stunning for both business promotion and interior decor. Made of durable materials, LED illuminated signs will attract attention even from afar.

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    Halo-Lit Signs FAQs


    What’s the difference between halo-lit letters and channel letters?

    The difference between these two types of illuminated signs is in the design. Halo-lit signs are only illuminated from the sides, as its name implies, the light creates a “ring” around the sign. While channel letters are illuminated only from the front and have trip caps around the edges of the letters.

    What materials are halo-lit signs made of?

    Halo-lit channel letters are made of only premium-quality materials, such as aluminum, dibond, lexan and acrylic. For the front and back of halo-lit signs we use aluminum or dibond, as for the sides we use either acrylic or lexan. The latter two are translucent materials which we use to transmit the light of LED light bulbs from the sides of halo-lit signs.

    Do you install halo-lit channel letters?

    Yes, we provide installation services for all types of signs including halo-lit signs. Our professional craftsmen are always ready to install your custom halo-lit channel letters in Los Angeles and US wide

    Can halo-lit signs be installed indoors?

    Absolutely. Halo-lit channel letters can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our halo-lit logo signs are ULC certified, meaning they are safe for indoor use.

    Do you help with the design of halo-lit LED letters?

    Yes, we do. Apart from manufacturing and all the other services we offer for halo-lit channel letters, we offer designing services as well. Our team of talented designers are ready to create the best possible design for you halo-lit channel letters according to your requirements. Also, the latest technologies allow us to see the future product in 3D rendering. This helps customers to see the end product installed in its place before the production begins.

    Where can I install reverse halo signs?

    Halo-lit signs can be installed in any location you desire. Be it indoors or outdoors, halo-lit channel letters are made of only durable materials and can withstand even hard weather conditions. You can install halo-lit channel letters on your storefront, office wall, in the reception area or any other location you like.