We opened a signage showroom with over a hundred samples of signage!

Lily Travis
Lily Travis
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After long thoughts on how to build stronger connections with our customers, educate them on signs and give them a better sign purchasing experience, we came to an idea – to make a showroom.

What is a showroom?

A Showroom is a space used to showcase all products a company offers – be it clothes, cars or books.

Front Signs sign company created its showroom to give its customers a better insight on its products and the materials they’re made of. Whether you want a sign for your business or personal use, we have everything for you.

The new showroom is the FIRST in Van Nuys. It contains about 100 samples of business signs of different types, sizes and shapes. The samples of custom signs are presented in almost all possible variations and material combinations.

Let’s see some of them:

Conrale Bank neon channel letters sign

In this picture, you can see illuminated channel letters, a custom type of light box signs and non-illuminated channel letters looking from top to bottom.

Another type of light up signs. ⤵

Big Sale red lightbox from acryl

A modern Acrylic desk organizer for offices. Keep your cards and stationery organized in one place.

Stylish organizers can also be used for beauty salons, cosmetics stands and holders in stores and more.

Front Signs desk organizer from acryl

Have an organic company?
Order office signs that will fit well with your product and company vision.

Green artificial ornamental grass sign

A delicate combination of Aluminum and Black acrylic.

Remember, that this is only a sample.

For YOUR sign you can choose any other combination of materials, colors, letter fonts and sizes.

Not having enough space for describing each and every sign I will advise you just to pay a visit to our showroom.

Sample aluminum channel letters on wall

The signs are grouped by their usages :

Real estate signs

Designs real estate business sign

Did you notice that key-shape sign?

It’s one of the novelties in the real estate industry. You can never confuse it with another kind of sign, it speaks for itself.

Channel letters are here, give them a look

FS illuminated channel letters

Let’s see what each of this 3d signs made of to help you make an easier decision in your further sign purchasing experience.

1. Wood can turn into stylish sign letters and not only. Sign plaques like the ones you can see in our showroom (and below in the picture) can be designed for a stylish and custom demonstration of wooden signs.

Elephant engraved wooden sign

See the elephant? Our CNC milling machine delicately engraved it with high precision.

2. If you like the way the sign “QUALITY” looks, you can order it from the material you wish and get  elegant-looking aluminum signs, modern acrylic signs, light-weight PVC signs or movable foam core signs.

3. In our showroom shown reverse channel letters are made of aluminum and painted yellow. They are produced with aluminum faces and returns and aluminum backs ( can be acrylic for being used as interior signage). Led lights are attached to these building signs from back and the light falls on the wall.
Notice that the letters are mounted away from the wall so a halo forms behind them.

4. “WINE” is made of ultra board. It is a foam core with aluminum finishes. Ultra board is a perfect substitute for aluminum – it’s lighter and more affordable. It can also be printed on.

5. The letters “POKEACI” are made of aluminum and painted black. You can order letters from aluminum of different fonts, sizes and shapes. Our laser cutting technique allows getting various shapes of letters.

Photographers can have their artwork printed on acrylic for exhibitions or personal collection.

Need an interesting home decor with a personal touch?
Dibond signs are versatile and able to undergo all kinds of modifications.

We also offer large format printing services on this material to create the most customized designs or canvas prints

They give such a juicy touch to the interior design!

Perfection acrylic showroom display sign

Think of something more trendy? Wall picture clusters are the answer.

Split your photo into parts and give it a more impressive and modern look!
For this stylish work Acrylic, Aluminum and PVC can serve as materials.

New York decorative interior wall clusters

Sign plaques for offices, home numbers, sale announcements and what not.
Options are unlimited, choose the one for your business.

Channel letter plaques sign

And now… Attention please to the ceiling. ⤵

Conrale vinyl banner printing

You think it’s glass?
Imagine that it’s  a printing on a vinyl banner.

Together with stand structures, they can advertise your product and function as stadium signage, trade show displays, lobby signs or other event signs.

One of its types – Mesh banner – can even let wind pass through it (through the holes) making it hard for it to destroy the banner.

Why visit our showroom?

A showroom is the only place you can touch and feel the materials, understand their structures, and see them combined as a whole – in the form of a sign.

Here you will be in direct contact with professional specialists that can answer all your questions, give useful advice on signage design and material usage adjusting to your needs.

Pay us a visit, we’ll be excited to show you around !!

See the Press Release on the opening of our Show room at 24-7 Press Release.

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