7 Greatest Material Combinations for Corporate Interior Signage

Lily Travis
Lily Travis
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"A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy" - Juan Montoya

If you’re looking to order or purchase interior office signage, there’s something you should consider.


Beautiful design and catchy colors aren’t enough to create interior office signs that clearly communicates your company’s identity. You have to also carefully pick the right materials and finishes which will thoroughly convey your brand’s image.

The blog is created to give a glimpse to:

  • Adopting the best materials that speak louder for design trends
  • Create material combo solutions to meet the technical requirements

Now, some winning material combinations that reach full market potential for interior signs.

1. Acrylic and Reflective Vinyl

Would never think of this combination, right?

While Acrylic soothes the look, reflective vinyl decals effortlessly provide a glowing royal touch and feel to the sign.

Acrylic plastic glass-like material has highest commercial quality. Compared to equally thick glass, acrylic signs have 17 times greater impact strength.

Reflective Vinyl traditionally is applied either to traffic signs or as a car eyebrow decal.


Recommended for hallways to give a natural look and shiny feel.

Reflective vinyl sign with green background

2. Frosted Vinyl and Glass

Another trending interior decor material is frosted glass. It is extensively used these days in major corporate interior decorations and business signs.

First things first, frosted vinyl and glass – Frosted glass superbly blends with the surroundings and leaves a delicate and stylish touch.

Frosted Vinyl is widely used as a partition in the offices. It is the best and ideal solution to somehow separate the glass doors and create private space for each set of workers.


Frosted glass creates a great highlight. Attractive and functional!
 recommended to give privacy with blurred visibility whilst a mild light transmission.

Opus frosted glass office sign

3. Brushed Aluminum and Wood

Among other specs of wood, perhaps the best one is that it effortlessly blends with any style and office layout. For those who admire the traditional style, opt to use wood and Brushed Aluminum to suit the contemporary style.

Aluminum has brushed finish only from one side. Nevertheless, there are mass applications and creative projects created from this type of material.
Aluminum and wood – two natural elements, combination of which allows creating any small or big item or sign.


The combo has an inviting interior finish. Recommended for any other brilliant industrial applications.

Modern house number plates from brushed aluminum ft wood materials

4. Metal and Glass

Fairly simplistic materials on their own, glass work wonder with metal. It attracts attention, set the right mood and influence the overall emotions and perceptions of the insiders.

If it’s hard to choose where to start, choose this solution for your next design project.


Clean and classy look and feel. Also recommended to use in the spaces which do not attract much attention to enliven with this good look.

129 Ashen Road brushed aluminum ft glass office sign

5. Vinyl Lettering and Wood

Create mood in small areas of the larger working space with wooden signs. Using wooden plaques and inspirational quotes with utility purposes.

If wood is not polished good enough, it won’t hold the vinyl letters. So, either have it thoroughly cleaned and polished or follow the example on the picture. Apply vinyl lettering to acrylic and screw to the wooden sign with standoffs.


Create a vibrant working space. Recommended: immediate WOW feel, no big bucks spent.

Wellness Studio wood sign with vinyl lettering

6. Acrylic and Wood

Colorful, transparent, translucent! Elegant, Classy, sassy!  Combined with wood, the overview is just T-I-M-E-L-E-S-S.

A wide variety of colorful acrylic material is available with Frosted, solid or clear effects. Combined finishes and types of these two materials leave everybody surprised.


Make the best use of the material combination. Recommended for all corners of the office décor.

Abstract printed plywood and acrylic office sign

7. Aluminum and Artificial Grass

The combination of these gives the corporate custom signage upscale! Showcase, go bold and make the design come alive!

Apart from reflective and brushed finishes, aluminum has a mill or standard finish. It comes as no surprise that this metal, when combined with artificial glass, is extremely popular for trade show displays.

This combo gives an authentic feel. Recommended for any company to make everybody dazzle all the more.

Bowl illuminated aluminum letters

Also recommended to combine Acrylic panel sheet with artificial grass.

These combinations are nice ideas to turn into:


The client is impressed — and the employees could not care less.

Your Office premises need to speak volumes of YOU.

To achieve the perfect, impressive look, designers integrate various elements with a variety of finishes and patterns that all blend in one stunning corporate signage – living workspace.

All these examples mentioned above support both functional and emotional attributes and requirements of the interior design.

Looking for products that truly move people, here at Front Signs we know how to create one awesome-looking workspace.

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