Front Signs Case Study: Pandemic Planning for Businesses in 2020-2021

Aria Kyan
Aria Kyan
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Necessity is the mother of invention, as the proverb goes. In light of recent events, Front Signs has been faced with a tough decision: halt business and wait out the storm or keep going and do our part to put an end to COVID-19. We couldn’t sit on the sidelines so we decided to act. We had to do whatever we could to help get life back to normal. 

Pandemic planning for business is part of the job. We hadn’t anticipated one at the magnitude of the Covid-19 outbreak but it’s here. To get over the shock, we have decided to focus on solutions. There are many steps for how to survive a pandemic as a business and we have taken all of them. Let’s go over the important ones in hopes to inspire your business to do the same. 

Covid-19 Pandemic: Business Continuity Plan Examples at Front Signs

Let’s begin with a few examples of how we have changed our regular business operations to meet this challenge. We’ve had to adapt, work together, and innovate and want to show you a customizable plan of action for how to prepare for a pandemic. Let’s get to it. 

  • Front Signs has ceased regular production to design face shields 

We paused our regular operations of making business signs and designed a new product to help put an end to COVID-19. We developed high quality face shields that prolong the use of medical masks and protective lobby signs that prevent the spread of infections, making them ideal products for the current market demand.

  • We are offering delivery and pick-up with precautions

Since travel has been restricted and regular delivery options are overwhelmed, we are offering to drop off larger orders of the product at people’s doorsteps within LA County. For those who are able to make it for pick up, we are fully protected with face shields over medical masks and offer sanitizers and quick transactions to make the process as sterile as possible. 

  • Virtual meetings and services are the new norm 

Online platforms have been immensely helpful in keeping the team together while many work from home spreading our message and offering support to customers. 

  • Cause marketing has become our mission 

We are doing our part to put an end to the virus with our new product and community contributions. Being able to offer face shields to our customers is only the beginning.

  • Donations to Hospitals in need of PPE keep us going

We are using proceeds from the sales of our face shields to produce more of them to donate to healthcare providers who are working tirelessly on the front lines.

In Retrospect: How to Prepare for a Pandemic after it hits

The previous pandemic business continuity plan examples are the results of careful yet impromptu preparation. We had to work together as a team to manage and respond to this virus in an effective manner and do it swiftly and spontaneously. 

  • Do not overreact

We didn’t fire everyone and file for bankruptcy. We had to avoid irreversible damage and cures that could have been worse than the disease. Instead, we switched gears and went virtual. We decided to work mostly from home unless absolutely necessary. 

  • Learn from past experiences

We had to think of scenarios and experiences which shared similar characteristics and consequences. For example, how did we normally handle business when an important staff member got sick? We applied these strategies and modified or used them as inspiration for new solutions. 

  • Get informed and share it with others

We learned everything we could about the Novel Coronavirus. We shared this knowledge with everyone we could, including all staff. 

  • Use trusted resources

Government websites have business continuity plan checklists for how to respond and what steps to take to prepare businesses for a pandemic and we modified them to be used towards our own business model. 

  • Look at other examples

We thoroughly researched what other businesses were doing to get a sense of the market and find our niche. We improved on the best models and practices so we could stand on the shoulders of giants. 

  • Stay calm and draft a business continuity plan for pandemics

It wasn’t easy but with the help of good leadership and memes, we drafted a plan of action, which we will detail into an outline coming up in the next section.

World Market in 2020-2021: Business Continuity Plan for Pandemics 

Flexibility is the ability to bend without breaking. Stretching our business capacity to its limits may have caused a little discomfort but it ensured that the winds of change could pass without causing us to topple. Yielding to pressure is a measure of strength and practically speaking, required a spontaneous plan of action.

  • Decide on the best online platforms to integrate 

We knew that online meeting platforms, organizational tools, and CRMs would play a big role in the everyday tasks of our business model. They have been essential for maintaining contact with our team members as well as customers, whether for working remotely or 6 meters apart.

  • Identify new market demands

New products at discount prices, as well as procedures for handling tasks from manufacturing to distribution needed to be adjusted accordingly. We had to order new materials, draft new designs, and learn new skills. 

  • Employ new marketing strategies

Cause marketing has been a helpful as well as essential endeavor for our business continuity. We had to figure out the most important contribution we could make to our community and the world around us at this time. 

  • Launch mutually beneficial campaigns

We at Front Signs have initiated a campaign under the slogan, “you buy, you donate” in order to encourage customers to protect themselves with our new protective shields and simultaneously help healthcare providers with every purchase.

  • Initiate collaborations and partnerships

We have been donating our face shields to hospitals in need and collaborating with different influencers to help spread the word. Support from individuals and other organizations is the only way we’ll get through this together. 

  • Think ahead

We are using solutions that will be helpful even after the threat has passed and business is back to normal. We will continue to use our newly acquired softwares, skills and strategies. Likewise, our face shields are multi-purpose and may be used for everything from cooking to home renovations. 

It’s Never Too Late: How to Survive a Pandemic as a Business 

When faced with sink or swim, we knew that if we really wanted to succeed, we had to learn how to fly. Let’s look at key solutions we used for not only how to survive a pandemic as a business but also come out of it better than ever. 

  • Protect yourself from Covid-19

The last 3 months have taught us vital ways we can proactively plan and protect ourselves from pandemics now and in the future. Face visors along with face masks and sanitizer safeguard from contaminated aerosols. We use them. We also pay more attention to health in general, doing whatever we can to boost the immune system with vitamins, fresh fruits, vegetables, remote team unity and humor. We exercise. We stay calm. Health is priority #1.

  • Focus on inexpensive solutions

The best solutions are usually the simplest. We could offer more products but we’ve decided to focus on the most important one, which we believe are the face shields. Additionally, we’re lucky to have the internet and it would be counterproductive not to use it to our advantage. We are constantly improving on our content, outreach, communicating with our customers, figuring out their needs, and providing them.

  • Build up your reputation

This pause is a great time to show the world that our core business values are not just words. Everyone’s going to remember how businesses responded to this crisis. Once the pandemic blows over, that reputation will come to light. We hope to leave a good impression.  

  • Remain active 

We continue to make our presence known and stay engaged with current events through different online communities. Essentially, nothing has stopped. It’s just become virtual. 

  • Take out loans

If you’re a small business that just opened or you’re facing financial repercussions that will impact your business in a serious way, don’t be afraid to take out loans. There are many being offered for this situation and it’s best to use them and do whatever you can to ensure survival and future success. We know our options and will use them if we have to. 

  • Keep going

Agility, resourcefulness, creativity and innovation are what business is all about. We will continue to use this time as an opportunity to improve our finesse. We know that diamonds are made under pressure. We look forward to offering our valuable services once again, without skipping a beat. 

There is light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. Wuhan has already lifted restrictions and residents are starting to ease back into their regular lives. It took them 76 days. Let’s follow guidelines and hang in there a little longer. Survival is achieved by being prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. One thing that’s certain is that we’ll never take normal for granted again. Stay healthy, stay grateful.

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