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Helen Davies
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Front Signs has launched a donation campaign to help hospitals in the US with PPE shortages. We have designed a high quality face shield to defend against contaminated aerosols. The reusable shields are made of scratch proof PET, have adjustable head straps and are foam padded for added comfort. When used along with medical masks, they safeguard the entire face and virtually eliminate the potential for infection. 

You Buy – You Donate 

We at Front Signs signage company have made it our mission to donate face shields to hospitals all over the United States but we need your help. Our resources are limited so we will be using proceeds from all customer purchases towards the production and donation of face shields to healthcare workers on the front lines. They are true heroes and need our help.

Helping heroes is our mission and we do it with your help

You, too, can become a part of this campaign and help the nation overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us in our mission – make a small face shield purchase and become a donor. This way you protect not only yourself and your loved ones but also the ones saving lives. It’s the least we can do.

Follow along for updates

Check below to find out which hospitals have received our donations so far. We will be updating the list continuously so our customers stay in-the-know.

April 3, 2020 – Two New Hospitals Have Received Face Shield Donations From Front Signs

As part of our new campaign, we have donated 80 face shields to two more hospitals. Each hospital received 40 protective face shields.

The hospitals we donated the face shields to are:

  • UCLA Medical Center – Los Angeles
  • PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital – Los Angeles


In total, we have donated 680 face shields to 8 hospitals in the past two weeks. To increase this number we need your help.

More donation updates will be posted here soon.

March 31, 2020 – Front Signs has donated face shields to Los Angeles Hospitals

Front Signs has donated 600 face shields to 6 US hospitals – 100 each to meet the demand for Professional Face Protectors (PFP) and ensure protection from airborne viruses when used along with medical masks. The company has ceased regular production to prioritize this in order to do their part in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. For every piece purchased, Front Signs will donate face shields to doctors on the front line.

The hospitals that were gifted the masks so far are։

  • Valley Presbyterian Hospital – Van Nuys
  • Sherman Oaks Hospital – Sherman Oaks
  • Encino Medical Center – Encino
  • Cedars-Sinai – Los Angeles
  • Providence St. Joseph Medical Center – Burbank
  • John Muir Health Walnut Creek Medical Center – Walnut Creek


“Whatever difficult times we face, we need to keep going and fight for our health. We’re glad to make a small contribution to help our doctors reduce the risks of getting infected with the coronavirus,” Front Signs CEO, Gevorg Hambardzumyan, said on behalf of the company.

There is an extreme shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), including face shields and face masks. According to the World Health Organization, manufacturers need to increase personal protective gear supplies by 40% to meet the needs of the medical community.


What do you donate?

We manufacture reusable face shields and donate them to hospitals with PPE shortages. The flip-up face shields have adjustable head straps and are foam padded for extra comfort, especially during long-term use by medical staff.

Are you planning to make more donations?

Of course, we are planning to donate as many face shields as we can until the battle with COVID-19 comes to an end. We are ready to help medical workers by providing them with protective face shields for as long as this situation may last.

Where do you make your donations to?

So far, we have donated face shields only to hospitals in Los Angeles County. Our main target will continue to be hospitals, as they suffer the most from PPE shortages. We plan to expand to other locations and organizations throughout the nation based on necessity.

What is the purpose of these donations?

The goal of our campaign is to help the nation put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we have ceased our regular sign making operations to produce high-quality face shields to help civilians as well as frontline caregivers stay safe from the virus. This is a completely non-profit initiative; the proceeds from purchases will be put towards the making of new face shields which will be donated to various hospitals. We have already donated about 700 face shields to 8 different hospitals in and around the City of Los Angeles.

Can I make a donation?

Sure. If you want to become a donor you can simply purchase a face shield, the proceeds of which will go towards the production of new face shields to be donated to hospitals in need. This way, you not only protect yourself but also help our healthcare providers stay safe on the front lines.

How can I be sure that you actually make donations?

We will continuously refresh updates about our donations with the dates, names of the hospitals and the number of face shields donated. You can follow our updates on this page and see where your donations go.

What types of face shields do you make?

We make flip-up face visors with adjustable head straps to fit every head size. The shields are foam padded for extra comfort. You can use these face shields along with regular face masks and glasses during everyday, long-term use. The material of the shields is scratch-resistant PET and these are perfect for covering the entire face from contaminated fluid droplets. You can find more about our face shields here.

Do your face shields protect from coronavirus?

Our face shields are designed to be used along with regular medical masks for extra protection. These face visors cover your entire face and block COVID-19 particles from touching your face. Although our shields do not provide 100% protection, wearing them along with medical masks will virtually eliminate the chances of the virus getting into your nose, mouth and eyes.

Is this your main business?

No, this is not our main field of business. Front Signs is a sign making company that provides full-package custom signage related services. However, since the world is going through such difficult times, we have decided to pause our regular business operations in order to produce face shields. This way, we are able to team up with our customers and give a helping hand to our doctors battling in the front lines of COVID-19.

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