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Banner Printing – Birthday banner, Party banner, Boy banner, Custom Banners

Banner printing is a part of large format printing. We offer you Banners and posters of any size and with vertical or horizontal dimensions. We will find the best banner with the right material to best suit your requirements.
Walking down the street and shopping centers one can see colorful and various banners or posters.  From concert advertising banners, sport events to happy birthday posters our services meet even the most peculiar client’s needs.

Front Signs offers you three types of banner printing namely Vinyl, Mesh and Fabric. All of these three banner printing types have their own purpose and usage with pluses and minuses.


Vinyl banners for now are the most popular ones due to their ability to withstand weather changes, tear resistance and long-term usage. So if you are looking for a long lasting and presentable banner Front Signs offers you Vinyl banners with the best quality and design.
Mesh banners are popular among our diverse services as well. It is a polyester made banner with a 70% of light transmission. This is the first distinctive feature of mesh banners and alternative for Vinyl and Fabric banners.
Fabric banners on the other hand, least popular for outdoor usage, is great for any home celebrations or indoor special events. It is machine washable and another creative way to lighten up your office or home decor.
If you still have hard time to choose which one of these is the best option for you, read distinctive features down here.

Usage and installation

Due to the small grommets Mesh banners are wind resistant. Mesh banner is also sound through material, which is handy when you want a banner for a concert and venues. You can hang it even in front of speakers. This material cause no damage to the high technology and can be hang from ropes, ribbons, etc.
It is more creative and less monotonous way to cover the scaffolding areas and still a good advertising tool for your future business. Furthermore, Mesh banner is good for theatrical decorations or TV back drops as well. Mesh is good for large font design banners and bigger images, it loses itself from far distance if there are smaller details on the banner.
With Vinyl banner you can depict more details and have complex design. Vinyl Banner can be printed double-sided, which provides more display options. For outdoor banners both Vinyl and Mesh are good. Vinyl and Mesh can have the same size but because of its mass Vinyl will weigh more.
Large Vinyl banners can advertise the upcoming concert or your promotion product. Vinyl banner printing is used for Retractable banner, Telescopic banners and X-stand banners. Widely used and available in different size and design, these three banners can boost your brand awareness everywhere. Let it be promotional events, expos, school or other venues.
Fabric banners are another popular option. Good for window advertisement, home celebrations and event promotions. Custom fabric banner is an alternative to cover the face of your booth or for indoor usage to color the dull walls of office or home.


For all these banners; Vinyl, Mesh and Fabric we use high quality Oli-based solvent and eco-solvent UV inks with a long-term color resistant matte finish. They are scratch resistant, fade and water proof.
We are using up to dated printers with the range of large and small printing formats providing roll and rigid media prints for vehicle wrapping, backlit signs, banners and not only. The UV ray curing is instant, allowing to increase productivity and eliminate the post printing dying time.
Solvent ink provides high quality signage printing on any material with different thickness. The base colors that provide excellent color reproduction are red, blue, yellow and black. The printers mix the base colors to get the 30 and more color shades that we offer to you.
For small format printing we use eco- Solvent inks. It doesn’t emit ultraviolet rays and its eco-friendly.

Storage and care

Front Signs offers you diversity of banner materials best suited for its purpose. You can choose the size, entrust us with the design and expect the best banner made with utmost care and quality.
For the longevity and long term usage, storage and care is essential for these type of banners.
As they have different usage purposes and options, taking care of them is also dependent from the type of the material.
For vinyl banners cleaning with a damp cloth is enough. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before storing. It will be a better solution to wrap or roll the banner not fold. Thus Vinyl banners can serve you longer.
As for Mesh and Fabric banners can be folded. Avoid putting heavy things on the banner though.
You can as well wash off the dirt from Mesh banners. Whereas fabric banners can be machine washed, without any damage.
For storage avoid humid areas. The banners are to some extant humidity and moisture resistant, unless you don’t stimulate it with bad conditions.

General features of Vinyl, Mesh and Fabric banners:
Vinyl banners:
  • Are weatherproof, tear resistant and have a long lifespan.
  • Have outdoor and indoor usage printed with best quality UV inks.
  • Can be printed double-sided with double impact.
  • Have complex design with a lot of details.
Mesh banners
  • Have outdoor and sometimes indoor usage.
  • Are good for open venues and concerts.
  • Are wind proof and sound through.
  • Have 70% of light transmission.
  • Are good for large font design printing.


Fabric Banner
  • Are great for any indoor special events.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Has a long span up to 10 years.
  • Are easy to hang with ropes or ribbons.



Types:  Vinyl, Mesh, Fabric
Sizes: 10.5”x164’, 126”x164’, 38″x164′
Resolution: 720dpi, 1440dpi
Thickness: 13oz, 15oz.
Colors: white, grey back
Usage: indoor and outdoor
Displays: Telescopic banners, X-stand banners, Retractable banners

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