Fabric Banners : Textile Advertising Banners, Banner Printing, Promotional Banners

Fabric Banner with its vibrant and crisp colors is attention-grabbing medium ideal for indoor use as well as outdoor advertising.

Our state-of-the-art printing technology enables us to meet variety of projects; window promotions, event celebrations, interior branding to name a few. The Full color, shade matching system ensure that your fabric graphics are consistent, impressive and rich in color. Textile Banners can be tailor-made in your desired size and design. Use one of the many hanging accessories that we offer and display your Banner in any location you want.

Display any sort of information on Fabric Signs printed with UV inks and take your business advertisement to a new level.Promote your brand, advertise a sale, and decorate your space with these sophisticated but chic Banners.


Fabric Banners are often used for all types of announcements and promotional purposes. You can use these banners for many occasions, as they are meant for both outdoor and indoor use. For exterior use, they can serve as a good advertisement, as for the interior - these can be used again for commercial purposes and as decorations for different types of events.

One of the many uses of Fabric Banners is its use for storefront advertising. Often you can see such banners at store window displays, which are used to inform passersby about sales, new seasonal collections, etc

You can order Fabric Signs for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions and events. Usually, step-and-repeat Telescopic Banners are used during these events to attract all the selfie lovers and photo enthusiasts. The banner can have decorative graphics or used to indicate the date and the name/s of the host.

Fabric Banners are often used during trade shows to provide information about the company.

You can often see Cloth Banners in schools and colleges as well. Libraries use these banners to let visitors know about the arrival of new books and to make announcements.

Fabric Banners are often used in prom parties

Moreover, these banners are used at sports stadiums or during championships to welcome the team, etc.

You have probably noticed that at concerts and festival there is always some type of a background banner on the stage. Usually, the band or the festival has its name and logo on it. And besides showing the logo they use it to conceal everything that is happening behind the stage.


  • Non-reflective
  • Durable
  • UV protected
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Great promotional tool
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use


Thickness: 0.03"

Size: Customized

Printing color: All colors

Print sides: One-sided printing

Lifespan: 3+ years, if kept properly


For printing, we use excellent UV inks, which are dried with ultraviolet rays right after the printing. The inks are sun resistant and will keep the vivid colors of the banner for a long period of time. The Fabric Banner printing provides vibrant colors, thus you can display any graphics on them.


Our team of professional craftsmen are ready to provide you with installation services. Use one of the hanging accessories mentioned below for your Banner installation. We provide Banners with pole pockets, grommets with hemmed edges, to ease the installation process.

For hanging the banner, we offer Nylon Ropes, hanging clips and a Bungee cord. These accessories can hold fabric banners of any size and are durable enough to withstand  winds.

Fabric banner is also used for stands and telescopic backdrops. For this applications, we offer two finishes for the fabric banner: Pole pockets and grommets with hems. We can hang the textile banner from the pole or fix in place with zip ties.

In case you need to hang the banner from a glassy surface, we can offer Suction cup and hook accessory.


Fabric Banners are very convenient in use and can be used for multiple occasions. These are made from synthetic fibers, thus Fabric Banners are totally wrinkle and crease resistant. When the Banner gets dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth, washing is not recommended as it might damage the printed Graphics.

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Vinyl banners - Although Fabric banner can be used outdoors, however for promotional, long-term uses Vinyl banner is more recommended. The Graphics stay tough under cold and warm weather changes and do not lose its colors no matter what!

Mesh banners - Also the preferred material to be used outdoor and more precisely open venue and windy locations. This type of material is wind resistant and great to attract prospects from afar.

Fabric Banner
Fabric Banner
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Fabric Banners FAQs

Where can I use the fabric banner?

The fabric banners come as a visually stunning medium ideal to variety of applications. The latest trend is however, the trade show advertising in a form of tablecloth or hanging banner., photo ops, or stage scenes.

Will the fabric banner wrinkle resistant?

You don’t need to worry about the wrinkling if used and stored according to our guidelines. Not to lose the initial warm look and flowing quality of the graphics, you can fold it lightly and keep in a dry place.

Is fabric thicker than vinyl?

There is a difference between the thickness and also the weigh. The fabric banner is 0.03” while Vinyl is 0.02” thick, while the weight of the fabric banner is 0.9oz and Vinyl 12oz.

How do I hang my cloth banner?

Fabric banners come with grommet or pole pocket finish, which allows to hang your banner from variety of accessories. You can use zip ties, or bungee cords to fix the graphics. Moreover, to fasten the banner you can use nylon ropes or hanging clips.

Can I include logo or custom message on my banner?

Absolutely! You can add your logos or custom graphics and messaging. In case you need help, Our designers are ready to consult and offer only the best fit for your special quote.

Who uses a fabric banner?

Institutions like schools churches and alike, use Fabric banner over the Vinyl as its more eco-friendly and has more traditional and vintage feel. Fabric banners have beautiful matte finish, which is perfect to prevent lights from reflecting. Hence, Fabric banner is widely used for holiday and event celebrations to highlight the festive vibes and what not!