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Vinyl Banners are one of the most common types of advertisements. Used both indoors and outdoors, these Banners can easily spread your message.

Custom Banners can be used for various purposes, be it for business or for personal needs. Banner advertisements displayed in any location will immediately attract everyone’s attention. You can get party themed Banners as well: birthdays, weddings, you name it.

Hang your Banners with the help of various hanging accessories in your desired location and promote your message.
Vinyl Banners with your custom design are printed with sun resistant inks, which will preserve their vivid colors for a long time.
Take your advertisement to a new level and promote your business with Custom Vinyl Banners.


Vinyl Banners can have both business and personalized use. For business purposes, these are used at trade shows, grand openings or at some announcements. Banners are very useful for the above-mentioned situations, as they can fit any information. Also, outdoor Vinyl Banners are often used for street advertising. These can be seen on pavements, bridges and anywhere else, where it is possible to hang them.

Often these can be seen in sports stadiums with the logo or the motto of the team. These are widely used in shopping malls to show that a new brand has opened in the mall. You can often see these promotional banners on the back wall of display windows, which usually have information about sales or about the new seasonal collection.

As for the personalized purposes, you can order vinyl birthday banners or for all other types of events such as weddings and baptisms. People often order Banners with, for example, the picture of the person who is celebrating his or her birthday. For weddings, they order banners with the names of the bride and the groom, etc.

For more visibility you can order double-sided Vinyl Banners. So, for instance, it is above the road, people in the cars driving from both sides of the road can see it.


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to install and take away
  • Can be double-sided
  • UV protected
  • All weather resistant
  • Best for information promotio


We use only high-quality UV inks to print customized design on Vinyl Banners. The inks are dried right after the printing process with ultraviolet rays, making the prints sun resistant. Vinyl Banners come white but you can have custom graphics in any desired style and color.


Thickness: 0.02"

Weight: 13oz

Vinyl Banner color: White

Printing: full color digital printing

Lifespan: 3+ years outdoors, if kept properly


Small or medium size Vinyl banners are very easy to install, you can do it even without a professional’s help. But, in case of larger graphics we recommend to use services of a professional. You can use our installation service for 100%-satisfaction-guaranteed, pro-level installation.

We can add grommets or pole pockets on the Banners for installation. Also, the edges of the Banners are hemmed to make the grommets more secure.

We offer the following accessories for installing Vinyl Banners through grommets.

To hang the Vinyl banner, we offer the following accessories: Zip ties, bungee cords, Nylon Ropes, hanging clips. You simply pass them through the grommets and fix them wherever you want. You can choose the one that fits best for you.

In case of pole pockets, just slide the vinyl graphics through the pole.

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Mesh banner - Apart from Vinyl banners, we also offer Mesh banners - which are ideal for windy areas. Apart the fact that this banner can withstand wind, its the ideal short-term or medium term promotional and decorative tool for open venue concerts, festivals and corporate events and meetings.

Retractable banner - In case you are looking for a freestanding Vinyl banner, we can suggest a compact Roll up banner stand to be used during promotions and tradeshow exhibitions.

Vinyl Banner
Vinyl Banner
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Vinyl Banners FAQs

Will my banner come with hems and grommets?

Hems and Grommets come with the Vinyl banner as a standard finish. Grommets are placed at the corners of the banner - directly on the hems to provide the best hanging convenience to you. In case you don’t want grommets, we also offer ople pocket finish and also provide all the necessary accessories for hanging of your choice - hanging kits, bungee cords, zip ties, etc.

Is the Vinyl Banner Fade-resistant?

Front Signs use UV inks for digital printing which are simultaneously dried with the help of the UV curing system. The drying process makes the inks ultraviolet resistant, and the exposure under direct sunlight do not discolor then but vice versa.

Is Vinyl Banner used to celebrate a party or any other event?

With your personalized graphics, pictures and decorative ornaments Vinyl banner will be the decorative topping of any party. Moreover, it draw in the attention of all the selfie lovers and camera-addicts.

Can Vinyl Banners be used to decorate my venue?

With Front Signs you can create your custom design of your banner in the highest quality possible. Apart from its advertising feature, Vinyl banner comes as a great finding to decorate the interior and exterior of their business venue.

Is Vinyl Banner an efficient means of advertising?

The ideal banner will effectively showcase your message across your target audience. The banner is digitally printed in full color with the highest resolution possible. As statistics show, the cost per view - with its minimum investment and the impact it leaves on people -   of Vinyl banner is much lower than other means of OOH (Out of Home) Advertising.    Hence, the perfect Vinyl banner has readability and message hierarchy - two important factors which make it a fantastic solution to draw more foot traffic. With contrast colors and large fonts, simple message, location predetermined - you can have the best, cost-effective ads ever!