7 Proving Points: Do Sneeze Guards Work for Virus Protection?

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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Oftentimes, close interactions are inevitable even with COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures in place. This can pose a challenge for reducing the risk of infection in the workplace. Do sneeze guards work to ease this burden and protect guests and employees? Find 7 key points below proving the effectiveness of protective screens in reducing the rate of virus transmission and beyond.

Are Sneeze Guards Effective Against Viruses? 

Sneeze guards are a good defensive mechanism for employees who are in close proximity to each other. These barriers are functional for side-by-side, back-to-back or other similar working arrangements.

Point 1. Are sneeze guards effective for fighting against the spread of COVID-19? 

Yes, they are! Although the protective shields have only been in use for a short while, they have given many establishments added comfort against the spread of contaminated respiratory droplets. 

With safety being a priority on everyone’s mind, these products are a favorable solution for creating a healthier atmosphere. Since the shields are made of acrylic, they offer full defense against all splashes, including virus particles expelled through coughing and sneezing.

Before you choose to install these shields, make sure you don’t run other Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) risks. For example, check to make sure that your shield’s line-markings are visible. This way, people will notice them and there won’t be any danger of running into the surface or its edges. 

Showcasing how sneeze guard at workspace protects from virus

Point 2. Do sneeze guards protect from other viruses? 

Yes, they do! A great benefit of these shields is that they’re not only used for COVID-19. Even illnesses that are much less severe can impact productivity in a negative if not detrimental way. Keeping these mechanisms will safeguard your job environment  year-round and fend off all kinds of airborne viruses.

Point 3. Do sneeze guards work to provide industry hygiene? 

Yes, they do! These barriers create a healthier environment as store signs, office displays or other types of protective shields, regardless of the industry you’re involved in. They prevent the spread of respiratory droplets and consequently reduce the rate of infection from person to person.

Displaying sneeze guard effectiveness at reception space

They also contribute to a more sanitary handling of food. For example, they are commonly used to shield things such as desserts in display cases. As you can see, the benefits are worthwhile and can guide you towards making the right decision for your workspace.

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Are Sneeze Guards Effective Beyond Virus Protection?

Regardless of the virus defense, protective screens have other beneficial applications. Scroll down to learn how these sneeze guards are effective in other ways. 

Point 4. Provide acoustic control. 

Open-space offices are a long-standing trend in contemporary office culture. Despite their many benefits, they also have a downside. Namely, excessive noise.

Hearing the activity of others can cause issues with concentration and productivity. These shields will block the background noise when fitted around and being a part of the office signs. They will create a calm oasis and contribute to mental comfort, consequently boosting efficiency.

Image showing sneeze guard effectiveness for noise cancelation

Point 5. Agility within any workspace. 

This solution is adaptable for use in all corners of the office space. You can move screens-on-wheels as one of your many customizable options in order to provide a flexible and protected working environment.  

Point 6. Non-invasive space division. 

Establishments with dense arrangements or larger crowds of people can benefit from being partitioned. This will help to support a variety of departments with their task management. You can even use this medium as part of your trade show displays at business conferences. Safe and efficient operations can thus be maintained without distraction.

Grocery stores are a good example of how to install these transparent and protective business signs. They’re commonly used at checkout counters and as lobby signs for sectioning off the area and creating a safer environment for clerks and customers alike. Same can be utilized as event signs or within libraries, banks, classrooms and various other sizable organizations.

Sneeze guard in supermarket for space division

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Are Sneeze Guards Effective in Other Walks of Life?

Do sneeze guards work in other areas of life? Yes, they do! Being so popular at present, it’s also interesting to note that they were commonly used in the past. 

Point 7. Protect food from bacteria and germs. 

Over the last 75 years, the main purpose of these guards was to protect food from airborne contaminants. 

National health regulations require that all restaurants, buffets and other establishments in the industry equip food displays with impenetrable shields made of materials such as glass or acrylic. 

Strict regulations are enforced regarding their installation and usage procedure. Differing from state to state, food screens need to have certification issued by the NFS.  

To conclude, we’ve covered the most relevant factors that answer the question, “Do sneeze guards work in various spheres of life?” For a more in-depth understanding of these protective products, read the article, The A to Z About Sneeze Guards: Questions and Specifications.

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