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Cutting and Engraving – Laser Cutting Services, Laser Machining

Cutting and engraving are an inseparable part of sign making industry. A variety of materials are cut and engraved to provide you with the best possible design for your product.

Here at Front Signs cutting process is exercised with Laser cutting machine, CNC milling machine, digital cutting and Plotter cutter machine.

Laser cutting and engraving technique

Laser cutter and engraving is the best tool for almost any material. This machine is the best choice if delicate work is required.

The Laser cutter use the power of the light ray. This high power laser beam melts and burns the material thus separating the necessary shape from the rest.

Laser beam imports no force onto the workpiece.

Laser cutting

The laser beam traces pattern onto the surface, thus cut them or engrave. Laser cutting machine leaves glossy effect on material like Acrylic.

Laser engraving

Besides laser cutting, we also provide Laser engraving, etching, marking services.

The laser beam burns away or discolors particular surfaces with the needed depth. It burns the wood, whereas leave matte effect on Acrylic.

Laser machine works best for such materials like:
Acrylic, Coroplast, Lexan, thin Styrene, Wood (engraving only), thin Plywood

Advantages of Laser cutting and engraving machine:

  • Laser cuts the material with high precision
  • Lean and perfectly cut edges
  • High flexibility in contour
  • 4’X8’ working area

CNC Cutting and Engraving technique 

CNC milling machine or just CNC mill works best if precious work is required especially on solid materials.

No other cutting or engraving machine works better on solid materials than CNC machine.

With CNC cutting machine the needed product can be custom sized, shaped and created with a unique and creative design.

CNC Flat groove engraving and V groove engraving are widely practiced.
Flat groove engraving can be used when borders or routing letters are needed.
V-groove carving is similar to flat, but creates a channel that comes to a point at the bottom.

Since every business has different needs, we suggest these services completed by CNC machining:

Cutting, Engraving, Milling, 3D Contouring, Flat or V-groove engraving, Shaping, Texturing

CNC processing works best for such materials like:

Acrylic, Aluminum, Coroplast, Dibond, Lexan, Wood, Plywood, PVC, etc.

Advantages of CNC mill cutting and engraving machine:

  • X,Y,Z working dimensions
  • Very good for geometrically simple objects
  • Complex parts can be milled with high detail
  • Do not burn the natural materials like wood
  • Can get 3d images and contours

Plotter cutting machine

For self- adhesive material like vinyl, we use Plotter cutting machines. This is one of a kind machine that gives the ability and capacity to cut the Vinyl custom artworks. It serves a wide range of industrial purposes; from signage to pattern making. Its wide production working area allows us to custom cut Vinyl decals of any size and shape.

Advantages of plotter cutting machine

  • precise cutting and performance
  • accurate contour cutting
  • cut after print with cropmark sensor

Soft Materials

Foamboard – CNC and Digital cutting machines work well with this material. Depending on the result you want, you can choose the best option between them.

Gatorboard – we provide Digital and CNC cutting option for Gatorboard material as laser cutter can damage the sheet.

Ultraboard with aluminum – one CNC cutting can be done on this type of material.

Solid material

Acrylic – CNC mill engraving is applied when a cut thru effect with a matte finish is needed. Whereas Laser engraving creates glossy edges and lines on the Acrylic material.

Aluminum –CNC cutting and engraving work for Aluminum material. CNC leaves depth, engraves you logo, badge, etc. CNC can cut thick Aluminum material.

Coroplast – Digital cutting or Laser cutting is applied to cut the Coroplast material. Depending on the effect you need, both are a nice way out to cut this material.  No engraving is done on this material. CNC can be an alternative option as well.

Dibond – Cutting can be done with CNC milling machine.

Lexan – Laser Cutting and engraving do a very delicate and precise work on this type of material. CNC milling and engraving creates creative alternative.

Plywood – Laser beam burns the Plywood, leaving a mark of your logo or desired graphics. The laser cutting again leaves the edges the burnt effect. CNC miller, does not leave any marks on the surface, leaving an option for you to choose.

Wood – Another natural type of a material, where laser applied, burned and marked. It’s an alternative and very extraordinary way to engrave your logo or name plate with Laser engraving machine. If no burnt effect is needed, CNC miller can be applied. Laser cutting machine marks the cut thru parts, whereas CNC provides clear cutting option.

PVC – CNC Engraving is highly on demand and applicable.

Styrene – CNC milling machine provides high quality cut. The thick sheets of Styrene are cut with CNC mill, whereas thinner sheets work best for Laser cutter (for example for cutting stencils).


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