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CNC milling is the cutting process of materials using rotary cutters. The miller dives into the material and gives it the necessary shape by quickly moving and rotating. CNC (computer numerical control) broadens the possibilities of cutting. It makes the cutting more precise and gives possibility to make more complicated works.  It is a step forward. CNC milling machines can cut as many materials as

  • Wood
  • aluminum
  • acrylic
  • PVC
  • MDF and more

This machine is ideal both for cutting and engraving. Different speeds and feeds are used for different materials and needs. The tools may also differ for various kinds of works. Depending on the material and the necessity the tools can go from 0-70mm (0- 2.7inches) deep.

For signage we suggest outline cutting and overline cutting. In the first option the machine cuts exactly over the sign lines. During overline cutting some space is left over the sign. If you want only your sign to be visible at first side you can use the outline cutting. If there’s something else next to your sign or logo or name that you want to be highlighted, overline cutting will be a better variant.

Miller cutting is mostly used for cutting signs and engraving doors. Signs take your marketing to a new, higher level. A wide range of door patterns engraved every day give our customers’ home and office design an excellent look.

The alternative of miller cutting machine is laser cutting machine. They both can be used for cutting and engraving the same materials. The difference is that miller works on harder materials better and if you don’t need a very delicate work, miller cutting can be the ideal variant for you.

If it is still hard for you to decide between laser cutting or milling, contact us and our specialists will give you the best advice. Make your awesome sign now!

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