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Engraving – Laser Engraving and Laser Etching, Custom Engraved Signs, Metal Engraving

Engraving is one of the oldest art branches coming from prehistoric age and still walking hand in hand with the modern times. Traditional engraving is still practiced but modern technology has also an important role and impact on engraving traditions.

Being an intaglio technique, engraving involves etched into a surface picture with a very fine tool called burin. Due to its special shaped tip it makes the incisions with needed pressure and angle.
First of all, the engraving technique doesn’t involve printing. That is to say, the mark holds the incised ink. Correspondingly, the mark has different width and preserves its darkness for a very long time. Additionally, this kind of mark is weather resistant, suitable for a lot of tear and wear pressure.

Engraving technique can be used on diverse materials particularly Acrylic, Wood, Plywood, MDF and etc.
With the variety of materials to work with, there are plenty of usage and design options. For example, one can use engraving in large scale signage. By the same token, door signs, desk plates or shelf signs have many other options depending on the type of engraving you need.

Front signs suggest engraving services with Laser cutting and CNC milling techniques.

Laser engraving works like a printer. Attached to computer we use supported files to start the engraving process. Specially provided software converts the coded files into final image on the material. The power of the laser depends on the final effect we want to get. It’s a very high heat laser that by removing the material is making cavities noticeable to the eye and touch. Known for variety of depth and darkness of color, it’s very precise and is used on different materials.
Most noteworthy, can be a nice suggestion to personalize and customize the product as Laser does a very delicate work.

Furthermore, we suggest laser etching and marking also.
Laser etching has a depth of the cut, so it’s good to engrave on thinner materials like MDF.
Laser marking is used on flat and curved surface for engraving serial numbers or model codes, logos, bar codes, UID and QR codes and not only.

Computer numerical control or widely known as CNC milling machines shape metal and other solid materials.
In modern world, CNC technology is everywhere from everyday life to cell phones, cars, machines of all types, decorative constructions and many more.
Thanks to the CNC machining language also called G-code we can control all the crucial features like speed and location, coordination and rate feed. The advantage of CNC milling is that it’s precise and can shape different complex constructions, not possible with any other machinery. It can be customized to any size, creative design, color and shape.
Engraving is highly flexible and has great precision that makes every job a pleasant working atmosphere with a satisfying results for the customer.

Front signs specialists are there to provide you the best options according to your needs and budget.
Feel free to contact our customer service team for more details.

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