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Laser Cutting, Custom Laser Cutting, Laser Beam Marking, Laser Marking

Laser cutting is a ground-breaking cutting process and one of the numerous usages of laser. The cutting processes have taken a step forward by the appearing of laser cutting machines.

Laser cutting works by directing the laser beam to the material. The high power laser beam (light ray) melts the material. The gentle air stream that goes with the laser blows simultaneously that both intensifies the power of the beam and solidifies the melted material. This gives the cut material smooth and solid edges.

The main materials that can be cut by a laser are: aluminum, acrylic, PVC, Wood, Plywood, Steel. Different materials response in different ways to the laser cutting. More delicate materials such as acrylic, wood, plywood, PVC are cut clearly, without leaving any additional remains. In cases of harder material cuts (aluminum) the melted materials remain on the edges and additional work should be done to flatten them. This machine can cut as deep as 0.05-1.1 inches (1.5-30mm) depending on the material.

The advantages of laser cutting:

  • Laser cuts the material with high precision
  • Laser cuts without touching the material thus decreasing the chance of hurting it.
  • The laser beam is capable of cutting a sign with the tiniest details
  • Laser beam can get the most delicate work done
  • No secondary cleanup process required for most materials

Laser cutting is widely applied in signage industry. Signs, letters, decorations and a lot more are shaped with this method. The alternative of laser cutting is CNC milling which is done by a milling machine. The miller goes deep to the material rotating quickly and moving at the same time thus giving the material the intended shape. The difference between the miller and laser is that the latter is applied for works that are delicate and require a more detailed working process. If you can’t decide which is best for your signage, just contact us and you will be provided with the most suitable and reasonable options for your signage.

Laser engraving is another usage of laser cutting machines.  Both softer materials like PVC and harder materials like aluminum and acrylic can be marked by a laser engraving machine. Engraving is widely used for making signs, barcodes, QR codes, etc. This method gives an elegant and expensive look to all the works.

Whether you need a laser cutting or engraving make sure that the most delicate and gorgeous work is going to be yours.


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