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Magnet Printing

Magnets are another great way of spreading brand name or remembering best moments in a creative and affordable way. They are attractive, durable and easy to hand out reminding what could be easily forgotten.

We suggest high quality magnet printing of different sizes and shapes. The only possible limit is your creativity.

The options for magnet print are:

  • printing on vinyl material and sticking directly to magnet material
  • printing on vinyl material, sticking to acrylic material and then sticking to magnet material
  • printing on vinyl material, sticking to aluminum material and then sticking to magnet material
  • printing on plywood and sticking to magnet material

Car Magnets, business card magnets, fridge magnets, calendar magnets, personalized custom magnets, save the date magnets, event invitation magnets, choose whichever you want.

Magnet printing is a splendid marketing tool. They come in different forms – advertising car magnets, Business Card Magnets, Calendar magnets, Personal Photo magnets and what not. An affordable and well-thought way of increasing brand awareness as well as making wonderful memories.

Advertising car magnets are a super effective marketing tool. They carry company names, logos, phone numbers and other necessary information making the vehicles an instant advertisement. They are very popular because of their numerous advantages such as movability, affordability, probability of applying and removing any time. But if you don’t need to have them removed very often, car decals are definitely a better variant.

Car magnets can be of different shapes and sizes.

However convenient they may be, car magnets require special care and some techniques to handle them.
First of all always be sure that the surface you want to apply the magnet is clean and dry.
Magnets lose their adhesiveness at high temperatures, at about 170° F (77°C) so prevent from keeping it in the car salon and places that can be harmful for it.
Store the sign on a flat surface.

Keep it away from other magnetic materials.

Business Card Magnets are another usage of magnets. They seem to be souvenir-advertisements that can “travel” from place to place making the brand popular. Magnetic Business Cards can both have the classic style of your paper business card or some creative design.

Calendar magnets are a wonderful marketing discovery.

They make practical gifts, a particle from your company that everyone would like to have. All you need to do is work well on design. It is something our designers can help you with. Having your company name or logo on a magnet calendar and giving it away is like entering everyone’s offices and homes without even being invited.

Magnetic calendars don’t have to be only a 365-day calendar, they make amazing plan-calendars, event calendars and schedule calendars as well.

Magnet printing is so popular because

  • Magnets can be applied and removed any time without losing their adhesive force
  • Magnets don’t damage any surface
  • Magnets are thin without much differing from ordinary stickers
  • Magnets have little chance of getting lost
  • Magnets are always before eyes
  • People usually don’t throw them away (especially if you worked well on design)

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