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Outdoor murals have the potential to enhance the appeal of any premises. We’ve compiled a list of building murals that have undeniably added allure to each venue.

The exterior project for Spotless Burgers features the brand logo and its slogan: "Better Taste, Better Burger" on the building facade.

The outdoor murals on the top right corner depict a skeleton bursting through red and black flames. It also contains the letters WL; the initials of the brand Warren Lotas.

The Snaggle Tooth Rehearsal Studios outdoor murals portray the brand name with illustrations of two dogs wearing glasses and one donning a collar with a Dollar symbol.

The ADHC building murals feature a red, hand-painted greeting and the company mission on a white background.

The final design highlights the Maserati and Alfa Romeo brand names in white on a black background.

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