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Custom neighborhood signs are an integral feature of every community. They help create a memorable image to identify your neighborhood. They also facilitate navigation in the area. Coordinating different types of community signage will establish a unifying look that represents the neighborhood. Explore our business signs to find suitable types of visual communication tools to match your needs.

Front Signs is a sign making company with years of experience offering tailor-made neighborhood signage in LA and USA-wide. Thanks to the latest technology and a skilled team, we deliver high-quality community signage for any purpose.

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Neighborhood Signs for Various Purposes

Give your neighborhood an appealing touch and render relevant information with our custom neighborhood signs. Your neighborhood signage can either match the overall architectural style of the community or stand out with its unique design. Building signs, among other fitting displays, will help you build a recognizable neighborhood.

HIF Collective neighborhood signage in a wall-mount style made of aluminum and lexan
Santiago Estates community signage in a freestanding style made of aluminum for the entrance

Welcome Neighborhood Signs

A prominent neighborhood entrance sign is imperative for every reputable community. It establishes credibility and creates a reliable impression. Sizable monument signs are a professional and elegant way to welcome all visitors. They showcase the character of the community and define its borders. Neighborhood entrance signs complementing the surrounding architecture will help maintain the feeling of consistency. If you want your neighborhood to have an aesthetically pleasing environment, embellish it with 3D letter signs. Consider mounting the media high up on the building to ensure optimal exposure.

Rio Vista Mobile Home Park neighborhood signage displaying the community name made of aluminum

Neighborhood Landmark Signage

Custom neighborhood signs are widely used to designate the important landmarks in an area. Set up custom outdoor signs at a historic building, play park or other significant location to highlight the unique attributes of your neighborhood. The iconic neighborhood signage will celebrate the roots of your community. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward or simple sign board, we have you covered. Customized architectural signage, for instance, can create a sense of pride among residents. By incorporating suitable materials and designs, these intricate displays will characterize your surroundings.

Punch Studio neighborhood signage in white made of lexan and backlit vinyl for wayfinding

Directional Apartment Complex Signs

The benefits of directional apartment complex signage are many. With strategic placement, they help people navigate your neighborhood with ease. If you want passersby to notice your neighborhood signage from a distance and at different speeds, consider large-scale options. Positioned in view, wayfinding signage performs different functions. The posts promote safety and send a positive message about your community. Pay attention to their design to communicate your message effectively. Well-thought-out neighborhood signs will project a professional message about your community and increase its value.

The City of West Covina neighborhood signage with a screen and made of aluminum and acrylic

Decorative Neighborhood Signs

Well-designed community signage positioned in target areas will transform the overall picture of your neighborhood. Professional displays build an upscale environment and attract prospects. Attractive custom signage also creates a sense of pride among residents. Thanks to high-quality materials, our custom neighborhood signs can feature stylish and innovative designs. If you’re looking for eye-catching community entrance signs, modern signs are the way to go. These versatile residential signage tools can elevate your community design regardless of their placement.

Norwalk Retirement Villa community signage made of lexan and aluminum for a pole display

Informative Community Signage

Informative community signage is a must-have medium to share relevant information with your residents as well as visitors. Showcase the founding date and other historical information about the neighborhood. Go with a style that matches the district’s architectural style and surroundings. The name or emblem of the neighborhood highlighted through channel letters will be a visually engaging solution. Pylon signs are ideal for communicating names of locations from far and wide. Such tall neighborhood signs are practical for prominent landmarks and multi-tenant locations.

Neighborhood Entrance Signs Based on Area Planning

What better way to mark your neighborhood than with customized community entrance signs? Put up dazzling light up signs to represent your community. Investing in well-designed neighborhood entrance signs will result in good first impressions and contribute to a reputable space. Here are different neighborhood entrance signs that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your location.

La Crescenta neighborhood entrance sign with a welcoming text made of aluminum for landmarking
Room Infinity condominium sign spelling the community name for the entrance design

Condominium Signs for the Entrance

Well-crafted condominium signs improve the professionalism as well as functionality of residential buildings. Typically positioned at the entryway, the apartment complex signs increase the visibility of the building name and make it easier for people to locate it. Custom letter signs are practical and add an element of sophistication to the environment. When community entrance signage is made with matching colors, fonts and material finishes, it enhances the look of your building.

Decorative residential signage in a free-standing style with edge lighting design

Residential Signage for Entryways

Residential signage serves a variety of purposes when placed at the front entrance. Dazzling halo-lit signs are impossible to overlook. These apartment complex signs ensure all-day visibility and bring a sense of luxury to the area. They enhance the look of private properties while simultaneously creating a warm welcome. These community signage options also make an effective wayfinding and promotional tool. Using them as identification tools will help build trust among visitors.

Burton Almont subdivision entrance sign in a wall-mount style made of aluminum and acrylic

Subdivision Entrance Signs

For the housing subdivision to reflect a strong sense of identity, you should incorporate custom subdivision entrance signs into your design plan. Light box signs featuring your subdivision name and relevant information will build pride among residents and attract passersby. This community signage comes in different illumination and mounting options, offering a number of solutions to create visual interest. The most prominent features of such neighborhood signage are size and choice of materials.

Oak Mount Manor HOA community entrance sign in a hanging style made of aluminum and plywood

HOA Community Entrance Signs

Entryway neighborhood signage for the Homeowners Association is an attractive tool that shows your commitment and membership within the housing community. Such community signage can feature a wide range of materials, colors and decorative elements approved by HOA guidelines. If you want to highlight the natural aesthetic of the community, custom wood signs are attractive and acceptable alternatives to simple brick products. These rustic neighborhood signs will bring warmth and coziness to the area.

Community Signage Materials

Our company stands out with high-quality sign manufacturing thanks to the highly durable and versatile materials we use. Whether you go for aluminum signs or any other neighborhood signage, rest assured that they’ll serve you for years to come. We’ll guide you to make the best choice for your community signage based on placement, goals and market trends.

Lake View Townhomes community signage made of aluminum, acrylic, plywood and brushed aluminum

Neighborhood Signage Benefits

  • Community Recognition
  • Information Sharing
  • Enhanced Aesthetics
  • Wide Audience Reach
  • Area Distinguishment
District56 neighborhood sign displaying the community name made of aluminum and lexan

Neighborhood Entrance Sign Designs

We offer professional sign design services for stylish and functional neighborhood signs. Our skilled graphic designers are ready to bring all your ideas to life and highlight the essential features of your community. Work with our 3D rendering experts and see the final look of your community signage before the production begins.

Villa Sestri condominium sign in a freestanding style made of acrylic and brushed aluminum

Neighborhood Sign Painting Service

Explore our custom sign painting services to enhance the visual appeal of your community signage. We provide exceptional color matching using Matthews paint formulas. Using this advanced system, you can create your dream neighborhood signage to show off the distinct character of your community. The service is available for different materials and residential signage options, including styles with and without illumination.

Adult Day Health Care community entrance signage painted in red for the exterior wall design

Other Services for Neighborhood Signs


Sign Installation

We offer end-to-end sign installation services for custom community signage in Los Angeles and USA-wide. Our team of experts are fully capable of installing different types and styles of condominium signs for your property. They'll get the job done with speed, elegance and accuracy. 


Sign Permitting

To place your neighborhood signs at the desired location, you may need to obtain a sign permit. Trust our team with the whole process and enjoy a hassle-free experience. We’ll make sure to follow the safety regulations for your location and take care of all the required paperwork.


Repair and Replacement

We provide first-class sign replacement and signage repair services for all types of community signage. If they’re damaged or you want an update, our technicians will fix the issue in no time. Choose the service that meets your needs and get your neighborhood signage in perfect order.


Cutting and Engraving

We offer top-grade neighborhood signs thanks to cutting-edge equipment combined with an expert crew of craftsmen. Our company offers digital cutting, CNC engraving and other services to bring even your most sophisticated community signage ideas to life.

Related Products

Carpinteria Smiles Dentistry yard sign made of aluminum and acrylic for the neighborhood

Yard and Real Estate Signs

These are popular media if you’re looking for eye-catching and cost-effective real estate displays for your neighborhood. Made of durable materials, the products are meant for exterior use. Get these popular posts for different purposes such as promotions, wayfinding and beyond.

The Suites Spot reverse channel letters made of aluminum and acrylic for the community design

Reverse Channel Letters

If you’re looking for 24/7 visibility for your company or community, these tools are the way to go. They’re available in different stylistic variations and are perfect for branding purposes. Thanks to different mounting accessories, you can find an option that corresponds to your property requirements.

Pasadena City College banners in a hanging style for the community college promotion


Promote campaigns, decorate events and increase brand awareness with these attractive marketing tools. The displays come in different material options intended for decorative and advertising purposes. Make the most of this medium by selecting a visual style that suits your needs.

Ouachita Baptist University college sign made of aluminum and acrylic for the community college

College Signs

Reflect the identity of your college or school community with these appealing visual communication tools. Get multiple types of displays to enhance the interior and exterior design of your institution. Explore different applications and accessories for the product to find an option that fits your campus.

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    Community Signage FAQs


    What are neighborhood signs made of?

    We use a variety of durable materials to make one-of-a-kind neighborhood signs. The choice of the material for community or apartment complex signs depends on their purpose and placement. Contact our specialists for a free consultation on materials and more.

    What types of community signage do you offer?

    Our company provides custom design services for neighborhood signage that’s suitable for different uses and locations. We offer welcoming apartment complex signs, directional displays, prominent plaza posts, monument stands and much more. All products are tailored to your specific needs.