Custom Letter Signs in Los Angeles and USA Wide

Business letter signs with branded letters are an ideal tool for raising public awareness. We have the best custom letter signage in Los Angeles and across the US to fit your goals and budget. We have many years of experience producing custom letter signs for major companies across industries.

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Types of Business Letter Signs

Front Signs is a full-service sign making company that specializes in the production of custom letter signs. Check the most popular types of business signs in this style below. Find out the most suitable one for your enterprise from business letter signs to different letter signage design options.

White Fox business letter sign showing the initials of the company's name made of aluminum

3D Letter Signs

Such custom letter signs can be crafted and put on any surface inside or outside the venue with your company's letters and logo. Choose from a huge of variety of styles, forms and application methods. Choose from a huge variety of styles, forms and application methods. From building signs to free-standing fillable acrylic letters, these custom solutions will surely capture a lot of attention.

FKN Bread business letter sign in black spelling the brand name made of acrylic and foam board

Business Letter Signs With Illumination

Custom letter signs in this style are a favorite that adds a visual pop to your display. Get attention with these custom letter signs from every corner and around the clock. Create a wow factor with large letter signs that make an impact.

Klooma business letter sign in purple hues with back illumination made of aluminum and lexan
Orion Optical custom letter signage displaying the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic

Lighted Signs

Business letter signs will grant a level of class to your enterprise. Custom letter signs can increase your visibility around the clock with LED lights without wasting energy. These custom letter signs add a radiant beauty to your premises.

Krab Queenz custom letter sign spelling the brand name made of aluminum and lexan for branding

Channel Letter Signs

Fabricated to your specifications, this type of custom letter signage can be crafted in different styles. These business letter signs are sleek, modern and professional solutions for many business settings, whether installed indoors or outdoors.

Business Letter Signs With Custom Illumination

Front Signs is specialized in the sign manufacturing of large letter signs of this style. We’ll provide the best custom letter signage concept to meet your requirements. Find distinct types of custom letter signs below.

Louis Vuitton business letter sign in black with back illumination made of aluminum and acrylic
Seyhart letter signage in gold spelling the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic for design

Reverse Channel Letters

This type of custom letter signage brightens the wall behind it to give the display an enchanting glow. Large letter signs of this kind create a wonderful atmosphere with back luminescence that isn’t overwhelming.

Down Town custom letter signage with little LED bulbs made of aluminum for interior branding

Marquee Letters

This custom letter signage type comes in a range of styles with LED light bulbs inside the letters. You can use these business letter signs as movable backdrops for a launch party or a corporate gathering. Light up the dance floor or welcome guests with these charming sign letters.

Bondi Sands sign letters spelling the brand name made of lexan and aluminum for branding

Halo Lit Letters

Tailored with state-of-the-art bending machinery, we create the finest custom letter signage to enhance your branding with a halo effect. These business letter signs immerse your message in a moody backlight to advertise your company with sophistication.

Focus Eye Center large letter sign with a board made of aluminum and acrylic for branding

Push Through Letters

This letter signage design will get you noticed in all the right ways. Large letter signs pop out with refinement. After mounting it behind the panel, your message is pushed through the surface of the large letter signage panel to give it an outstanding look.

Custom Letter Signs Based on Material

Many business owners prefer extravagant designs for business letter signs and large letter signs. A vital aspect of custom letter signs that stand out is their material. The most popular ones which may be used in combination are listed below.

Rio Vista large letter signage in black made of aluminum for exterior wall branding
Olivia Care letter signage in black spelling the brand name and motto made of acrylic

Acrylic Letters

Custom letter signs will take on a polished look due to the smooth surface and edges of acrylic. Custom letter signs offer countless possibilities with this versatile material. The 3D acrylic letters as well as non-dimensional displays are shaped into any font to achieve custom letter signage matching your brand.

CoMotion large letter signage in a free-standing style made of aluminum for outdoor branding

Metal Letters

Small to large letter signage made of durable metallic materials is suitable for interior and exterior usage. Available in a range of colors and finishes, this custom letter signage can be cut out in any custom shape. The medium offers superior letter signage design that will last a lifetime.

The Walt Disney Studios sign letters in black made of foam for interior wall branding

Foam Letters

Business letter signs with various types of foam offer cost-effective and versatile means to make your brand stand out. This type of custom letter signage is great for trade shows, wedding ceremonies and sporting events. 3D foam letters can be a focal point regardless of where you place these business letter signs.

Columbia School large letter signage spelling the school name made of PVC for facade branding

PVC Letters

These custom letter signs are a good choice for both exterior and interior usage. The PVC material of our custom letter signage has a nice look and withstands most outdoor conditions. This letter signage can be painted in infinite colors. Letter signage made of this material is ideal for custom logos, business exhibitions and personal events.

White Fox large letter signage design in a free standing style made of wood for outdoor decor

Wooden Letters

These large letter signs are a classy option for any business and can be tailored to fit any décor. Sign letters can commemorate an event or feature a favorite quote in a rustic style. Custom letter signage of this kind can also be applied at any business venue to indicate directions or display a brand logo. You can order 3D wall letters as well as free standing options.

Large Letter Signs for Different Industries

Different businesses which range in industry from corporate to hospitality can use Business letter signs. Let’s take a look at popular uses for business letter signs suitable for different locations.

District 56 large letter signage in a free standing style made of aluminum and lexan
Proactive business letter sign in black spelling the brand name made of foam core for branding

Large Letter Signs for Corporations

Welcome your guests with your company’s name spelled out in large letter signage or devise a grand entrance with lobby signs. No matter what your corporate building looks like, custom letter signs will be the stars of the show.

Nordstrom Local custom letter signage in a wall-mount style made of PVC for outdoor branding

Custom Letter Signs for Stores

Custom letter signs are a perfect style for big store signs. Large letter signs will be a memorable icon for your visitors. Drive traffic towards you with business letter signs that are great for branding, decoration and promotions.

White Fox letter signage in a floating style made of acrylic and foam board for pool branding

Large Letter Signage for Event Venues

Large letter signs provide larger-than-life markers for events. Whether it's event signs for festivals or giant stadium signage, we can make your letter signage design steal the show. Turn to us for all types of sign services regarding custom letter signage.

Aleppo's Kitchen letter signage designed in custom fonts made of aluminum, acrylic and lexan

Custom Letter Signs for Hospitality Brands

Engage your visitors with custom letter signs that make a statement for hospitality venues. Install large letter signs in tasteful designs or invite visitors to your hotel with splendid business letter signs. You can choose pin mounted letters or other installation methods.

Ouachita University large letter signage in a retro style made of aluminum and acrylic

Large Letter Signs for Educational Institutions

Large letter signs create a thriving student experience for universities. Large letter signs inspire them with identity and boost school spirit. Custom letter signs produce an appealing environment that’s easy to navigate.

Body SPA Salons large letter signage with the brand name made of aluminum for facade branding

Beauty and Fitness Industry Sign Letters

The role of large letter signage remains unsurpassed for the beauty industry. You can use custom letter signs or business letter signs to create a chic brand image. Whether you’ve decided to adorn your location in a rustic or classic style, custom letter signage will complete the design theme.

Benefits of Custom Letter Signs

  • Versatile Designs
  • Boosted Brand Image
  • Maximized Exposure
  • Long-Term Use
Glo Bar Med Spa letter signage with gold finish made of brushed aluminum for interior branding

Installation of Business Letter Signs

Our skilled team is ready to deliver top-notch sign installation services for your flat cut custom letter signs or business letter signs. We use innovative methods to provide perfect placement while installing 3D letters and all other displays, including with pins, standoffs or other installation methods. We create top-notch business letter signs to level up your brand image.

Installation of business letter signage made of aluminum, lexan and acrylic

Other Services We Offer for Custom Letter Signs


3D Signage Rendering for Letter Signs

We offer signage design services for your custom letter signs. We can also render a 3D model to demonstrate what your business letter signs will look like before the production stage.


Sign Painting for Custom Letter Signs

We offer sign painting services to craft quality painted custom letter signs for all types of industries using Matthews Paint Formulas. We can provide 80,000+ color combinations with any hue imaginable for custom letter signage.


Sign Repair and Replacement for Custom Letter Signs

If you’re looking for signage repair and sign replacement services near you for custom letter signage that looks faded or has damage, we have you covered. Your business letter signs will be back in pristine condition in no time.


Sign Permitting for Custom Letter Signs

You may need permission from your local municipality for installing certain business letter signs. We offer all the necessary sign permit services to take care of the paperwork and put up your company's custom letter signs as needed.

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    Custom Letter Signs FAQs


    Where are custom letter signs used?

    Custom letter signs are a great addition to any industry. These displays with letters can be placed in any setting, from lobbies and courtyards to conference rooms.

    What material are custom letter signs made of?

    Large letter signage can have a wide variety of material options. Custom letter signs can be made of materials such as metal, wood, plastic and foam or include a combination of these.