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Discover popular types of campus signage and their applications. We’ll cover illumination and installation options for school and university signage as well. If you’re interested in this type of signage, contact our specialists at Front Signs for a free quote and consultation. We provide top-level services in Los Angeles and nationwide. 

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Types Of College Signs Based On Location

Make the most out of your college signs by incorporating them into a larger theme. We have everything needed for a full interior and exterior make-over. You can choose from high-rise solutions and interior business signs to exterior LED school signs to make your design pop. 

Let’s go over university signage to consider based on different areas of campus.

Outdoor Campus Signage

Making your first good impression starts outdoors. With the help of outdoor signs, you can reflect what people should expect to see once inside. To draw in an audience from afar, use large, bright college signs to display your institution’s name. Combine LED school signs with non-illuminated campus signage solutions to get beautiful visuals.

Lighting rooftop letters featuring Science Academy

Rooftop college signs

Building signs on the roof attract attention due to their visibility and aesthetic appeal. Outstanding campus signage makes a lasting impression and enhances student experience. Rooftop channel letters can broadcast your institution’s name and logo. These college signs should have well-thought-out features to complement an overall design plan. 

Ouachita Baptist University with custom marquee letters made of aluminum and acrylic - 3

Above-ground college signs

Monument signs are a classic feature for welcoming students. These campus signage solutions are often installed at the entrance to an educational building. They’re fully customizable to meet your taste and specific needs. Another guiding mark for school wayfinding directories are pylon signs. These campus signage solutions capture attention with their height and unique style.

Antelope Valley High School custom school sign in black made of aluminum for outdoor branding

Front-facade college signs

Leaving your college facade plain would mean missing out on a great marketing opportunity. Architectural signage can elevate any building by replicating its style and materials. These make for great university signage as they can match and adorn any kind of property. You may also install high rise signs as a campus signage solution. They will adorn the highest point of your school building for the greatest visibility. 

Indoor University Signage

Outdoor design invites students in. Interior signs enhance their satisfaction while inside. To start, benefit from our sign manufacturing services to create school wayfinding signage to guide your students. Mark and decorate each area with a well-planned navigational system. The overall look and feel of the property are enhanced by these custom school signs.

reception school display sign

School entrance and reception signs

Reception areas are the first interior that many students will encounter. Lobby signs convey competence, create a nice welcome and provide clear directions. These campus signage solutions enhance understanding of the campus and boost branding endeavors. 

Hallway wall colorful graphics for school interior design

College hallway signs

Hallway university signage has numerous advantages for your school. Use custom school signs to improve communication and provide safety information. You may also use modern 3D signs to decorate upcoming events and publicize school activities.

Inspiring slogan 'Your Attitude Determines Your Direction' on the classroom wall

University classroom signage

Traditional options for classroom designs include decorative graphics and informative custom decals. Display your educational quotes and visuals to energize your learning environment. These will also decorate the negative spaces and add a playful vibe to your classrooms.

Usage For College Signs

There are tons of reasons to install college signs throughout educational institutions. From campus wayfinding signage and trade show displays to fun stadium signs, the displays instill a sense of pride. With a strong school spirit, students can concentrate on their studies.

Let’s check out the general applications of campus signage below. 

Ground-mounted exterior Viewpoint School sign featuring logo and school name - 2

Branding university signage

College signs are one of the most important aspects of branding. You may complete your theme with various types of campus signage such as logo signs. Spark the imagination of your students. Create custom school signs that complement a grand vision. Create a welcoming atmosphere outdoors to set the tone even before your students enter your premise. Get bespoke school display signs that are both sophisticated and functional. It’s important to make your aesthetic pop with creative designs that serve a purpose.

Campus wayfinding signage hung from the college ceiling and showing directions

School wayfinding signage

School wayfinding signage is an important element for enhancing campus experience. When people are able to navigate your school with wayfinding signs, they feel more at ease. Campus directional signs make it effortless for students to go about their business. Well-thought-out campus wayfinding signage makes use of familiar symbols to give clear directions. School wayfinding signage also leaves the impression that your institution is orderly and refined.

Pasadena City College front-facade college sign accompanied with post-pandemic informative posters

Informational & safety school display signs

Signage can convey life-saving information for a facility, especially during unforeseen circumstances such as a pandemic. School display signs can showcase anything from classroom rules to emergency escape routes. They also identify specific facilities like administrative buildings and so on. You can even use school display signs to provide information about the history of your institution. Just include the date of establishment, founding members and other historical points of interest.

Installation Options For College Signs

There are three main types of installation options for university signage. It’s important to mount your custom school signs in a way that will leverage their effectiveness. Let’s find out which methods offer better exposure based on their setting.

school wall-mounted sign

Wall-mounted college signs

Do you need to adorn the walls of your premise? Wall-mounted campus signage is the way to go. These options are seen as a long-term solution for branding, informing and decorating. They work well for creating a sense of community and getting students involved in school activities. You may also use them to display fundraisers and all kinds of other events. 

UWLA University of West Los Angeles ground-mounted sign for outdoor use

Free standing campus signage

Free standing custom school signs are double or single-sided structures placed on the ground. This creative style of campus signage boosts event attendance and garners public support. They serve as an effective means of communication and make a fantastic impression.

International college hanging sign for educational facilities

Hanging college signs

Spruce up your educational site with personalized college signs. Students will find your interior design more appealing if you hang up inspirational quotes at the gymnasium and in your hallways. Hanging signs range from banners to LED school signs so you have many options to choose from.

Illumination Options For College Signs

College signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated. Both features are a welcome option when used in the right place with the right design. Let’s see what kind of illumination options are available for custom school signs.

LED school indoor sign for Drury University

LED School Signs

Outdoor LED signs for schools provide community outreach by day and night. Installing outdoor LED signs for schools will show that your institution is up-to-date. Radiant displays like light box signs boost awareness and offer visual appeal. Apply your school’s custom logo on impressive light up signs and announce your presence in style. The value of indoor and outdoor led signs for schools goes without saying. Marquee signs are a great choice with gorgeous lighting features. These LED school signs also make a dynamic focal point in auditoriums. They pair well with college wayfinding signage.

custom aluminum 3D school sign for 'Lila International School' with architectural solutions

Non-illuminated college signs

There are numerous elements to consider when selecting a college sign. The most common options are non-illuminated. Straightforward non-illuminated college signs are a low-cost solution for branding, decoration and announcements. These custom signs can be manufactured in a range of styles to attract attention. Non-illuminated campus signage can also promote physical activity in students. Use motivational graphics on stairs and in hallways to create a lively atmosphere. Don’t forget college wayfinding signage in every corner, whether illuminated or not.

Services For Custom School Signs

Front Signs is a leading signage company based in Los Angeles and operating across the US. We have the skills and resources to achieve projects of any complexity. The most popular custom school sign services we provide are listed below.



We offer sign installation services for all types of university signage. Our expert team will spare you the trouble and handle the entire process of putting up your displays swiftly and accurately.Rest assured, the results will exceed your expectations.


Large-Format Printing

For sizable campus prints like banners and adhesives, we provide large format printing services. Promote your message with colorful displays. The graphics will retain their vibrant appearance thanks to our cutting-edge UV printers.


Repair and Replacement

We provide exceptional signage repair services. Our team has mastered every technique for getting the job done with speed, quality and accuracy. We can attend to every detail of your college sign maintenance. We also offer complete sign replacement services.


3D Signage Rendering

Our 3D signage rendering service is helpful if you’re not sure how the product you want will look. Our team will invest their talent, knowledge and expertise into providing bespoke designs, solutions and 3D visualization for your project. 

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light up signs

Light up signs amplify your brand’s message with luminous features for both indoor and outdoor use. They’re a brilliant way to showcase your business goals and attract customers from afar. 

architectural signs

Architectural signs create a neighborhood landmark and establish a high-profile identity. These solutions merge with and enhance surroundings with environmental decor and the use of unique materials. 

monument signs

Monument Signs are guideposts to attract people’s attention and establish a sense of permanence. These designs are perfect for both large and small landscapes and make a positive impact on residential communities. 

wayfinding signage

Wayfinding signage serves as visual communication for directional information and creates a comfortable atmosphere to reinforce your brand’s reputation. It’s used in all spheres including educational, medical, retail and residential. 

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    College Signs FAQs


    Do you provide installation for college signs?

    We provide manufacturing and installation services for university signage. Our professional team is always available to advise you regarding the right placement and design of your signage to get the most out of your product.

    What are the main advantages of campus signage?

    These visual communication tools create your school identity, decorate, inform and help people navigate towards and within the college site. They can also convey information about college history, event dates and other important announcements everyone should know about.

    Can I have a custom design for my school display signs?

    We design and render college signs for clients all around the country. Our professionals will present you with several design options to reflect the greatest aspects of your school identity. Our team will work with you to bring any vision to life, regardless of complexity.