Wall Painted Murals in Los Angeles and California

Leverage your business venue with permanent hand painted murals applied by professionals. Hand painted walls are an exceptional medium that spices up any area and help attract attention towards your business. Our craftsmen use a wide range of premium paints and tools to create long-lasting custom painted wall murals.

Front Signs is a renowned sign making company that offers a wide range of services including the production of hand painted murals in Los Angeles and across California. Our skilled experts use top-of-the-line painting materials to create stunning business signs for your branding campaigns.

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Hand Painted Murals

We provide a range of sign services, including the creation of long-lasting hand painted wall murals and sign painting. When applied to building signs or other solutions, the latter service allows you to add a splash of color and make them more vibrant. Our crew uses high-quality paints and other materials that will bring your indoor and outdoor custom painted wall murals to perfection. Our experts utilize the tools that work best based on the dimensions of your painted wall murals, color density and texture to get the patterns you desire.

California Auto Rental painted murals applied on an interior wall for branding

Finishes of Painted Wall Murals

Get your unique hand painted murals in glossy, matte or any other finish upon your request. Whether it’s hand painted lettering or graphics, the right finish can add appeal to your design. Glossy hand painted wall murals are brighter, more vibrant and color-rich. In contrast, hand painted lettering and imagery with a matte finish look sleek and classy.

You can add a final touch to your colored walls by mounting custom outdoor signs and interior signs. They’ll complement your hand painted murals and communicate your brand more effectively.

Have a look at the company murals crafted by experts. They’ll help you visualize the project that best suits your business

Snaggle Tooth painted murals created with black, white, red and other paints for branding
ADHC painted lettering crafted with red and white colors on an outside wall for branding

Painted Lettering

Hand painted lettering is an in-demand design solution among business owners nowadays. Our team of experts use brushes in different sizes and styles to get the exact painted lettering you need. Painted lettering creates unique wall embellishments for stores. However, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance solution you can upgrade the area with exquisite store signs.

Browse through our custom signage for outstanding indoor and outdoor branding campaigns.

Warren Lotas painted murals colored in black, white, red and green for exterior wall decor

Painted Graphics

Painted murals with large imagery help businesses attract a larger audience by leading passersby right to their doorstep. Custom painted wall murals in large dimensions provide additional advantages by enhancing visibility. The designs are permanent and hand-painted by skilled craftsmen. Opt for large format printing in case you need an alternative solution. It allows you to have impeccable wall signage in your premises.

Check this collage to see some of the painted outdoor murals we’ve crafted for our clients.

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    Wall Painting FAQs


    What colors do you offer for hand painted murals?

    We create painted murals in any color and shade in accordance with your requirements. Contact our professionals to discuss the details of your project. It’ll help you get your desired graphics in no time.

    Can I have painted murals for promotional purposes?

    Our professional crew can design hand painted murals tailored to different purposes for businesses across all industries. From business logos and painted directional graphics to decorative embellishments, we craft any large-scale design that’ll enhance your business.

    What texture do your painted murals have?

    Our hand painted murals are usually rough or smooth in texture. Our craftsmen can create any imagery on rough and uneven walls with masterful strokes. Likewise, they can apply smooth painted graphics on flat surfaces or by evening out the wall beforehand.

    Do you apply hand painted murals on outdoor walls?

    Our paints can be applied on outdoor and indoor walls regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to the high-quality paints and exceptional techniques in our arsenal, painted murals last long and maintain their vibrancy.

    Where do you provide services to create painted murals?

    We provide services for painted murals in Los Angeles and California-wide. Our experienced craftsmen arrive at your destination at your desired time and apply the visuals by hand right onto the wall.