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Promote your brand & personalize your vehicle with car graphics. Get a full or partial car wrap with highly adhesive vinyl or display your information with high-quality, removable and repositionable magnets.

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Car wrapping - one of the most effective outdoor graphic advertisements, is designed for means of transportation like cars, trucks, boats, trains, and even airplanes.

Actually wrap is an adhesive vinyl which not only gives an awesome and unique look to your car, but serves as a mobile advertisement for your business: cost-effective and long lasting!

This outdoor advertising works efficiently and reaches out to wider audience while the vehicle is on the move.

There are two kinds of vehicle wrapping - full and partial. In case of full wrap, the whole car is wrapped with catchy graphics. Partial Wrapping includes applying decals of different sizes on different parts of the car.

If you use cars for delivering your product in your business, it will be a sin not to wrap the cars. The car surface is like free advertising space. Another advertising space becomes the city itself where the wrapped car drives. Cars just do whatever they were supposed to - delivering the product meanwhile promoting the company and brand. This method is also called mobile advertisement on wheels!


For Vehicle Branding different parts of vehicles are covered with decals, hence we suggest Window decals, Reflective stickers, Eyebrow stickers, License plate frame decals, Car racing logos, Company logo, Social stickers, etc.

For buses we also suggest Perforated decal wrapping to advertise your brand.

Full wrap: We offer full wraps for vehicles to turn your vehicle into a rolling advertisement with high-quality wrap films.

Car roof decal:  Another option is wrapping only the roof of the car. If you don’t want your car to lose its design and color, but have something personalized, car roof vinyl wrap is what will satisfy you.

Car hood Decals: The front part of the car is the first thing we see when seeing a car. To make a good first impression and to stand out Car hood decals or vinyl are used.

The most used ones are car graphics, punisher vinyl graphic, flower decals, stripes decals, hood scoop decals, American flag decals, etc.

Car side vinyl/door decals: Side decals are like the wings of a bird. You can have them wrapped identically or have different decals on different wings. If you have wrapped only the wings of the car, it will be partly wrapped which is still really useful. If you need wrapping for personal uses the most popular options are fire flames, flowers, stripes or anything personal.

Window decals: Windows can very well be a great advertising tool with decals stuck on them. The company logo with contact information stuck to the window can spread your name wherever the vehicle moves.

See Through rear window decals: Custom See-Through Vinyl Graphics for Windows are one side visible decals. This means that you can see from one side and one can not from the other. See-Through decals that are also called perforated give the opportunity of showing advertisement on a window without being seen from inside.

Tailgate decals: Businesses use this wide space for contact information, catchy graphics and promotional messaging.

Back window: Close the whole back window with flowers or some promotional informational information. The traffic jam will not seem to be an unpleasant thing as it’s a free advertising place like a trade show. They can be personalized as well with your name or something special to you stuck there.


Effective transit vehicle ads catch consumers’ eyes, reach pedestrians and vehicle traffic. These large format car ads offer maximum exposure.

With an innovative, colorful and large design, you won’t demand attention towards your brand, it will come itself. Wrap advertising is an important marketing strategy with one purpose. It drives high visibility for the product on a daily basis. It’s hard to ignore or turn off a transit ad as it is within sight.


  • Eye-catching
  • Can have a reversible protective coating
  • Hassle-free and cost-effective branding
  • Highly used during monthly promotions
  • Mobile advertising tool


The wrapping is done with an adhesive vinyl material of any color, size, style and imagination. You can print whatever you desire from your company logo to the image of your favorite pet.

Here at Front Signs we use Vinyl Plotter cutting and printing machine. We provide the best quality Vinyl graphics with a high resolution of color printing.


Size/ Shape/ Style: Customized

Color printing: CMYK based

Graphics: Sun and fade resistant

Lifespan: 2+, with proper care.


Perforated decals provide one-way visibility either from inside or outside. They are quite safe for any type of glass and can be easily installed. Through perforated decals, the inside of the car is mainly invisible from the outside.

Vehicle Wrapping with Clear decals is an ideal option for car windows. Even the entire window can be covered by it though maintaining the visibility from both sides.

Our car wrap decals can be easily removed without causing any damage to the surface.

Car Wrapping with Black Vinyl Material
Vehicle Wrapping Process WORTH WATCHING
Full car wrapping: Fleet Graphics installation process
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Car Wrap & Magnets FAQs


What is a car wrap?

Vehicle wraps are extremely cost effective advertising medium of high performance and large impression. The digitally printed car vinyl can have literally any photo or graphics on any painted or glossy part of the vehicle.

Are car wraps applied to windows?

Yes, when wrapping the vehicle windows are also included in the process. Yet there may be some differences in the material. For car wrapping, we use high-quality films that provide super fixation on the car material. For windows, we have some other options depending on your needs. For high visibility we can offer clear decal, for one way visibility - perforated decals, if you don’t have a problem with window blocking, so opaque and frosted decals are what you need.

Will the wrap damage my paint?

Generally, wraps do not damage the car paint unless there were some damaged parts on it before or vehicle was too old. The most possible inconvenience caused by the wrap can be the case that when you remove the film from a part of the car after a long time, the color under the wrap and the other parts of the vehicle may differ.

How should I take care of my wrapped vehicle?

We advise you to hand wash the car for longevity and the fresh look of your wrap. Pressure washers may harm the wrap so try to avoid them. Washing the car with a soft cloth will be enough.

Do you wrap anything other than car?

Yes, apart from cars we wrap other vehicles as well such as boats, motorbikes, ships and whatnot. Our professional craftsmen are able to wrap every kind of vehicle with high professionalism.

How long do vehicle graphics last?

The average lifespan of vinyl wraps is 5 years. A well cared vinyl can serve even longer. This all depends in what conditions the car is kept, in which condition the car was before applying the wrap, etc. But mainly the vehicle wraps are meant for long-term usage and are one of the most long-lasting types of outdoor advertising.
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