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Magnet Print: Business Card Magnets, Car Magnets, Calendar Magnets, Photo Magnets

Magnets are the best way of spreading brand name or remembering best moments in a creative and affordable way. They are eye-catching, durable and easy-to-hand out reminding what could be easily forgotten. We suggest high quality printing on magnets of different sizes and shapes. The only possible limit is your creativity.

Custom printed magnets have both business and personal usages. For business advertising car magnets, Business card, Calendar and Save the date magnets are quite trendy. Advertising car magnets carry company names, logos, phone numbers, a short list of services and other necessary information. They are applied when necessary and removed easily when the car is needed without advertisement. Magnet business cards are also very popular, because they are something from you that every customer would like to have. Calendar magnets – Plan-calendars, event calendars and schedule calendars are a win-win product for both business and customer sides. Save the date magnets are a great means to invite people to celebrations and ceremonies preventing them planning other things for that day. Another wonderful option suitable both for business and personal usages is personal photo printing. Either it’s a landscape photo or family portrait or even a trendy selfie, you can have it on a magnet.

Still wonder why you should use magnets? Here is why!
Magnets are easily applicable and removable, keep their adhesive force for a long time and are harmless for any surface. Because of their magnetic force they stick to metallic surfaces thus decreasing the possibility of getting lost. Add to these the fact that magnet prints are a perfect souvenir, you will think no further to order your custom magnet.


Advertising car magnets carry company names, logos, phone numbers, a short list of services and other necessary information.

Business Card Magnet Prints are souvenir-advertisements

Save the date magnets are a great means to invite people to events.

Personal Photo magnets – a perfect gift, home decor or a means to keep the favorite photos

Calendar Magnet Prints – Plan-calendars, event calendars and schedule calendars – something from your company that everyone would like to have.


Printed Magnets have both business and personal usages. They are mostly refrigerator magnets that can be applied on different metal materials. Personalized magnets feature the most important photos, date of life events, moments from trips or just a nice shot from everyday life. Custom Car magnets can depict your favorite sports teams, a message and what not. Business magnets emphasize your unique style and attitude to business or promote your business.


  • easily applicable and removable any time
  • keep adhesive force for a long time
  • harmless for any surface
  • almost no chance of getting lost
  • always within sight
  • a good souvenir
  • thin


Shapes: Square, circle, rectangular, custom-shaped

Sizes: Customized

Thickness: Customized

Lifespan: 3+ years if kept properly

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Custom decals – They have numerous usages and types. Decals can be applied to walls, windows, doors, cars, even floors. The purposes can be everything from business advertising to personal usage.

Another great alternative for Magnet Print is Vinyl lettering.  For little space advertising, you can use Custom Stickers and Static Cling. The latter one is an easily removable vinyl film that is perfect for temporary usages. Both can be used for promotional as well as personal decorations.

Installation & Care

Installation of the magnet is as easy as ABC. All you need to do is to put the magnet on materials that are strongly attracted to a magnet like most metals. Yet, there are some precautions you should take:

  • Always be sure that the surface you want to apply the magnet is clean and dry.
  • Store the sign on a flat surface.
  • Keep it away from other magnetic materials.

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Magnet Signs FAQs

How should I take care of my magnet sign?

If the magnet print is meant for indoor and personal usages it won't require any special care. the only kind of magnet that needs some care is car advertising magnet. You should mind that car magnets can partly lose their adhesiveness in some cases such as hot weather conditions, during car wash and other situations where additional force is applied.

Are magnets good for permanent advertising?

Magnets are highly adhesive and can stick to your car yet some weather conditions can decrease the adhesiveness of the magnet. Taking this into consideration, we suggest car decals which are a perfect substitute of magnets. They stick to car safely and can’t be removed and reapplied. Only once you need them they will be removed with some help with a little sharp object.

Do car magnets stick to all kinds of cars?

We use highly adhesive magnets that will stick to all the cars only if they are made of ferromagnetic materials (materials tend to tighten with magnet). The magnet won’t stick to materials that have fiberglass or plastic doors or have been damaged and recovered with something different than metal.

Can I order magnets that don’t have the standard shape?

Yes you can. We create magnet prints at any shape and size according to your desired design. We suggest standard, overline, outline and rounded cutting services that can provide you with personalized magnets in any style.

How thick are your magnets?

Our magnets are only 0.030" thick which means more practicality and elegance They won’t take much space neither on your fridge nor car. With this thickness you can have custom  advertising magnets that will be a pleasant decor for each place they will be applied.