Are Sneeze Guards Required? Recommendations for When to Use Them

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, implementing safety measures is a compelling necessity. There are states and countries where abiding by these protocols is mandated by law. Over 20 states including California require the wearing of masks in public.

Are sneeze guards required if masks are being worn anyway, you may wonder. The CDC recommends their use as a great secondary method of protection against the spread of the novel coronavirus.  

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1. Are sneeze guards required by government standards?

There are currently no enforced regulations in regards to the installation of sneeze guards. This may be due to them being a novel measure of protection. 

Sneeze guards installed for safety reasons

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Business owners are encouraged to install protective shields as part or their office signage or lobby signs. The reasons for why sneeze guards are required vary from case to case. These barriers provide full coverage in public places like schools, offices and supermarkets. They work well in most settings where interactions are unavoidable. You may even want to consider making them part of your future trade show displays.

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  • When there is a need to maintain a social distance

The WHO advises a minimum physical distance of 3.2 feet (though the minimum distance according to the Red Cross  is 6 feet) to limit the spread of the virus. However, many companies are unable to keep the recommended distance due to the nature of their profession.

This is where shields come into play. These impenetrable acrylic signs prevent pathogens from dispersing. The virus spreads through respiratory droplets transmitted primarily through human coughs and sneezes. Installing shields will create an impenetrable barrier for these contaminated particles and add an extra layer of defense to keep people protected. Furthermore, you can use large format printing on these products to add a hint of creativity.

Office space sneeze guards installed for maintaining social distance

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  • When there is a need for extra reassurance 

These protective mechanisms serve as additional reminders for maintaining hygiene and safety measures. They are most effective when used alongside other proven PPE and face masks. 

The protective barriers also send a message of health and reassurance while reinforcing the safety precautions taken by each worker. 

So if you were wondering, “Are sneeze guards required,” or “When is a sneeze guard required,” then hopefully you got the answers you needed. If you have any more questions, refer to the article, The A to Z About Sneeze Guards: Questions and Specifications.

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