Tips To Attract Customers With Humorous Signage

Lily Travis
Lily Travis
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Having a prosperous business highly depends on the custom signage you use and the way you use it. Our goal is to attract those who don’t know you and may not otherwise notice your brand among a crowd of stores. So don’t be shy and reel them in with your creative and humorous signage.

You can use funny car wrapping decals, chalkboard signs, directional signage or hanging displays to personalize your establishment and draw the attention of your target group towards your business.

1. Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs generally go under the category of A frame signs, also referred to as sandwich boards. The A frame chalkboard sign is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to attract customers. You can draw, write and modify creative promotions on them as many times as you wish. Mixing in a bit of your own quirk and humor will ensure good laughs and success. They can be effectively used as event signs as well.

  • Have a favorite fictional character?

I think you’ll be happy to use some “patronus charm” to attract clients and offer them your “precious” products and services.

Alcoholic commemorative plaque from wood

A sign that wants you to be the best alcoholic you can be

  • Following social platform hustle and bustle?

Regularly updating your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages with a sense of humor will boost your number of curious and engaged followers. Sooner or later they will pay you a visit in person thanks to a good belly laugh.

No WiFi social chalkboard sign
  • Love poetry and music? Improvise!

Replacing the words from poems or songs with your keywords is easier than you might think. If you know the classics and follow modern hits, your wit will surely keep up. If you offer a product with lots of competition, the best way to stand out is with humor. Using famous lines is another trick to win the hearts of people and make a good impression for your business.

2. Vehicle Decals

Show people the unique finds available in your restaurant, pub, café, etc. Car decals are advertisements on wheels. Knowing your business is one thing, whereas how to sell your product is another thing. When promotions can coexist with humor, crowds at your full venue will, too. Use car decals to boost your brand awareness and surprise your clients with funny gems. You can use a humorous template or create your own according to your taste and style. Both will bring in the new and old regulars.

Funny cat car rear window wiper decal

3. Hanging Signs

If you want to bring a positive vibe to your area or industry, you can use hanging signage to your advantage. Use hanging signs to stand out and be the one who leads and motivates others. It’s true to the bone - anytime you find the humor in a difficult situation, you win. Be that small change in your customers’ life and succeed on a daily basis. Here’s a hilarious way to keep rush hour running smoothly.

Door hanging sign

4. Floor Decals

Floor decals gain more popularity as people spend more time looking down at their phones. Get customers to notice these vivid stickers in their direct sight. Ground stickers can direct target groups towards your café, pub, restaurant boutique, booth and so on. If you use these floor adhesives with humor, you’ll have fun people lining up.

Pleasant donut floor decal

5. Vinyl Lettering

Aside from traditional vinyl lettering used for displaying business hours, use this creative source of advertisement to decorate your window panels. They’ll be sure to draw a smile from passersby and incomers alike. In addition to window vinyl stickers, vinyl self-adhesive lettering can also be displayed on your store, restaurant or office walls and ceiling. Moreover, vinyl lettering can be used for humorous restroom signs, corridor graphics and lobby signs.

Open daily vinyl lettering window graphics

A happy and satisfied client is the best advertisement for you. Getting people to recommend you is the most noteworthy praise in business. Having a smiling team will assist you to make your brand more prosperous. Lively humor and friendly behavior can add the spice customers crave.

Good humor can be contagious. It will attract good people with similar taste. They’ll have a place to socialize with friends, colleagues and family members that appreciate a good time. Laughter creates a cozy feel that no one can get enough of.

If you were looking for interesting, funny and creative ways to boost your business, we hope these business signs were inspiring. Create your own using our templates to stand out from the norm and season your brand with humor and personality.

“The more I live, the more I think that humor is the saving sense.”  Jacob Riis

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