Frequently Asked Questions


[kg_spoiler title=”We don’t have any design options yet. Do you have design service?” icon=”chevron”]Sure! If you want to make an order our designers will help you work out your design for FREE. When you approve the final design, we will start the production process.[/kg_spoiler]
[kg_spoiler title=”I have some design ideas. Can I create my own design?” icon=”chevron”]We have an opportunity to create your own design on web.You can visit our partner’s website and use the ready-to-use templates for creating design.[/kg_spoiler]
[kg_spoiler title=”What format of my design file will work best?” icon=”chevron”]You can send us any format file you want. Whereas it’s better upload vector based files. It can be PDF, .dxf, .eps, .ai or any other format.[/kg_spoiler]

Order and production

[kg_spoiler title=”I found something I would like to purchase. How do I place an order?” icon=”chevron”]Call or email us to discuss your project and your needs with a specialist (818-290-3269 or send email to [email protected]). We can come to your location to best get a sense of the area, your business, and what kind of sign will best suit your needs.[/kg_spoiler]
[kg_spoiler title=”Would you describe me the whole process of creating products?” icon=”chevron”]You can send your design to [email protected] in any format. If you do not have a design ready, our designers can use your ideas to work out your project. Once approved, you will need to make a 50% prepayment on your sign to begin production.We organize the production and installation process. You will then pay for the remaining 50% upon installation.[/kg_spoiler]
[kg_spoiler title=”How can I follow the production process?” icon=”chevron”]In every stage of production process you will be informed about your products. Our specialist will be in connection with you, besides you can come to our company and follow the production process.[/kg_spoiler]
[kg_spoiler title=”I placed my order but it needs to be changed a little. Can I change my order?” icon=”chevron”]If you need to make a change, you should contact our customer service department (818-290-3269 or send an email to [email protected]) as soon as possible. We will be able to make the requested changes, if you are able to get in touch with us quickly.[/kg_spoiler]
[kg_spoiler title=”Do signs come in standard sizes?” icon=”chevron”]Custom signs can be custom designed in almost any size or shape you need, based on the scope of your event or project.[/kg_spoiler]
[kg_spoiler title=”How long will my sign last?” icon=”chevron”]Front Signs uses high quality materials to provide a custom sign that meets your needs. By using modern technologies, you can be sure your custom signs will last for years.[/kg_spoiler]
[kg_spoiler title=”My sign needs replacement panels. Can you repair signs?” icon=”chevron”]Without a doubt! We can restore and repair your damaged signs. Please contact us to discuss your project and your specific needs. [/kg_spoiler]


[kg_spoiler title=”What forms of payment are accepted by your company?” icon=”chevron”]We accept payments by credit card, bank transfer, and Square. You can pay for your order by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards.[/kg_spoiler]
[kg_spoiler title=”I need an additional copy of my receipt. Is it possible to get one?” icon=”chevron”]If you need an additional copy of your receipt, please contact our customer service department (818-290-3269 or send an email to [email protected])[/kg_spoiler]
[kg_spoiler title=”When should I pay for my order?” icon=”chevron”]Before starting the production process, you will need to make a 50% prepayment on your sign to begin production. Then you should pay for remaining 50% upon installation.[/kg_spoiler]
[kg_spoiler title=”What currencies do you accept?” icon=”chevron”]We accept only United States dollar for your orders.[/kg_spoiler]

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