Vinyl Lettering: Outstanding Custom Vinyl Lettering in LA

Display any information on windows, walls, glasses or other smooth surfaces with custom vinyl lettering. Decorate the interior with wall quotes or promote your brand name with highly adhesive letters.

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Take your brand advertisement to a new level with the help of custom vinyl lettering. These are the most common types of outdoor as well as indoor advertisements.

Front Signs, an LA signage company, offers outstanding opaque and frosted vinyl letters to suit everyone’s needs. These letters are cut out of a premium-quality vinyl roll with a plotter cutter, then pre-spaced on a transfer tape which allows hassle-free installation.

Add extra branding to your business with our custom removable vinyl letterings which can be applied to all types of smooth surfaces.

Custom vinyl lettering can be used for advertisement as well as for decorative purposes. Also, vinyl number stickers and letters are highly durable due to the water and sun resistance which ensure the sign retains its initial look for a long time.

Customize every aspect of your letters by choosing the style, color, and size.

Get letters with your custom design to reflect your business spirit.

Being a versatile material, vinyl cut lettering can be applied to walls, floors, windows, aluminum and all types of flat surfaces. You can use these large letters for walls to decorate it with motivational quotes or welcome customers with letterings on the floor.


Vinyl Letters & Numbers - with hassle-free installation allows you to brand your business and create powerful commercial messaging! Ideal for glass doors and windows- vinyl lettering is a must-have for any business wanting to turn storefront into a full-blown self-advertising medium!

These custom letters are made of two types of highly adhesive and top-quality vinyl materials - opaque and frosted.


Opaque Letters

Opaque vinyl letter decals have zero transparency and translucency. With this type of vinyl, you can get custom letters in any possible color. Opaque letters work great for displaying company name on storefronts or indoor walls to attract attention with their bold appearance.


Frosted Letters

These are more elegant looking letters due to the matt finish of the material. Frosted vinyl has no transparency but compared to opaque it is translucent. Such letters are often used in business centers and offices to display the name of the company on glass walls. Frosted letters provide a more professional and sophisticated look.


Vinyl letterings have endless usage possibilities, be it decorative or business. These vinyl letter wall stickers take very little space, are easily applicable and removable making them a convenient tool for interior branding and spreading your message across.


Decorative Vinyl Letters

Spice up the interior with decorative custom vinyl lettering. The most common use of vinyl letters for interior design is for wall quotes. Create an inspiring environment in the office or home with motivational quotes of famous people. For house decoration, you can order wall letter decals with your family name to display it in front of the entrance. You can also personalize your bedroom doors with your name fixed on it with vinyl letters. There are endless options for interior decoration with custom wall letters - choose the one that suits your requirements best.


Company Name Signs

For every company, it is vital to have their logo and name displayed in visible areas for corporate branding. Vinyl letter stickers work great for this purpose - as these take little space yet effectively deliver their message. Display the name of your company on walls, floors, doors or elsewhere in your personal design.

Vinyl letterings applied to all types of smooth surfaces can be used for business and decorative purposes.

Let your advertisement stand out and speak louder than words with striking vinyl window letterings.


Promotional Signs

Whether you own a huge shop or a small convenience store your storefront is the most visible part of it and you need to leverage that. Custom vinyl letterings can be used to write all kinds of information on windows and doors. For instance, many shops use custom letterings to write their working days and hours, or to give some information about sales.

Display the name of your brand with large letters along the display windows for corporate branding.

Vinyl letterings are also widely used during sales and promotions. These easy-to-remove signs leave no stains on the surface, thus you can use a new one for every season.


Fleet Lettering

One of the most effective uses of custom vinyl lettering is applying it on vehicles. Fleet advertising will promote your brand better than any other type of marketing technique. Many brands use this mobile advertising method to promote their company and the service they offer. Custom vinyl lettering for cars can be applied to all parts of the vehicle - be it the bumper, rear, doors, etc.. The car driving around with this type of advertisement will immediately attract attention which is a great way to increase brand awareness.


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors, as the material is all types of weather resistant.
  • Come in custom sizes and styles, so you can order any message in any font and design.
  • Easily applicable and removable with transfer tape.
  • Durability of more than 2 years (with proper care).


Size and style: Customized

Thickness: 4mll

Usage: Outdoor and indoor

Color: Any color

Lifespan: 2+ years, if kept properly

Installation and Care

The installation of custom vinyl lettering is not complicated. In case if you find it difficult, we offer installation services all across the LA. Our crew of professionals will come and install the adhesive letterings in no time.

Vinyl lettering installation requires minimum effort.

Follow the steps for smooth installation.

First, you need to clean the area where the custom vinyl letterings need to be installed. Otherwise, dust will form air bubbles under the vinyl. The letterings come pre-spaced with a transfer tape that holds the design together and makes the application easier.

Take the back paper off and apply the adhesive letters with the transfer paper on the even surface. Then smoothen the vinyl letterings with a flat object, we use a squeegee but a plastic card can work great as well.

After making sure the letters are fully attached to the surface, you can peel off the transfer paper. Smoothen the letters with a hand as well to ensure that no air bubbles are left.

You can clean the letters with a dump and soft cloth to keep their initial look. No additional care is required.

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Front Signs Vinyl Lettering printing and installation

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Thanks to this company, my son's room looks like a galaxy, with all the vinyl planet stickers.

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    Vinyl Lettering FAQs


    How can I line up the letters equally?

    You do not have to worry about lining up the letters. Custom vinyl lettering for walls come pre-spaced on a transfer tape. This tape is removed only after the letters are applied to the surface. So the letters will be applied to the surface in its initial design.

    Is vinyl lettering weatherproof?

    Yes, vinyl letters are weatherproof. They are meant for outdoor and indoor usage and can withstand different weather conditions - wind, rain and sun. You can use custom vinyl lettering for outdoor windows, cars, doors and be sure that your sign will look fresh for a long time.

    What materials can I apply vinyl lettering to?

    Vinyl letters can be applied to almost any material. The most important criteria is that the material must be clean, dry and smooth. These can be aluminum, acrylic, walls, glasses and windows. The material is not very suitable for fabric, not polished wood and canvas.

    What is a vinyl lettering?

    These are thin and highly adhesive stickers to display any information with letters and vinyl numbers. Front Signs, an LA-based signage company, provide vinyl letters in any colors, size, and style. The letters come pre-spaced with a transfer paper to be easily applied to any smooth surface.

    How are vinyl letterings installed?

    Vinyl letters require simple installation. You can do it yourself but in case of difficulties, our team of professionals will do the installation for you. Take the pre-spaced letters with the transfer paper and apply them to the surface. Even them out with a squeegee or a plastic card. After, remove the tape and that’s it.

    Can I install the letters myself?

    Yes. The installation of these letters is pretty simple. You may find it difficult only working with large letters. In this case, you may need a helping hand or you can use our installation services.

    What materials do you use for vinyl lettering?

    There are two types of custom wall letterings: opaque and frosted, hence there are two materials as well. Opaque letters come in a variety of colors. This material is not transparent and translucent, while the frosted one has some translucency. Also, frosted letters have a matt finish. Front Signs provide best quality custom vinyl lettering in Los Angeles with your custom design.

    Can vinyl letters be used for decoration?

    Yes, custom vinyl letterings have a wide usage for both home and office decoration. These custom letter stickers are used for displaying motivational quotes, family names or any other information for interior design.