Covid-19 Reopening Guidance for Businesses Beyond Safety Signage

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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Business reopening after the COVID-19 lockdown call for a safer working environment. Below, we’re going to give information about COVID-19 protocols and safety measures. They will offer a guide on how to diminish the threat of the virus inside your workspace.  Here is a snapshot of 10 essential safety steps with reference to interim reopening guidance for businesses.

Covid-19 Safety Essentials to Help Business Reopening After COVID-19

For struggling businesses, the loosening of restrictions is a long-awaited and welcome respite. Let’s go over the most essential recommendations for business reopening after COVID-19.

Step 1. Provide PPE Stations

According to the CDC business reopening guide, protective equipment is highly advised when reopening your business site. Proper materials will protect your workers and enhance your customers’ sense of security. Below you’ll find some useful information regarding details.

  • Install sneeze guards to provide safe and effective means of socializing. Clear screens are commonly used for displaying foods according to health standards. Businesses can now repurpose this mechanism to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses.  They will shield your guests and employees from potential harm.


workplace protective glass shields for business reopening after Covid-19

  • Provide face shields and masks to safeguard the entire face from contagious particles. Among the few certainties about COVID-19, one thing is clear. It transmits through the mouth, nose as well as through the eyes. Face shields will virtually eliminate the threat of infection when used in conjunction with medical masks.


protective face shield for workspace

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Step 2. Implement Warning Notes 

  • Set up visual cues to remind people of safety measures after your business reopening. Put foam core signs with safety notices in every noticeable corner. Get down to the nitty-gritty of relevant and potentially life-saving information. Indispensable etiquette guidelines are not always common sense. Make sure to have signs prepared to inform of these details. 


Covid-19 safety notice for following Covid-19 protocol at workspacer

Ask people to follow the COVID-19 protocol about interpersonal accountability and cooperation. Coronavirus labels should be used to inform people about the updated social standards at your place of business. 

  • Guide with floor decals to help your visitors keep the proper social distance. Floor stickers show people where to stand while conducting business or lining up for check-out. Apply customized fonts and colors to the decals and place them six feet apart from each other. 


Keep Right floor notice for business reopening after the pandemic

Get creative with your signage by adding your logo or interesting texts and images on them. Help ease up tension throughout the process. Supporting people as they adopt a healthy attitude towards each other’s boundaries.

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Covid-19 Safety Tips and Reopening Guidance for Businesses

There are several ways to meet anti-coronavirus challenges. Below you’ll find some COVID-19 safety tips regarding the business reopening guide.

Step 3. Form a committee to organize your business reopening 

Form a team that will train your staff about basic regulations. Maintaining these principles will keep them healthy and aware of safety measures. This is also crucial so that they can inform customers and uphold a professional standard. 

Ask your committee to develop a guide that includes the steps to a safe return to the working environment. They should contact all relevant personnel, inform them and oversee the implementation of preventative measures. 

Step 4. Assess all the risks according to COVID-19 protocol

Ensure that you’re prepared for a safe and successful reopening. Pre-determine your opening dates and the number of employees that will be asked to return. 

Establish controlled precautions and preparations. These should be assessed and enacted before beginning work. Take a phased approach to resuming normal operations.  Identify and train the team members that should be present during the first interval and so on. 

Reopen your business starting with a limited level of services and activities. Slowly bring it back to normal as you go along.

Step 5. Always clean and disinfect your premises  

Provide a thorough cleaning and disinfection routine before, during, and after each day’s operations. This is one of the most crucial points of reopening guidance for businesses. 

The virus is said to remain active for a few hours on most surfaces. Apply effective spray disinfectants and approved chemical agents in zones with particularly heavy interaction.

man in protective clothing disinfecting workspace after business reopening

Step 6. Maintain personal hygiene 

Provide your staff with conditions that promote and enable safe practices. Encourage them to wash their hands with soap for forty seconds whenever appropriate. They can also use 60% disinfectant gels and rub their hands together for at least twenty seconds. 

Give priority to disposable paper towels over fabric ones. 

Inform your crew members about the need to cut back on handshaking and touching of the face. Remind them likewise of the need to disinfect after every such unavoidable interaction. 

Ask them to cover the nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing.

Encourage them to avoid sharing personal items, food or drinks in the kitchen or elsewhere. 

Prioritize online payment over the use of cash. 

Step 7. Monitoring health after your business reopening

Measure your staff’s body temperature daily and throughout the day if necessary. Check on their health status. Kindly ask them to inform you of even seemingly trivial health complaints.

Shape certain priorities and strategies on suspected or confirmed infection cases. Stay informed of current medical data. Avoid any violation of personal rights according to local and national guidelines. 

Identify employees who have been in close contact with suspected sources of contagion. Guide them to follow healthcare service instructions. Inform the corresponding authorities about confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Step 8. Encourage remote working

Ask your personnel to work from home if possible. Reduce exposure risks whenever and however possible.  

Step 9. Avoid clustering within the workspace

Discourage the use of communal kitchens for lunch. Ask your employees to either eat at their desks, at different intervals or to go outside. Large gatherings are the number one contributing factor to the spread of the virus. They must be temporarily eliminated. 

Step 10. Postpone traveling options

If at all possible, cancel business travel plans. Avoid international trips to keep yourself and your crew as safe as possible.

This business reopening guide will establish a healthy environment and streamline your work. COVID-19 protocols will help you take care of your staff and guests so we can all do our part in flattening the curve. The better we prepare and cooperate, the sooner we can get back to business as usual.