How to Decorate Your Business Venue for Winter Holidays

Lily Travis
Lily Travis
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We’re only a week away from NOEL, and your venue needs to be properly described – festively! It turns out one of the holiday’s trendiest decorations is ... gasp(!) - Wall Adhesive Decals- more commonly referred to as Christmas decals!

5 Business Wise Reasons to Use Christmas Wall Murals!

Christmas wall decals are a fast, affordable and hassle-free resource for any business looking to decorate the venue with only a few days left toward Christmas.

merry christmas wall decal

These adhesive murals look great anywhere you display them, from office lobby signs to conference signs, they are an excellent choice for your business! The decorations can include various overtones of Holiday themes like – Christmas father, Holiday tree, ornamented decor or wreaths and garlands…

Nonetheless, It's no secret that dressing up your business for Holidays can take quite some time, effort and human resources.

However, with these ingenious wall decorations - coming in almost limitless styles and variations- setting the right mood and cozy feeling - has never been so easy and affordable

Now… let’s get down to wall festivities to tune your office working space to Christmas!

Wall Decals do not take too much office space

The wall decals not only refresh your holiday decorations but do not take much space! Like...Literally - none!

The Christmas Tree Sticker, for instance, has a festive feel and look of a traditional tree. It brings delight with the lights, ornaments and all other awe-inspiring mood to the office - just like a real Christmas tree. WIth large format printing, you can design them as you desire in custom shapes and sizes.

Moreover, many offices have switched to this Sticker Christmas tree as it does not create mess (like dropped off needles or rotting) and doesn’t look synthetic. Furthermore, some prefer to use the space to display the employee gifts under this type of office signs for Christmas on the last workday before Christmas.  

Merry christmas red car and a festive tree

Wall Decals Are Major Time-Saver

Firstly, the order and shipping of light weight Christmas decals take only a day or two. The decals have full color prints - vivid look which mesmerizes the viewer.

Secondly, this easy-to-peel and attach stickers neither require much effort to stick onto the wall nor a constant maintenance and are an economically wiser investment.

It is also great for team building and employee talent attraction. The workers will enjoy decorating their space and will feel more motivated with the Christmas carols in the air!

Christma father - Santa Claus wall sticker

Wall Lettering Create a Warm and Inviting Environment for Visitors

There is another goal for decorating the Office for Christmas celebrations. That is – help create warm atmosphere with festive interior signs and stimulate Holiday enthusiasm!

It’s only beneficial to you when the client walks into your office and sees the beautifully decorated – enticing holiday interior. It instantly fills the person with Holiday spirit and creates a comfy atmosphere of trust and joy. The office just smells cacao and marshmallows, gingerbread cookies and professionalism!

With wall decals - you get the oh-so-well needed recognition from you customers and visitors..

happy new year wall lettering

Wall Adhesive Murals Boost Employee Xmas Mood

Decorating with the wall murals clearly demonstrates the fun side of the winter holidays. Not only it boosts the Christmas mood for the visitors but also - as proven scientifically- affects employee productivity.

The twinkling light, the splash of colors of the merry illustrations can bring up feelings of childhood nostalgia.

Christmas season never feels long enough, so start decorating early and get into the festive mood.

Merry Christmas and a sledge full of gifts wall mural

Wall Decals - look G.R.E.A.T!

This is the busiest commercial season of the year, a beautiful display of the holiday glamour will change the whole atmosphere.

You probably wouldn’t disagree that wall decals can dramatically enhance the office cheers and makes the whole place a merry celebration.

Christmas hint of sparkle with Christmas decals is definitely festive and are always there to remind that Christmas celebrations are around the corner.

Christmas accent wall decal for office decoration


Work up your imagination, and create magic with Christmas wall decorations.

But… What if you’re not an expert on any of these decorations?

No one is! And - great for you - with us - you don’t even have to be.

Before you go, Contact us for designing and creating your one and only Xmas decor within the required timeframe and budget!

It is not the gift, but the thought that counts.

Henry Van Dyke


It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.

W.T. Ellis


The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!

Charles N. Barnard


I love Christmas, not just because of the presents but because of all the decorations and lights and the warmth of the season.

Ashley Tisdale


A Christmas decal is a lovely thing; boosts festive vibes, makes no noise at all and a great addition to the Christmas traditional decorations!

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