OFFline Thanksgiving Promos To Boost Your Business With Holiday Profits

Lily Travis
Lily Travis
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Thanksgiving weekend is the biggest shopping madness of the year (read: da craziest!). Only last year 174 million people shopped online and in-store during the Holiday weekend and Cyber Monday as National Retail Federation states.

Deals begin in early November – how to make the most of this buying frenzy with the help of business signs?

Pre-tips per holiday


  • Start your advertising campaign at least a week before Thanksgiving. According to the trend and statistics -deals hit a peak during this time of the holidays.
  • Combine Thanksgiving and Black Friday_ if you’re thinking about staying closed on Thanksgiving Day just like these stores and chains _ think of these duets: Black Friday with Cyber Monday or Small Business Saturday.
  • Give thanks and show your gratitude to the people around you – let it be your family members, community, workers and, of course, your customers.

Black Friday

  • Start the “Black Friday” countdown from November 1st…
  • But get started for real during the thanksgiving week. Also, better begin your campaign as early as midnight and continue through the whole Friday.
  • Don’t try to compete with Walmart shopping/buying power, offer something better. Think of advantages you have over large franchises…

Small Business Saturday

  • Take part in Shop Small Saturday this November 24th as there are still lots of people who patronize local businesses.
  • Remember that you don’t have to offer a big discount… but having your company mentioned in local publications during or before holidays will definitely increase sales!
  • Again, focus more on giving as small business Saturday is all about building trust and long-term relationships with customers and not short-term sales!

Cyber Monday

  • Get a jump on Cyber Monday as that is the time when better deals start!
  • If you have an online store, offer pair discount or free shipping.
  • You’d best get week-long marketing promotions you plan on hosting ahead of time!

This is the ultimate shopping hysteria, which we call Thanksgiving week AND here’s how to survive it….

Dress up…

… Your store signs.

The holiday season is almost here. The start of the shopping season means more people are buying, so with the right – exterior branding custom signs you can draw more foot traffic towards your store!

Use POP displays or pylon signs to attract extra foot traffic.

Display your printed memories on elegant canvas prints or 3D signs.

Don’t get carried away with the versatile floor decals, window decals or wall decals while decorating. Do promote your sale with window signage though!

We offer Premium sandwich boards for this occasion, as you’ll need to change the displays every other day! 

… Your store with high tech sound system.  

Well, you know the rest. Youtube playlist.

… Your store with more staff members…

Expect more guests and curious lots. To leave all them satisfied* (read: not waiting for a menu or a dish for decades) – hire a professional staff.

… and the new staff with new outfits.

or encourage your staff to work in unusual outfits! You including! Later, reward the employee who was the most creative!

… Your store with nice aroma.

Event signs aka visuals, good vibes, aroma – we are playing on the different senses. And it works! Usually. You can entice customers with snacks or hot beverages also ???? Feed your customers with themed foodies. Nothing completes the thanksgiving hustle more than food. Main course ideas for you Top 50 Side-dishes to try this year. Fun cookies and Sweets.

 Enticed Customers into the store.

Keep the impression

Join the efforts with other small businesses in your neighbourhood, attract more shoppers – and focus on tempting promotions. Well, later you can even split the cost of the ad campaign.

To mesmerize the customers even more, make the black friday an event! 
More festive, more people!

Extend the working hours by throwing a special shopping party.

It’s more business wise to not blindfoldedly compete with the big stores, as it will be hard to get noticed. Instead, prepare the special sales and promotions, do some cross-promotional deals with another local business…

Host a …

 party with a local celebrity.

Send a warm invitation! Get into the holiday mood with a local supporters and give them the chance to interact with their beloved local celebrity. This will WOW your event.

 social live event!

Go for face-to-face interaction! Invite all your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram followers to meet in person or go live to make the holidays fun also for those who couldn’t make it to join in-store!

 Hosted a tremendous networking event.

 Strengthened relationship with your followers and customers!

With THESE Offline Strategies.

People first…


Team up with a local business/es. Think of a vulnerable group: service men and women, youngsters, senior citizens, single moms… and show them the appreciation they deserve. Give a chance also the community to join in saying thanks.


Create a video with the favorite memories of the year or showcase your employees in a way your customers haven’t seen so far: highlight the achievements and the “strange” hobbies.


Check out your mailing list, invite your regulars and reach out for your customers you haven’t heard from for a while.


You can even send a small gift to all those whom you are thankful for your today’s achievements; let it be your mentor or business partner.

 Warmed up curiosity  


Don’t stop.

Here, think of what to offer as a small memory of you: free giveaways, grocery gift card or thanksgiving dinner giveaway, hold a live Q&A session, Quiz with a prize, etc.

Turkey trot

This can be a local charity run, game which involves the community, a walkathons or a holy thanksgiving parade!

Scavenger hunt

As a sign making company, we offer cut-out…fake turkeys for this game and not a real… wild turkey, of course!

Gift card

offer a gift card with exclusive discounts if they register and come in-store with you coupon/code to redeem it.

Tip: prepare your gift guides before Black Friday hits!


if you think to tie up the upcoming holiday season as well, offer a grand prize to the registered consumers.

Use Code Redemption Portal, post the promotional code online, via your web or email list.

Bundled products.

Either bundle products together / 2-for-1 deal/ for a gift pack or offer a discount when the customers buy X number of related items of their choice ????

Offer an incentive to spend.

Give gift guide to all those who spend certain amount of money throughout the thanksgiving week to be used until end of holiday season…

Always create a chance for the customer to come in again and again during the holiday season!


Quiz tips. Create quiz.


Don’t forget.. there is a reason why it is called thanks ‘’giving’. Come up with helpful, fun and inspiring holiday promotions for you customers and community.

Now, it’s your turn,, share and comment below of what YOU think is the best way to open up the holiday season… ????

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