9 Quirky, Original and Heartfelt Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day!

Lily Travis
Lily Travis
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She gave you the world. Mother’s day is your chance to give her something more than just a last-minute hallmark card in return. Get her something memorable. Something heart-fluttering. Something she’ll be happy to receive and proud to show off. We’ve got some ideas we think you’ll really love:

We’ve decided to assist you in the important “quest” of picking the crème de la crème of gifts for your mom! That’s why we’ve put together a list of original, highly-personalized, heartfelt gifts you just can’t go wrong with. Check out the list below:

1.Family Photo Print

What can warm up a home ambiance better than a high quality family photo hanging as the centerpiece on your living room wall? I don’t know about you – but there is no decoration that comes to mind that’s better or more personalized.

Thus, we recommend you consider presenting your mother a large, beautifully framed family photo printed on a unique medium.

Family portrait wall decor on PVC material

2.Removable Wall Decal

Does your mom have empty space on one of her home’s walls? Well, of course she does!

And good news is, you can remind your mom just how much you love her by surprising her with a graciously designed wall decals! It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive. You can go with a decal of a warm, meaningful quote written in an artistic font and perhaps a few feminine designs.

Mother's Day wall decal gift with beauty flowers

Here are some quote ideas to make her feel loved and appreciated:

  • First my mother, forever my friend.
  • A mother is a daughter’s first best friend.
  • Mom is a title just above Queen.
  • Home is where Mom is.
  • Mom is a blessing no one can replace.
  • A Mother can take the place of anyone but no one can take hers.
  • Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother.

3.Family Tree Wood Plaque

This gift brings all your family members together (at least on a plaque). Personalized branches of the family tree with relatives’ names carved onto them will make this piece of a wooden sign not only your mother’s… but your whole family’s favorite décor!

The Williams Family tree wall decal engraved on wood

4. Engraved Wood Cutting Board and Kitchen Utensils

Cooking in the kitchen will become a pleasant ceremony for Mom when working with utensils that carry your love and attention for her. You can order unique shapes for the cutting boards rather than the ordinary rectangular ones.

You can also have her name or a wish engraved on wooden kitchen utensils. A perfect personalized gift!

Heart shaped wooden board for mothers

5. Yard Signs

If you intend to have a small party for Mom in the garden, yard signs will make it all come together in style. It can be a wood plaque with a quote, a personalized letter sign stand, an aluminum stand with a nice design… the options are countless.

Happy Mother's Day heart shaped a-frame yard sign

6. Acrylic Stand

This is an elegant gift that will stand out from every other one she’s ever received. A heartfelt quote engraved or printed on an acrylic display will showcase your love for her with every passing glance.

Patterson transparent acrylic stand award

Each family has a story and dates that are not just ordinary numbers on a calendar: wedding day, first home, first child… these dates make a perfect subject for acrylic signs.  It’ll be a great idea to have one featured on it along with a personal note.

7. Car Decals

The feeling of being the best mom must follow her everywhere: at home, in the office, on the road… For this, vinyl car wraps are the key. Making Mom proud of being a mother while she’s driving. Decals like “Best Mom Ever,” and “Supermom” are just two examples that can be attached to her car to let the world know who’s who.

Supermom back screen car and truck lettering

8. Wooden Frames

Imagine your mother’s face when she sees this piece of art with the photo of her beloved people.

Add words from the bottom of your heart to the bottom of your family photo in a beautiful wooden frame!

Kate & Ann wood frame home decor on wall

You can have these endearing quotes either engraved or printed onto the wood.

  • I carry your heart with me.
  • House is a Home only because of you.
  • All the forces on this planet will never beat that of a mother’s love.

This frame will definitely differ from the others you may have at home!

9. Personalized Keychain

A keychain with a heart-warming engraving like “Best mom ever,” “mother – daughter,” “We love you,” and so on will remind her of your love every time she opens the door. You can choose wood for an earthy, acrylic for a contemporary or an aluminum sign for a more rustic look.

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