10 Best Birthday sign decor ideas

Lily Travis
Lily Travis
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Birthday memories hold a special place in our and our loved ones’ hearts. So today we decided to share some unconventional yet… certainly unforgettable… ways to infuse some “classy awesomeness” into any birthday celebration! Let’s start with…

1. Invitation

Let’s start with the invitation.

If the party is not very big and formal, you can send emails but make sure that the guests have received it.

Paper invitations are not out-of-date as well. You can make some nice copies by yourself watching some DIY tutorials on YouTube or come up with some ideas by yourself.

In case of large and formal celebrations, the common paper invitations may be substituted by, attention, ACRYLIC INVITATIONS. You will find no more elegant thing than these invitations are. They show your good taste, attitude to aesthetics and the person you send the invitation to.

But if your party has, let’s say, vintage theme, what about WOOD invitations? Maybe you can’t even imagine how beautiful they can be but imagine the Engraved text on a nice wooden sign or letters with a nice font printed on the wood.

2. Birthday yard decorations

There is no place that can offer wider possibilities for custom signs than YARD. Whether it’s a first birthday or a 50th anniversary, happy birthday lawn signs are a good idea. You may feel satisfied with balloons only but if you want something MORE FESTIVE  here is what we can suggest to you:

Age number: wood, acrylic, gatorboard or whatever you want, choose a design and you have cool 3D signs.

Besides, it will be easier to remember which anniversary photo you’re looking at after years.

Cupcakes: what characterizes birthday more than cupcakes ^^. These cute shaped decorations are perfect for any age birthday. Who doesn’t love them? Having cupcake shaped signs in the yard doesn’t prevent from making real ones as well, though.

Happy birthday: Not only as candles but also as yard sign these 13 letters are a perfect option. Coming with the birthday boy/girl name and even the age number these letters can make any yard a jolly place for everyone to have fun.

Animals: For making the party even more fun, animal cut-outs are the next novelty. It’s a new tendency, but already popular. I have noticed, that they are specially ordered for older anniversaries.

Guess why?

(Answer at the end of the post ⬇)

Party's this way wooden custom sign

3. Birthday banners

Banners seem to be the symbol of birthdays. NO BANNER, NO BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION.

No one can say when they got so popular but the fact remains that banners are the birthday announcers. Rectangular, with the shape of letters, flowers, age number and what not, banners are everywhere. They like to decorate walls and doors though.

If the party is taking place outside custom banners won’t mind hanging from tree to tree as well. At least we think so. We offer large format printing services so you can get any image printed on your backdrop.

Festive birthday decorative banner

4. Telescopic banners

In the 21st century taking photos doesn’t even require an occasion. People take selfies even when they’re in the bathroom )). You can go a step forward and provide them with a better place – next to the telescopic banners.

You can have anything on these event signs: A funny writing, a cartoon hero for kid birthday and…we leave it on you.

Birthday venue decorative telescopic banner

5. Window decals

Plan having the party at home or the home windows look to the garden where you celebrate the birthday?

Don’t let any space be lost for the decoration!

Why are window decals created? To make your party more festive.

So custom decals of balloons, cake, candles, firework, flowers or vinyl lettering with the birthday boy/girl writings or names and age numbers are just made for your special day.

Cake shaped transparent birthday cling on window

6. Cut-Out boards

Birthday celebrations are meant to have endless fun. Funny face cut-out foam core signs will make the party something really exciting. It will keep guests busy for a long time at the same time providing endless fun.

Everyone will look forward to their photos of the day with their heads in the cut-outs.

Good idea, huh?

Ah, I was about to forget. What about Instagram cut-out frames?

You can even create an Instagram hashtag and all the participants can upload their photos under that.

7. Birthday stands

On birthday everyone wishes something good, creative or fun. But they are forgotten with time, alas…..

But with this trick, you can not only keep all your wishes for ages but also make people who were not going to wish you anything, do so.

The secret?…..A STAND

A writable stand is what will arise interest and a wish to write all the best things to you. Well, or something funny or even sarcastic (I heard best friends do so).

8. Floor decals

Let the fun begin for the guests before they arrive at the celebration place. Floor decals will deliver the festive mood with happy and creative graphics:

  • Footsteps
  • Happy Birthday
  • Welcome
  • Cheers to Xth birthday
  • It’s my birthday

If there is a DANCEFLOOR, it will be a great idea to attach floor decals on them: either the name or the birth date or both together ^^

Men B-Day unique sticker

9. Directional signs

No, we don’t say that your guests cannot find the road or will get lost in your yard. It’s just a nice manner implying that you care about them and by no means want to lose them.

Besides, who says that directional signs should necessarily show direction. Arrow signs can as well welcome the guests with the homonym word “WELCOME”.

10. Chalkboards

Here comes my favorite ~~

They seem to be suitable for any occasion…

You can write the menu on it or the daily schedule.

Or just “happy birthday” with an eye-catchy design

Happy birthday greeting chalkboard of wood

Beauty is itself much in the world, you just need to notice it. But if your friends don’t, invite them to your birthday, they must see that beauty!

The answer: Relatives want to make fun of their beloved, comparing them with cows․ How cute ^^

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