Halo Channel Letters : Internally Illuminated Letters, Halo-lit Signs, Edge-lit Channel Letters, Pan Channel letters

Need a signage to create a brand identity? Halo Channel Letters will work perfectly for you. Display the name of your company with Halo Letters to attract potential customers even from afar.

These signs provide day and night promotion for your brand both indoors and outdoors.

What is the difference between regular Channel Letters and Halo Channel Letters you may wonder? Channel Letters are front lit, while Halo Channel Letters are illuminated from the sides. The front and the back parts of Halo Channel Letters are made of Aluminum, while the sides are Acrylic. This lets the light to transmit from the sides, giving an elegant look to the signage.

The letters are illuminated with energy efficient LED lights, which provide a pure and clean light.

Halo Lit Channel Letters are used when an impactful, classy but extraordinary look is needed. These Letters produce a dynamic and substantial effect. It has a strong attention-generating element and visual impact on the visitors.


Halo Channel Letters are widely used by various companies to create brand presence both outdoors and indoors.

Display the name of your company on top of the building or on the exterior wall to increase foot traffic to your establishment. You can also use Halo Channel Letters indoors, to showcase company name in the office, or to display any other information.
These letters are ideal for outdoor use, as they provide excellent visibility at night. Thus, your brand will have a non-stop promotion, attracting passersby in the streets.


  • Provides a classy and elegant look
  • Highly visible
  • Durable
  • Easily attracts attention
  • Energy efficient due to LED illumination
  • Creates brand identity
  • Looks elegant and professional


Material thickness: 1/4” to 1”

Letter height:  Customized

Letter depth: Depends on the letter size

Font and color: Customized

Lifespan: 5+ years, if kept properly


There are several installation options for Halo Channel Letters. We are ready to provide you with installation services as well. Our crew of professionals will come and install the Halo lit Letters for you.

Halo Channel Letters can be wall mounted with screws or spacers, the latter creates a slight space between the wall and the letters. Another installation option is with internally lit box.

These letters can be installed in a variety of ways depending on the size of the letters and the location of the installation.

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Halo Channel Letters FAQs

What are the manufacturing specs of Halo Lit Letters?

Letter size and depth: customized Style: Individually – internally lit letters and logo Font: plethora of styles available Mounting: Directly onto the wall Usage: outdoor and indoor Materials: Aluminum base, Acrylic face

What is the Difference between Push Through Letters and Halo Channel Letters?

Both halo lit signs and push thru letters are cabinet signs. The difference is in the fabrication technique and hence the illumination. Halo Lit Letters are internally lit signs with Aluminum face and Acrylic sides, which creates edge lit illumination. Push thru letters are stencil cut letters with Acrylic face – this the the whole lit Push thru letters OR The push thru cabinet sign can have Aluminum sided and clear Acrylic face – hence push thru front-lit letters.