A Year in Review: The Best Corporate Branding Design Projects of 2023

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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Front Signs had another stellar year in 2023. The company showcased its unparalleled prowess in crafting corporate branding design solutions yet again. Our company surged to new heights over the past year and crafted stunning projects for some of the most renowned businesses and institutions.

Take a peek at our best branding projects of 2023, where design met distinction, and we set new standards for corporate branding.

The Top Corporate Branding Design Projects of the First Semester

The best branding endeavors 2023 held for our sign making company in the first six months included businesses from different industries. From creative designs to impressive installation work, our commitment to excellence was, is and always will be unwavering.

1. January: Corporate Branding Design Project for The Melrose Vet

The year kicked off with the cutting-edge interior design scheme we conjured up for The Melrose Vet. This project incorporated business signs and featured imaginative designs to add a twist to the veterinary service industry. The interior signs we made for this project proudly showcase the company’s unique personality, complemented by various elements to enhance the brand image. We used premium materials from our extensive repertoire to display artistic images of animals and the company name.

The Melrose Vet branding design with the brand's logo and slogan and images of diverse animals

2. February: Corporate Branding Design for Modern Animal

We take pride in the exceptional project our team finalized for Modern Animal. The project revolved around exterior signage made to amplify the brand image. The building facade was embellished with stylish black 3D letter signs spelling out the clinic name. Two more free-standing outdoor installations helped mark the company’s location. Our designs suited the surrounding environment and ensured that the brand stands out and piques passersby’s interest.

Modern Animal corporate branding design with huge installations spelling out the company's name

3. March: Branding Project for Beverly Hills Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Institute

This interior branding scheme for BHOMFS stood out as a notable project in our portfolio. The distinctive design involved an aluminum and acrylic backlit logo sign. The sizable reverse channel letters spelled “BHOMFS” and the words “Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery” appeared underneath in smaller letters for a cohesive appearance. The lighting emanating from behind the letters added a striking visual element. Our interior branding project for BHOMFS is a testament to our commitment to breathtaking design.

BHOMFS branding design of 2023 in an illuminated style installed at lobby area

4. April: Branding Designs for Pasadena City College

The branding concept for Pasadena City College involved the creation of large building banners. These business building signs always garner maximum visibility. They served as an effective branding medium which also communicated major announcements. Pasadena City College utilized these impactful designs to give their students a warm welcome. The college also used the displays to inspire them with the accomplishments of their alumni. The different parts making up this project are installed in the most visible areas of the school and are all geared towards promoting the college.

Pasadena City College corporate branding design with large-scale colorful adhesives

5. May: Project Branding Image for CNBC

The elegant and memorable corporate branding project for CNBC was quite popular in 2023. Using blue as the primary color, we fashioned a striking display to efficiently promote the company. Various corporate event signage elements ranging from freestanding displays to interior decoration adorned the space. Each element evoked inspiration. The company name, which was prominently featured on all solutions, ensured that the brand took center stage.

CNBC branding design of 2023 with promotional freestanding displays and interior decorations

6. June: Corporate Designs for LA Golf

Crafting interior and exterior solutions for LA Golf using 3D acrylic signs proved to be a thrilling venture. Our designers took the ambiance and architectural style of the golf course into consideration and created designs that reflect its unique character. Our experts made sure that the exterior and interior designs complemented each other to deliver a stunning aesthetic based on green hanging elements and light box signs. We used highly-durable acrylic and aluminum to complete these displays. The visuals elevated the brand image by striking the perfect balance between allure and functionality.

La Golf corporate branding concepts with with indoor and outdoor brand name displays

The Best Corporate Branding Design Projects from the Second Semester

We didn’t run out of steam after the first half of the year either. The next segment highlights the best branding 2023 had in store for us in the latter part of the year. Read on to explore more exciting projects! 

7. July: Trademark Solutions for Walmart

The exclusive store signs we created for Walmart included striking full-window installations proudly displaying the Walmart name alongside its logo. This minimalistic yet attractive exterior design provided a modern touch by combining artistic flair with strategic messaging. The branded solutions adorned the front door to create a welcoming entrance.

Walmart branding design in yellow and blue featuring the brand name and logo on windows

8. August: Corporate Branding Design for Erewhon

Our year went on with the simple but necessary project we crafted for Erewhon. The classic black and white displays we set up for this brand were intended to enhance the parking experience for the famous store. The bold, high-contrast design ensures clarity and easy navigation․ We installed the other architectural wayfinding display on a pillar in the parking lot to give customers all the information they need.

Erewhon corporate branding design in black and white displaying the parking info

9. September: Corporate Branding Design for Moorpark College

The academic year kicked off with a bang at Moorpark College. The free-standing branding project we made for them comprised various elements showcasing the school name. It also promoted the college’s homecoming football game. The meticulously constructed display was made of premium acrylic, wood and aluminum. This custom solution does wonders for school spirit. Our light up signs also fostered a positive atmosphere for students, staff and visitors alike.

Moorpark College custom outdoor signage in a huge size made of acrylic, wood, and aluminum

10. October: Design Solutions for Peacock’s Project

Up next is Peacock’s eye-catching design item, strategically placed in front of the building to optimize wayfinding. This attractive installation featured the brand logo on one quarter of the monument display which also held the names and logos of other companies with whom Peacock shares the premises. The bespoke design was made of premium acrylic and spelled out the brand name and six vertical dots in different colors next to it, ensuring a durable, sophisticated representation of the Peacock brand.

Peacock corporate branding design on a freestanding medium displaying multiple brand names

11. November: Corporate Branding Design for Valley Park 

In November, we unveiled Valley Park’s latest outdoor installation. It was a captivating addition positioned on the side of the road. Tailored exclusively for our esteemed clients at Valley Park, this personalized project was a show of master craftsmanship. The custom design, made of top-of-the-line aluminum and acrylic, reads ”Valley Water” and features additional text underneath and the brand logo above the name.

Valley Park branding design with an outdoor freestanding installation

12. December: Corporate Branding Design for Podium Audio

The year came to a close with the breathtaking lobby signs we crafted for our clients at Podium Audio. The visual impact of the large format printing implemented as part of this scheme and the eye-catching display showcasing the Podium Audio logo truly set this project apart from the rest. These solutions transformed the space with vibrant colors and intricate details.

Podium Audio branding design featuring animations and the brand logo

This was a recap of the best branding designs of 2023 which we had the pleasure to complete. We enjoyed every moment of creating these special projects for our clients and bringing these designs to life for everyone to see. You can also check out all the other projects we’ve undertaken in our portfolio. And if you want us to manufacture custom displays made just for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re already excited about all the cool experiences that await us in 2024!

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