Why Is the Font Important For The Logo Design?

Lily Travis
Lily Travis
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When starting a company the first point you should take into consideration is the logo of your brand. As the logo is the face of your company that will bring identity to your brand. Having so many competitors around your logo sign should be standing out from the crowd. This can be achieved by choosing the right font for it.

For displaying your logo you can choose different sign variations. It can be Channel Letters, 3D signs, light box signs or flat letters from different materials.

The perfect logo can be achieved by combining the right font, size, and color. As for the color you should understand the color psychology behind the logo design.

Logo fonts

Tips for Choosing Fonts

Follow the below-mentioned rules to pick the perfect font for your logo signs.

The font should be aesthetically appealing

Choose a font that is not too complicated, it should be legible. Whether used as outdoor signs or office lobby signs, customers won’t take much time to understand what is written, they will just pass by.

Your logo must look professional, so people will understand that you are a serious company.

Pick a font that will immediately grab attention.

Your logo must convey the right message, it should reflect your company’s theme.

Pay attention to the spacing in your font, it should be readable.

Understand Your Brand Identity

Before choosing the font and the design of your logo you should find your brand’s niche. You need to understand what impression you want to leave on your customers.

Your logo must express your brand identity. Logo fonts can vary depending on whether it’s for a serious or a more modern company.

For instance, the font for a bank logo and the font for a café logo cannot be the same. Hence, understanding your brand identity will make your task easier.

Recognize Your Target Audience

By identifying your customers you can choose the suitable font which will leave the right impression on them. To make your task easier, you can describe your audience with a few words. According to these characteristics you can choose the font that will appeal to your audience.

The Size of the Font Matters Too

When choosing a font for your logo you should pay attention to the size of the letters as well. Depending on where your sign is going to be displayed. If you are going to get big building signs or pylon signs, the letters need to be big enough to be visible from a far distance.

Remember, the same font may look different in various sizes. So for instance, a big sign with your desired font might not look as good as you expected it to be.

Fonts sizes

Combining Different Fonts

There are company names that consist of multiple words. In this case the logo can be with the combination of two or more fonts. But choosing the right fonts to combine is not an easy task.

The fonts should be different but similar at the same time. They should complete each other without having too much contrast. Before choosing the best combination you should do some experiments with different types of fonts.

Before we talk about the types of fonts let’s understand the four typeface families. These are Serifs, Sans-serifs, Decorative and Script families.  The rest of the fonts are based on these typefaces.

font type families

The main difference between Serifs and Sans-serifs are the extra wings that are called serifs.

Serifs have a classic and a formal look. This typeface is recommended to use for bank signs, corporate signs and so on. This gives the brand a trustworthy and respectful look.

San-Serifs have cleaner and more modern look compared with serifs. These are perfect for brands that want to show their simplicity. There are no extra details distracting the eye. These fonts can be often seen on retail store signs, tech companies and other modern brands.

Display fonts have a more fun and unique look, which can be customized for a specific brand. These fonts can bring personality to your business.

Script fonts are the handwritten or cursive types of fonts which have an elegant look. This font has a creative look and expresses emotions.

Now let’s see 5 famous font types.


Helvetica is probably the most famous font around the world which was designed in 1957. This is a simple yet very versatile font belonging to the Sans-Serif family.

Helvetica font


A very well-known type of Serif typeface. Often you might notice that school papers and official documents are written in Times New Roman font. It is one of the variations of this font.

Times font sample


Another member of the Serif family designed in 1757 by John Baskerville. Over time many other designers have created different versions of this font due to its unique design.

Barkerville font type

4. Brush Script

Designed in 1942 this script font has a casual look, with lowercases connected as in handwriting. This font is popular from the brand Fender which has used the customized version of the Brush Script Font for its logo.

Brush Script font


Bodoni is one of the oldest fonts created in the 18th century. This is a nice font solution for custom signs with a unique look. Even though it was created so many years ago it is still used for designing logos.

Front Signs Bodoni font

Famous Logo Fonts

Coca-Cola is one of the most famous brands in the world and its logo can be recognized by almost everyone. The font of this logo is in a curved style which belongs to the Script typeface family. The combination of the colors, spacing and the typeface created a perfect logo.

Coca-cola logo

The logo of the Walt Disney is a classic example of a display font. Display fonts are uniquely made typefaces for a logo which are usually different from the normal font types. This font is custom-made for the brand to transfer the desired feeling. The Disney logo is again one of the most famous fonts that can easily be recognized.

Walt Disney display font

The famous logo of Nike is based on the typeface Futura which is a Sans-Serif font. The logo looks very professional in its simplicity. This shows that there shouldn’t be special fonts made for the brand. Designers can choose already existing and well-known fonts to tailor-make it for their brand.

Nike brand logo

When you have so many ideas for the logo design it can be a really difficult task to choose one font. If you struggle with that, our designers at Front Signs are ready to offer you font ideas, graphic design and help you with your choice.

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