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Graphic design plays a major role in the marketing your brand. Design creates a bond with the customers, delivers a message and communicates brand’s identity. A perfect graphic design combined with other marketing tools will lead your business to a greater success than you could even imagine.

Here we are sharing with you 7 ways to leverage graphic design to boost your brand’s recognition.

Let’s begin:

1. Let Your Brand Be Memorable

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A lot of things go into making your brand design memorable – color, text, font, shape – factors that contribute to your brand’s success are endless.

Have you ever noticed that often, when you talk about a brand, the first thing you remember is their design?

Of course, good products and services also make the brand memorable but having a good product is not enough.

So in order to make people remember your brand you need to get a unique and memorable graphic design.

“Design is thinking made visual.”  – Saul Bass

2. Be Consistent In Your Brand’s Design!

Apple brand evolution design

If you want people to remember your brand, then consistency is what you need. This may sound as easy as ABC but it’s not. Even a slight change in your design may ruin all your hard work.

Changing a shade of the color in your design might not seem like a big deal. But as time goes by, it will become a serious problem.

Let’s take for instance, big brands like Coca-Cola. For already many years this company uses the same red, black and white colors.

And if you’ll show these 3 colors to random people and ask them what they associate these colors with.

What do you think they will answer?

Most of them will answer Coca-Cola.

That’s what consistency does. 

So, you need to stick to your design, as that’s exactly how people will remember you.

Create the best graphic design for your brand and use it for all your products. Of course, you can’t use the same design for everything but you can adjust it for each product.

When someone talks about your brand they need to immediately picture your design in their heads. But if you show inconsistency no one will remember you.

3. Make a Good First Impression

Good impression chalkboard design

The first impression can be very important for most spheres of life. Even when you meet a new person you decide whether you want to meet that person again or not based on the first impression. Same is with the brand’s graphic design. If you like the design of a brand you will choose them over others.

For instance, a brand with a  bright-colored design and funny slogans will leave a fun impression. But if the design has calmer colors and formal slogans, it will leave a more serious impression.

With your design you need to highlight the most important aspects of your brand, to leave the right impression on customers.

4. Design Isn’t Only About The Appearance

brand identifying creative bottle layout

There is this misconception that design is only “how it looks,” but a good designer knows that the appearance of it is secondary. The effectiveness of the design, its prospect-pulling power is more important than the aesthetics. A good design has to communicate with the customer.

The designer should take into account the niche you operate in, your customer profile, and the goals of your company. Only by taking into account all these factors will he be able to create the best possible design for you. So graphic design should not only please the eye but also communicate what your company is all about

5. Stand Out From The Crowd Of Competitors

Brand name design on coffee cup

When people have the chance to choose, they tend to take the product with the best design. It doesn’t even matter if the one with the better design is more expensive. They will pay more just because of the appearance.

This works the same way for all types of advertisements. If you have a better design than your competitors, the chances are high that people will choose YOU.

Hence your design needs to stand out from the crowd. You need to emphasize the key features of your company to be different from your competitors.

“Design is intelligence made visible.” – Don Newgren

6. Be Sure to Appeal to The Right Market

3D illustration arrow design

The design of your brand should correspond to the services or products you offer.

For instance, if you’re running a children’s café and you want to get wall decals as an interior decoration. You can’t get a boring black and white plain design. You need to get some funny cartoon characters on the walls. The overall design should be bright and fun.

The design of the product needs to let customers know that this is what they need.  Good graphic design can influence people’s choice.

So the designer needs to understand which market you are targeting.

7. Color Matters Too

Color matters infographics

The color choice plays a huge role in the brand design. Colors can affect us psychologically. We have discussed it in one of our blogs about Best color combinations for office decoration.

Each color conjures up certain associations -both positive and negative- in your prospects mind. Below find an infographic with all these associations.

If after reading this you are thinking of getting a graphic design for your brand than you’re in the right place. Aside from being a sign making and printing company, we offer graphic design services as well. Contact us for more information.

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