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Custom Light Boxes – Lighting Panels

One of the fast growing areas of the signage industry is the production of Light boxes, also known as lighting panels, because the human eye is drawn to any kind of light. This ability makes these Custom Signs an effective way to draw attention to your business. It is a great solution not only in high-traffic areas where it can easily be seen from the street or the road, but also in more deserted areas, especially at night because thanks to the light it can be visible from far distances.

They can be illuminated partly, completely, from inside or only from the back side as the Backlit Signs and they give to your brand slender and professional look. Light Boxes can be produced in any format from flex face illuminated billboards, double-sided, wall-mounted to slim line edge lit. These signs can be used not only outdoor, but indoor as well.

Advertising light boxes are produced to the size and shape that client requests. They are usually made from aluminum sheets with LED lighting inside. Light Box signs are perfect to showcasing information, promotion and brand recognition or just lighting signs. They can be used in front of Shopping Malls, airports, gas stations, casinos, ports, museums, circuses, cafes, hotels, restaurant, beauty salons and many other places. On other words, light boxes are the best solution for any kind of business marketing and advertising method to make your graphics stand out from the rest. They allow your message to be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by doubling visibility. Lightboxes, as well as illuminated channel letters, are extremely helpful when you want to get your message across to millions of people all day long. That’s a great source of increasing profit and sales for business owners.

These types of Custom Signs are using the newest technology. LED lighting can offer bright, maintenance-free illumination in any sizes. They last longer and come with 7-10 year lifespan. A range of different colored LED lights can be installed to illuminate signs and create a clear image that can be visible from distance.

Front Signs offers a wide range of options of saving, energy efficient lightboxes to fit your needs. They are designed to be efficient, beautiful and attractive. Submit your order by one click and make a bright and unforgettable impression with our high quality and affordable lightboxes!

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