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Lightbox Signs

  • Cost effective advertising
  • Energy saving and low voltage LED lights
  • High visual appeal
  • Providing business greater exposure 24/7
What are Lightbox Signs?

Lightbox Signs : LED Signs, Illuminated Signs, Electrical Signs, Lighted Signs

LED lightbox signs construction LED lightbox signs

Lightboxes are one of the most famous types of signs that provide visibility 24/7.

Outdoor and indoor lighted sign panels are a unique way to draw attention day and night. These signs have an aluminum back for safety purposes. The face part can be acrylic or lexan. Fix your light box sign to the building or hang it from anywhere you want. Increase your brand’s recognition with custom-made commercial lighted signs. These signs are perfect for expressing brand personality outdoors.

Front Signs provides quality LED or Neon lighted commercial signs in all formats, be it double or one-sided. We use direct printing or vinyl letterings to display all types of information on electronic signs.



LED lighting boxes are an energy efficient type of signs that provide bright colors. LED message boards require little maintenance and have a long lifespan.

Neon light boxes give a retro feel to the establishment. Compared with LEDs they use more energy and provide a warmer light. These are perfect for decoration in bars, pubs and at homes as well.
Hanging illuminated displays also known as Under Awning Signs are hung with a metallic support system.



Illuminated signs can have both interior and exterior usage. For making these types of signs we use direct printing on acrylic or lexan or vinyl print which is applied on the acrylic sheet.

Lighted box signs are used for storefronts, malls, offices, plazas and anywhere you need a lighted message to boost branding and attract customers.

Lightboxes are excellent from dawn to dusk for business and decorative purposes.



  • Provide high visibility 24/7
  • Boost brand’s identification
  • Offer additional visibility at night
  • Perfect for showcasing the brand’s logo
  • Make the information noticeable
  • Internal and External use
  • Low energy usage with LED lights
  • Retro look with Neon lights
  • Can be one-sided or double sided

Related Products

Channel letters are 3D letters which are easily noticed day and night. These signs can be vital for every business, as they are very eye-catching and let customers quickly find the brand.

Channel letters can be illuminated from inside or can be backlit with LED and neon lights. The mechanism of these signs consists of an aluminum back and sides, while the front part can be acrylic or lexan.



The installation of an illuminated sign cabinet highly depends on the location. Lightboxes have an aluminum support system. Illuminated signs can be hung with a metallic construction which is attached to the frame of the sign. These signs can also be fixed on a pole. Lighted box signs can be mounted on the building or any other surface with a special construction. The installation process consists of wire connections as well.

Sizes and shapes


Common shapes: Square, Rectangular, Circled, can be customized.

Size: Customized

Lifespan: 5+ years, if kept properly

Thickness: Customized

Material combinations: Aluminum + Acrylic, Aluminum + Lexan


Lightbox Signs FAQS

What information should my Sign have on it?

Actually, you can have anything written on your Customized Sign you want your customers to notice. It can be the name or the logo of your brand, some information about your business type, operating hours, etc. You can get decorative Signs with motivational quotes, etc.

What is the most effective Custom Sign for my business?

Sign effectiveness depends on what type of business you own, services you offer, business location and other factors. For a restaurant business you can get menu Boards, Light Box Signs with the name of your restaurant, A-frames, etc. If you have a big company you can get Channel Letters to fix them on top of your building. If you are a business center owner you can order Pylon Signs with the names of all the companies that do business in your venue. Contact us and we will offer signage solutions for every type of businesses.

What’s the difference between Neon and LED illuminated Custom Signs?

Both LED and Neon Custom Signs have their audience and areas of applications. LEDs provide a brighter light, while Neon lights have a warmer light and are aesthetically more  pleasing to the eye. LEDs are more energy efficient than Neon. However, Neon bulb is used to add a romantic feel to the location. Also, LEDs are cheaper than Neon lights. If you are looking for a more modern sign then you can choose a LED light box or a custom letter. But if you need a retro looking sign, then Neon light boxes and Letter Signs are perfect. The choice depends on the overall design and interior layout.

What are some common Signs made of Aluminum?

Aluminum Logo signs, name plaques and interior decorative artworks are the most popular signs our customers entrust us with. Not speaking of Channel Letters and Lightboxes, where Aluminum back and side constructions are required by law.