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Custom Light Boxes – Neon Signs, Light Box Displays, Light up Signs, Led Lit Signs

To give your brand a polished professional look, lightbox signs are unique way to draw attention to your business 24/7. LED lightboxes create a bright effect that eye is naturally drawn to. Get noticed by placing a lightbox under your veranda, above counters or reception areas to make your business easy to locate and highlight your brand.

Here at Front Signs we provide quality lightbox signs that are extremely flexible to custom built to your special requirements and needs.

We offer light box signs in all formats, let it be double or one sided to not only meet but exceed our customers’ high expectations.
Lighted custom signs are used for a greater graphic impact. The unique design make it easier for the customers to recognize your company logo and services you provide. Our team of designers can craft really unique artwork for your needs.


Light up signs or projected signs are ideal, time proved displays with eye-catching images, logos, names and design. The minimalistic and very economic light box displays are great for shops and restaurants. Prominently display your custom logo and graphics with best suited model that we offer. We can even add changeable Vinyl lettering on your lightbox if you need.
These exterior light up boxes are used for Business signs and Building signs. Get the attention of your customers and opponents with illuminated cabinet sign. Exterior lighted signage stands out in the crowd, has pure and simple but very attractive design.
Lighted box signs are used for storefronts, malls, offices, plazas and anywhere you need a lighted message to boast branding and attract customers.
Double sided lightbox signs have uniform appearance. They allow fast and easy changes of images and graphics. Lightbox are excellent from dawn to dusk to give a bright and high public awareness. Light up boxes are supplied with fully illuminated and virtually no sign restriction option to best fit your specifications. 


  • Internal or External usage (Great for public areas or for home)
  • Can be single or double side, rectangle lit box
  • Can be installed anywhere (just screw the sign to the wall and plug in)
  • No risk of glass breakages
  • Low voltage and safe to touch
  • Ultra-bright
  • Chipping and flaking, fade and rust resistant
  • UV, weather and vandal protected


Acrylic Lightbox

Our Acrylic lightboxes attract attention day and night. Custom Acrylic light up boxes provide a visible, appealing communication message to the current and potential clients.

These Acrylic lightboxes are incredible and effective tool to raise your brand awareness. They are proven to increase revenue as your brand is highlighted 24/7. Acrylic Lightboxes make your business name and logo stand out and easy to notice at a great distance. Your store, restaurant, gas station, your business will highly benefit from the light up visibility.

Frosted Acrylic Cinema light box

The variety of color and different finishes will make your Acrylic Light box truly unique masterpiece.
We offer full color palate of Acrylic material with Transparent or translucent (frosted) finishes.

Transparent Acrylic is most of the time used with vinyl lettering or with a printed Lightbox film insert.
Translucent Acrylic gives exceptional effect to the lightbox. One of the most frequent use of this material is for Cinema Lightbox. The small cinema light boxes have mass usage for home interior decorations.
Cinema Light box is an endless creativity for those you like retro cinema signs, hence the name.

Lexan Lightbox

Shine a light on your brand with Lexan Lightbox. The top priority of the Lexan material is that it is extremely durable and has high light transmission.
Single sided or double sided, Lexan material is an ideal solution when you need a bright lit up display.

As it has 20 times the impact resistance than Acrylic, Lexan material is most of the time preferred to resist vandalism or potential damage possibilities.
In case you are thinking of investing in a durable and long lasting signage for crowded areas, choose the best solution – Lexan Lightbox sign.

Aluminum lightboxes

For more solid and professional exterior design, you can choose the Aluminum version of the lightbox. The construction is fully made of Aluminum sheet expect the part that is illuminated with push thru Acrylic letters. The Acrylic letters on their turn can be face lit, backlit.
The options are endlessly creative and our experience in this field is huge.
We can customize build the Aluminum lightbox to best depict all the depth of your company logo and message.

Under Awning illuminated Signs

It is a business necessity to have an under awning sign for companies that are situated in a shopping area.
The advantage of the under awning lightboxes is their ability to advertise your business and draw the attention of passing traffic.  Under awning signage can be produced for any budget and can either be illuminated or not.
Under awning illuminated sign is popular. It naturally attracts attention and makes it easy to locate the business from across the street with heavy traffic.

LED lightbox displays 

We use fluorescent bulbs or, as most of the time required, LEDs to create lightboxes. LED specifications include cost effectiveness, high durability and vivid colors.

LED lightboxes can be made of Acrylic or Lexan type of material. In both cases it provides high visibility and unique look and feel.

LED lightbox bulbs are very inexpensive to replace and generally use the same amount of electricity as a typical home light. LED light box signs require little maintenance and have long lifespan.

Neon lit lightboxes 

Neon lightboxes reminiscent about 80’s and give the retro feel to the modern establishment. If you are looking for ways to personalize your company and stand out with renewed trends of modern lifestyle, you definitely need Neon illuminated board signs.

It is highly used in restaurants, pubs and bars to give highly specific atmosphere and comfy feel. They can be free standing, which means that it is compact and highly creative for any usage.

Bear in mind that neon require higher electrical usage and expensive to replace. Usually they require a professional touch and have shorter lifespan.

 Marquee lightbox signs

These marquee Lightboxes are totally customizable and easily used.

Apart from the traditional usage that graces the entry to the cinema, marquee lightboxes are also used for different dining, entertainment establishments.

With the collection of the letters and design options, you can decide what you want to showcase and depict with this special signage tool.

It is sophisticated and classy, and a bit fun to use Marquee lightbox displays in the household. The limitless creative design options are endless.


Lightboxes have an appealing graphics and internally illuminated structure. Light up box is most of the time made of Acrylic and, for more specific uses, Lexan material. This helps to withstand vandalism and gives lifetime warranty on the quality. The support system is most of the time made of Aluminum sheet ,which gives you peace of mind of knowing that you made the best choice and lasting investment in the future of your company or organization.

Most of the time Exterior lighted signs have LED lighting or fluorescent light bulbs.
The lightbox provides the maximum logo or message identification.

Lighting effects

Face lit light boxes are wall mounted and have the backlit sign effect.
Lightboxes can be hang mounted onto the wall and provide double side lighting.
In case of a rectangular lightbox, the display is fully lit from all sides.

Make your branding presence known with lightbox signage! Leave a long lasting impact and be the source of light in the darkness with our quality signs built to exceed your specifications by Front Signs.

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