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Menu boards, Menu sign, Led menu board, Chalkboard menu board, Lighted menu board

Menu boards also known as café display signs are essential in the marketing of your restaurant, bar or café.
Front Signs offers you high quality Menu boards done with utmost care and according to the latest trends. We provide menu displays in a creative, but economical way to inform your customers about your food and drink items selection.

There are several key factors that make menu board so special in food industry.
Your appetizing menu sign is the first thing that attracts the potential clients passing by the street or fast food spot. Menu boards reflect the quality of your dining area, depict the ambiance of your restaurant, café and highlight the cuisine you serve. Menu format strategy brings in more revenue and gives a clear and easy navigable selection.

Benefits and usage of menu board signs

We suggest menu boards for restaurants, cafes, delis, bakeries and cafeterias or fast food chains in shopping malls. The choice of potential customer will be for your vivid, readable and creative menu.

The menu displays provide a range of item selection for the customer. Having the desired item on the menu board, customer will make quick menu decisions. It is a tactic to avoid queues in busy hours.
For the time of a hungry o’clock and for the sake of the satisfied client, displaying fun facts onto your restaurant signage will distract the customers. Keeping in line in this manner won’t make the customers abandon the restaurant or café and encourage to come back.

To create a brand loyalty for your business, it is crucial to have a strong first impression.
While the customers wait to order, Menu boards engage the guests, provide the needed information and show the menu offerings and specials.
Well-designed menu signs assist in faster service, contribute sales and increase profits.


Front Signs works with different materials, so accordingly we suggest different types of Menu Board displays to meet all the tricky specifications and requirements.

Custom Indoor Menu Boards

Custom indoor menu board is the general characteristic for what it truly suggests.

Indoor menu signs can be made from different materials like PVC, Wood, Acrylic, etc. These versatile Menu boards are of different shape and color, can be hanged or mounted on the wall.
Standard menu boards stay within your budget and still according to your brand style.

We provide individual case solutions to meet all of your menu board needs.

  • Plastic menu boards

Plastics menu boards are flexible and lightweight. You can update the menu items according to the special promotions, change or update of the menu in a cost effective and easy way. PVC Plastic menu boards can be of a different size, shape and color.

  • Acrylic menu board signs

To change the menu frequently or dispute seasonal menu, you can use Acrylic menu boards for a fresh look. Menu boards are a trendy and quick way to insert or add daily offers. Menu boards with bands allows hassle free and less a minute change of paper inserts.

Acrylic menu boards come in a rich color palate to match your business décor and style.

  • Aluminum menu displays

In case you are looking for a durable material, you can use aluminum Menu Boards. Most of the time Aluminum Menu signs are made with a Vinyl graphics. Can be made with cut vinyl graphics, which can be replaces anytime, if needed.

  • Wooden menu boards

For more eco-friendly and natural look, we provide wooden menu boards. The wooden Menu boards are beautifully laser engraved and etched with your logo, custom design on it. We have a lot of creative ideas, one menu board can have a rustic effect.

  • Chalkboard menu signs

Widely used in steak houses, bars, pubs and cafes, chalkboard menu board signs leave space for daily creativity and retro feel. You can either decorate it yourself, or use vinyl lettering or decals to have the chalkboard effect on your menu board. Chalkboard signs are great alternative.

  • Backlit Indoor Menu panel

This eye-catchy and eye-popping menu boards will grab the attention of the incomers. The LED lights are energy-efficient and attractive day and evening. With more emphasize to the menu graphics, it is most of the time used for fast serve, casual restaurants or food chains.

  • Menu board series

It has the same concept as the backlit menu board but displayed with 2-3 other frames in a raw. This traditional menu boards give any dining institution a vintage feel, can be alternative to digital signage. The backlit menu board system has greater design area, flexible to change the content of the menu.

  • Window menu board

There are several advantages of window menu board. As it is meant to attract foot traffic from outside, it also has another function as well. It “blocks” the street view, which can create more personal space for your customers.

  • Drive-thru outdoor menu boards

This outdoor menu boards offer more versatility, capacity and flexibility to display more information. Each cabinets rotate 180 degrees and rotating and can include your morning and evening menu offerings, opening and closing time, daily menus and special happy hours offers. It is constructed from a banner graphics attached to a durable aluminum extrusion.

  • Changeable menu boards

With restaurant changeable menu boards, you can quickly change product name, pricing or promote new item.
Having the readymade pieces with the name and figures, you can create interchangeable menu boards in a cinema style. It is easy to add and remove the item according to the time of the day or special promotion.  The construction can be wooden for example.

  • Magnetic menu board


Perfect for featuring promotions and sales, easy-to-change our magnetic menu boards are easy to change while our backlit menu boards are perfect for featuring promotions and sales.
Origin’s magnetic indoor menu boards make certain that you will never have to compromise the look you want for the flexibility you need.  Our magnetic boards are available with full graphics featuring your menu items or in changeable menu strips and price chips. Need help printing graphics for your menu? Origin can provide you with assistance in that area too! 

Alternative areas of usage:
Spa, cinema, airport, hospital menu boards


  • Replaceable images
  • Complete, ready to hang
  • Add logo or colored headers
  • No risk of digital errors,
  • High longevity



Usage: indoor and outdoor
above the cash desk, on the walls and floors
custom decals, Vinyl lettering, LED illumination
slim, curved, customized
Installation: mounted, hanged
Style: any existing in real or imaginary life

We suggest designing of the menu boards to assist your future business.
Our specialists will help you to choose the best suited materials, size, face style, color and fonts type to design so-good-to-taste menu board for your business.


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